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  1. I'm going back to 2020. I'm sure there are other examples. Having lived in both Houston and Austin, you'll be shocked to know that Austin, on various levels, is run more effectively than Houston. Much more effectively. That may scare some people from Austin so just think about how Houston must be run...
  2. Clearly our tracking chips were superior that we've avoided lockdowns.
  3. Fellow Austinites... if you haven't been to this new wine bar, I strongly recommend it. Food is on point (small rotating menu) https://www.goldenhouratx.com/ Also https://www.instagram.com/goldenhouraustin/
  4. The reality is a bunch of mouthbreathers are going to see that and think... "look Mabel, he loves guns, freedumb and garbage soft drinks like us!!!!" That's just Elon's version of US Weekly...
  5. This also happened in February 2020. Houston 2 > Austin 1
  6. Hear hear... and as much as I really like Twitter, i just want to see him publicly screw it all up (so long as my place in line on Post comes up, thank you)
  7. I feel like it's been years since we've had such a long moist stretch
  8. Downtown downtown or on the edge? I mean, you could always go to the Texas Chili Parlor.
  9. Yup, and there are a lot of people like me who look at Teslas as boring, soulless cars. But they have fart noises and touch screens. Whatever. They are ugly and lame... you can stop trying to convince me otherwise, Tesla fanbois.
  10. Waaaaaaah... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11460755/World-Cup-2022-England-fans-face-ban-SINGING-Qatar-cops-clamp-chanting.html
  11. This is so dumb. Just because they are kickass athletes in one sport does not mean they would be kickass in soccer. That tweet was one of the most idiotic American tweets I've seen in a while. 5'7" Messi is not worried about playing Kevin Durant in soccer.
  12. Been meaning to go to G&S Lately been spending more time at Sam's Town Point which is absolutely glorious and curiously moldy. The front bar/building at Far Out Lounge is perfectly divey but we all know that Far Out is really a music venue with a small bar attached.
  13. Never seen the show but I think at some point I saw one of them pop up on some other reality show. Seems like a super fake family and I imagine they were probably acting all holy while defrauding everyone.
  14. There's a whole business in Canada of Canadians who buy a bunch of TJ products and sell them at a mark-up although the exchange rate may be screwing up that model
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