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  1. F250

    UFL 2024

    I've never watched a game until today. I just finished watching the San Antonio vs. St. Louis game. With nothing going on today and having some beer in the fridge I tried out watching some spring football. I enjoyed it but turned down the volume because of everyone mic'd up was distracting.
  2. Back in the 90's I met a chick online. We scheduled a time to meet and when she drove up and got out, I drove off. Later she messaged me on ICQ asking why I suddenly left. My reply "you have a Mossimo sticker on the back of your back car." Truthfully, she was chunkier than expected and had a Mossimo sticker which pushed her over the edge.
  3. Whatever, this was an intentional hit by pitch lobbed by Iran at Israel for theatrics. The theatrics were for the home crowd without any intended injury to the batter.
  4. Probably has something to do with the Ewers express being something like this...
  5. Taafe nearly caused me to succumb to alcohol poisoning several times last season.
  6. Like when they considered Rage Against the Machine to be brothers in arms. Ultimately, when it comes to MAGA being rejected by their perceived heroes it's this.
  7. Literally, it's the human douche bags in the water over there.
  8. F250


    She might be a master of the freaky deaky but she has the scary cray cray thing going on.
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