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  1. I was completely grossed out but couldn't look away.
  2. Ha, just got to the Chris Parnell cameo. "Goodbye, Goosey."
  3. Ella Purnell is in Yellowjackets, which is fantastic. I had no idea she was British until someone posted it upthread. With her American accent she sounds like Emma Stone. I'm only in episode 4 but I loved the Matt Berry cameo. I would listen to that man read the goddamn phone book.
  4. Saw this today with my 15-yo son and and we both loved it. Good pacing, creepy, and a sidekick character who's a dead ringer for Guillermo from Kimmel. David D. does an amazing job. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets some award nods for this role.
  5. We give the kids one day to skip school per year for whatever reason, and my 12-yo picked today. We're in NW Austin (Milwood) and we got so fucking lucky - the clouds parted for about 10 minutes right around totality. We were cheering along with a bunch of other families watching from their driveways. My son kept yelling "this is so cool!" and I am so glad we got to experience it together.
  6. This is one of my favorite movies ever. "I'm a victim of circumstance." "I thought you called it your pecker."
  7. Went to an advance showing of this at Alamo South Lamar tonight. It's not the greatest movie I've ever seen but is still fine for what it is. If you like The Omen you'll like it as a prequel. I've never seen the sequels and felt like I was missing something at the end so I may check those out.
  8. Ok well it's still not ok to slap someone around even if they are cheating on you.
  9. A lot more butch than femme, but the town is at least 25% lesbian so it was hard to keep up with all of them.
  10. This was a tense, quiet thriller. It's billed as horror and I guess that's not totally inaccurate, but there's no violence or gore. Just a good slow-burn story that goes in an interesting direction.
  11. Ok those make it look almost normal. The earlier ones looked like something out of a dream sequence in Inception. This motherfucker couldn't even wait till the bodies were cold. Source is r/LinkedinLunatics.
  12. That driver's ed teacher must have had balls of steel. No fucking way am I taking new drivers to the bridge on their first day. Or maybe he wanted to die and was hoping one of you would help him out. I do love how everyone from back home learned how to drive in the TJ parking lot, though.
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