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  1. Saw Dave Hill last week at 3Ten. Funny and shreds
  2. Yeah, I'm in for weekend one. I always look forward to the opening of Friday afternoon when it is so chill
  3. I know I will go regardless of the lineup that gets released because I'm sure I'll like 1) some headlines 2) some of the lesser known bands and 3) will discover new bands I will like as some of my most memorable ACL moments were with newer bands (to me) that I have enjoyed ever since. Pre-sale started today. $320 for the three-day pass. You can layaway which is what I do since they split the payment out over four payments with a service fee of $20 which to me is a no-brainer. Pay it out over time. Wait for the lineup. Enjoy. Team W1 every time!
  4. This whole thread is depressing... I'm going to focus on some of the brighter threads in Cloak Roo... oh, wait... nvm
  5. This whole thing is heart-breaking on so many levels...
  6. Are you talking about the trail that goes along Mopac, takes the little wiggle up a hill and then down to the bike/pedestrian bridge and then goes up the feeder over another bike/pedestrian bridge over 360? If so, I was on it last week.
  7. Friend in Norway (used to live in HTX) sent me that this is where they ski on a regular basis in Oslo. Didn't realize there was a little mountain for skiing in Oslo. Would love having something like this in my backyard... https://www.snow-online.com/ski-resort/tryvann-vinterpark.html
  8. Praying Travis County keeps fighting it. Sheesh. Right now you can get from Circle C to DT in 15 minutes.
  9. Circle C/Meridian means it was a white Tesla Model 3 or whatever. All look the same time me.
  10. Though the timeline and geography is weird... One of the articles said that two of the people who were killed had literally just moved into their house a couple of days before. Were they from SATX? So much "fog of war" information out there right now.
  11. One has to admit that the I-35 traffic alone probably saved 4-5 more lives.
  12. Thread title should be Central Texas Spree Shooter, apparently. Really curious about his story. Reminds me somewhat of the dude who went off the rails in the Memorial Area of Houston on Memorial Day, 2016
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