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  1. I bought the Adorama strat for my son a couple of years ago, it's pretty light in color. The fretboard is gloss and the neck is satin. I feel like the tele in the picture has a particularly pale neck but in my case n=1 . Look at the strat pic and you can see more color in the wood. That is similar to my son's, but it is NOT tinted IMHO. I wish the fender logo was the silver one with pearl-ish fret markers. But I bought one anyway. Will report back when it shows up
  2. psa the Adorama Player series deal is now $499. I broke down and bought the Tele. Click through the link and it's $499 https://slickdeals.net/f/16166665-fender-limited-edition-player-stratocaster-or-telecaster-electric-guitars-lake-placid-blue-549-each-free-s-h?src=fa-b63fcaf268924e99a85b3cfb8993bda9 Happy Thanksgiving
  3. With god as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly
  4. QB is Rattler... In less awesome news he actually tackled Big Dez
  5. locodos

    NPR Tiny Desk

    Good listen if you're interested in Tiny Desk Concerts https://www.npr.org/2022/09/22/1124466385/tiny-desk-concert-t-pain-mac-miller-anderson-paak-pe-moscowitz-therapy-speak
  6. anybody get these vibes from Sark's sweats? Or just me?
  7. Picturing your neck going from classic C to classic stop sign shape neck. I'm planning on sanding down the neck on my CV eventually. I haven't played enough to know what I prefer yet. But switching back from my son's strat the neck does feel sticky on the CV. But it looks so damned good and the guitar is pristine, I just can't bring my self to start sanding finish off. Yet If I keep with it, I'll probably sell the CV and upgrade
  8. Heard a rumor that Deon is heading up to Corn. Would fix their recruiting issues, but that's a long way from ol Tom "go ahead hit your GF" Osborne
  9. I bought the Adorama Lake Placid Strat for my son several years ago. I always wondered why the Adorama version was so much cheaper than other Player Series Guitars. His is not heavy and played great right out of the box. I heavily considered buying the Lake Placid Blue Tele from Adorama at the old price. But just didn't pull the trigger because I wasn't sure I'd end up playing it much so I decided to wait and snap up a cheap used guitar instead. But if I hadn't already bought something, I would roll the dice and snap that Tele version up.
  10. Interesting how casually he treats his guitars and apparently how often they get their equipment stolen.
  11. Not the best technical singer... but she stops me in my tracks whenever I hear her. Instantly recognizable, iconic, talented, and fierce Page 5? Fore shame! Sinnerman I put a spell on you Mississippi goddam
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