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  2. In my mind, this will always and forever belong to 2007 LSU.
  3. thanks, goredho. notch one vote for the former. the show is definitely a "period piece" but with a lot of nods/winks and contemporary takes - racial, sexual, etc... the scoring i can recall (have purposefully not gone back to watch anything specific to avoid any influence) is very much what you would expect...baroque string quartet sounds. but, kind of like westworld, they like throwing in re-arranged modern popular music and performed in that style to mix it up and draw the audience in a bit more. on your feedback...yeah, i haven't mixed/mastered it yet. just a little volume control on the tracks. part of the refinement will be subtle adjustments in dynamics and volume where it overrides or clashes with the dialogue which has to very much stay at the forefront. on the conflict, i wanted high drama in the first to contrast with the highly harmonic chord drone for the title card and having watched the show, i know there is a lot of tension leading up to that moment. the second one appears to be conflict but it's more of an excitement/anticipation. but i do think a more foreboding chord coming in there at the end where her face turns might be a good addition. i am happy with the ending string quartet sound for the final segment but when i watch it, it seems to come completely out of nowhere to my ear. like it is forced in there. as i refine, i will probably try and introduce the spiccato strings very subtly as a quiet, secondary voice to go behind the pizzicato strings when the queen is reading the pamphlet earlier in the clip. that way, when they are the primary voice at the end, it isn't completely out of left field. thanks again. that said, it is funny that you mention anticipating that the judges will want something that would likely fit in the show. the westworld judges went in a completely different direction. there were over 11,000 entries in that one and a bunch of people posted ones like mine...composing something that traditionally "fit" the scene. the judges caused quite the dramatic reaction of pissed off people (lots did not share my enjoyment of the project as a chance to just learn and have fun but instead wanted to advance a career effort) when they announced this 8 bit chiptune track as the winner.
  4. i can never remember if it is helobius or pimphand that is the yankees fan that belongs in schizophrenia ward. one of them brings the crazy with regularity.
  5. so...flip that around and nailed it!!
  6. so there are software companies that team up with production companies to hold scoring competitions as a marketing ploy. i have done a few of them before including the same company's competition for scoring a westworld scene which i was pretty happy with. see below. everyone starts with the same clip with no sound but the dialogue and any fx (footsteps/horses/etc...). this year's competition is a scene from the netflix show bridgerton. https://www.spitfireaudio.com/bridgerton/ so i've developed two different sketch level ideas so far. first is traditional scoring for something like this...second is a more humorous effort. almost a stranger things score for bridgerton. so before i start putting more work into refining them, vote for which one you would submit. first one is a little bit further along and there is some actual composition and orchestral work but neither are near completion. second one is all synths and is still super crude on transitions, mixing, etc... which one would you work up to refine and submit? Bridgerton_S1_Eps_5_KrisBowers_Score_Clip_w_MT_Competition.mov Bridgerton_S1_Eps_5_KrisBowers_Score_Clip_w_MT_Competition-ALT.mov and here is the westworld entry from a few years back. it did not place. Westworld_305_Clip_Final.mov
  7. sidis

    Austin FC

    surely bale will play significant minutes on 8/26, right? thinking i should get tickets for that one.
  8. sidis


    #Heardle #165 https://spotify.com/heardle knew the song title but not the artist.
  9. me seeing joe mixon's letterhead...
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  11. New wallet that @ChiTownDoc would approve of.
  12. No Godfrey, DCL, or richarlison on the front line. This is going to be a fun season.
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