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  1. There are so many I could nominate, many of which have already been mentioned. Here are the first few that come to mind, besides those.
  2. While I can see why PotD was Oscar bait, to me it was a slog until, you know, the end. CODA was a lovely, feel-good movie, and it was so nice for something like that to win.
  3. Am I understanding correctly that, within a span of a few minutes, Ellie's mom was bitten, after which she kills the attacker, gives birth, cuts the cord, and cordyceps from that bite found its way into the newborn and somehow granted her immunity? In a couple of minutes? And why would cordyceps care that it was in a newborn? Could it really distinguish a baby host from a child or adult host? I'd understand it more if Ellie's mom was immune and infected but asymptomatic, and the cordyceps grew along with Ellie from conception. And yes, I realize dystopian tv shows require a suspension of disbelief. I'm just wondering if I missed something in the timeline when Ellie's mom got bitten, and if I'm misunderstanding how it's transmitted.
  4. Every time someone non-white wins an Oscar there are complaints that it's "political." As if it couldn't possibly be that the voters truly thought the winners were the best in their categories.
  5. You're both wrong. The correct answer is Crash.
  6. I love me some Andrea Riseborough (have y'all seen Mandy with Nic Cage?) but she was never going to beat those two. No matter how deserving. Here's a great article about To Leslie and their Oscar campaign: https://www.indiewire.com/2023/03/to-leslie-low-budget-oscar-campaign-1234818052/
  7. I guess Tom Sizemore will be mentioned next year? Or did I miss it?
  8. See I don't think Will Smith will ever be able to joke about himself to this extent.
  9. I feel like the bear is going to be unmasked later and it'll be Matt Damon.
  10. I don't think Gaga was even wearing makeup - she has come a long way from her meat dress days. Still think the Bollywood song will win, but Gaga has proven herself as a serious singer/actress the last few years.
  11. You shut your whorish mouth. He was great.
  12. Rooney Mara herself is a proven actress and has been in many great films - off the top of my head I'm thinking The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Carol, and Nightmare Alley. She may not have the name recognition of some of the others, but she's far from untested. Not sure how spoilery this is but just in case: Overall, it was heartbreaking and extremely well-acted. I just finished it an hour ago and need more time to organize all my thoughts. I wouldn't name it Best Picture, but it should win Adapted Screenplay by a landslide.
  13. Yes, exactly. I think I'm talking myself into liking it more and more, lol.
  14. I think EEAAO will win Best Picture, but Banshees was slightly better. For Actor, I haven't seen The Whale because I wasn't interested enough to see it in a theater and I'm not paying $20 to stream it just because Aronofsky thinks all movies should be watched in theaters. I keep reading that people don't like the movie but like Fraser's performance (which is how I feel about Austin Butler in Elvis), and that it is a portrait of a fat person as imagined by thin people. At this point I'll probably pick Butler as the winner, since his performance really was great and biopics do well at the Oscars, but it's probably neck-and-neck between those two. Michelle Yeo will win Actress for all the reasons everyone else has said, and also Cate Blanchett already has two acting Oscars. I thought she was great in Tar, though, even though the movie itself was meh and So who's going to jump out of the audience and slap Jimmy Kimmel? Matt Damon? I kind of expect that to turn into an Oscars bit from here on out.
  15. They "turned them over to authorities"?
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