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  1. I knew several people from hschool that went to Baylor, they were church kids but certainly not good kids. Years ago, I worked with a guy that graduated from Baylor. When I found out I expressed surprise because he wasn't the Baylor type. He said he grew up SBC and it was the only college his parents would pay for him to attend. His description of his time at Baylor was "I hated it, hated it!" His major beef with Baylor was the grotesque hypocrisy.
  2. That looks like my dad's truck minus the tires. My son has been trying to get his grandpa to switch it out for his 2016 F150.
  3. The rules don't change but officials interpret the rules differently throughout a game, you see it in sports all the time.
  4. Had to drop in and see if everyone else felt Ossai's pain. Damn.
  5. How did you get AIDS?
  6. Charmed was peak Alyssa Milano.
  7. I take a mandatory one every year. That shit is mind numbing.
  8. Big Al had the best one liners. The cafeteria scene always cracks me up.
  9. Tres puntos, like spider!
  10. Considering most of us went through puberty fapping to Markie Post we all probably have a special bond with Markie.
  11. I had this conversation in my head every scene she was in throughout the season.
  12. She is not but looks pretty good in a bikini in episode 10. Episode 10 was pretty good too.
  13. I remember season 1 being a major "What the fuck?" but not in a good way.
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