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  1. Nah, that was an interesting sub-plot. A lot has been written on the ethics of pregnancy and Mars because people fuck and how do you address the potential for pregnancy. Forced temporary sterilizations and birth control? Mandatory abortions? It's a real dilemma when it comes to long term space travel.
  2. I'm not a mayonaise person, would it be safe to say that Duke's mayonnaise fans are "yep" men?
  3. This was not a good series. The action sequences are decent and there are a lot of them but overall this show was pretty crappy. Pratt wasn't the best choice for the lead role and the story was very predictable. Ben's explanation at the end.
  4. It depends. Small government contractors will seek out people with existing clearances. Large tech companies will spring for clearances without no fucks given. The difference being having a billion dollar contract and a 50 million dollar contract with the government. I'm familiar with the agony of different clearances for various agencies. I've had a shit ton from fed civilian and military and there is never a "ah, you've already been cleared by this 3 letter agency so you are good moment." Fucking government probably has about 25 copies of my finger prints out there.
  5. Off topic. I watched Uncle Buck several weekends ago with my daughter. She giggled so hard during this scene. Just wanted to mention it because John Candy is a master at comedy and he transcends generations.
  6. Their mechanics are much more advanced than kids back in our days. They also are not swinging the heavy lead pipes we used as bats. The fences are definitely undersized at this level.
  7. I would guess a decent portion of the posters here would qualify for a TS/SCI. Basically as long as you are not a fuck up in debt, criminal history, have odd foreign associations or a degenerate you should be able to pass. Basically not have Trump's background.
  8. I believe all agents require a TS/SCI. It should also be noted that this clearance level isn't that difficult to achieve. There are probably more civilians in the Defense/Intelligence Contractor industry with these clearances than there are FBI Special agents.
  9. China maybe. Russia took a bite they couldn't swallow and is currently choking on the world stage.
  10. They are volunteers and there is a big shortage of youth officials these days.
  11. That is a beautiful thing to see. I've seen some kids breakdown on the mound like that after hitting a batter. They get overwhelmed by guilt, shame and embarrassment and struggle to shake it off. I've seen the batter that was hit run over and shake the pitcher's hand but never seen one hug the pitcher like that.
  12. Maybe you are just new to the internet. This behavior has been going on forever. I remember reading about a gang rape that took place in an MOO/MUD game my freshman year in college. At one point these games were perceived as so addictive that there was talk of banning them from campus. https://www.villagevoice.com/2018/07/25/before-roblox-an-online-rape-when-cyberspace-was-new/
  13. 60 year old Olivia Newton-John was fire.
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