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  1. Yup. Sometimes through rape, sometimes through pediophilia. Our mortal minds simply can not comprehend his brilliance.
  2. In Marge’s defense, most Neadrathals probably viewed these events as supernatural and expressions of devine anger.
  3. Ranger- Tell me about that completely healed and scarred up bullet wound on your arm. Tim- Well, you see officer, I just shot myself. Ranger- Just now? It looks like a really old wound and there is absolutely no blood. Are you sure you weren’t shot years ago…maybe in a war? Tim- Oh no officer. It happened just now. Whoops! Ranger- Well, even though it looks like a wound from years ago, I better write it up and file charges based on what you are telling me!
  4. Look 3 posts up. That is from today in California.
  5. Set for pick up in Sacramento For comparison, in 1980 a Big Mac cost $1.60 which is $6.03 in 2024 money. Prices for burgers are essentially unchanged from 40yrs ago.
  6. We missed Valentines Day but how about we make some heart candy but only with messages like "MAGA" , "Trump #1", "No Immigrants". Buy for $5 and sell for $19.99. Make it so!
  7. As a Christian this doesn’t bother me at all. What does upset me is all those trans people wanting equal rights and ruining the sanctity of the holiest of days.
  8. Alito warned us about this. People with bigoted views may actually get called bigots for expressing bigoted views. Such tyranny! When will white straight christians ever catch a break in this society??
  9. NYT- “Are Biden and DNC’s increased use of sarcasm a sign of candidate insecurity?”
  10. Fantastic idea. Tell them you want to be a repeat donator of $5000/ month. Then use this to generate a fake CC number. It will keep getting declined but tell them to try another. Rinse and repeat. Waste an hour of their time then say, gosh I just wanted to donate $60k a year to your cause but I guess Biden and BLM are preventing this transaction! https://www.creditcardvalidator.org/generator
  11. Biden campaign’s obssession with money advantage indicates insecurity regarding candidate weakness
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