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  1. Won the last swc conference title and turned around and won the first one in the next conference. Sounds good to me.
  2. first, focusdness on okie state. bill in sinton levels. need an emphatic performance in arlington. not being greedy and asking for 2005 colorado ccg but we can't have a 2009 corn ccg. then... Louisville, Louisville, Louisville. Louisville. we need you louisville. that's all there is to it. go cards.
  3. Damnit, forgot Maine wasn’t fbs. good man, tk.
  4. We didn’t get it all back after beating tech. We got part of Ohio after beating Houston because Cincy’s first loss was to Pitt who next lost to WV who next lost to Houston who next lost to us and we haven’t since. im guessing the jackrabbits got the northeast by beating South Dakota who beat North Dakota state who beat Maine in week 2. my favorite thing about that map is the handful of Alaskan islands in the Bering strait that are closer to U of Hawaii than they are to Seattle. And that fucking Toledo owns it along with some of Pennsylvania, Arizona, Louisiana, Tennessee, North Carolina, Kansas, Oklahoma after an eleven game win streak against nothing but garbage teams. Outstanding.
  5. still have 19. 11 golf, 1 baseball, 2 basketball, and 5 cross country.
  6. hopefully sark with a chip on his shoulder is similar to our defensive line with a chip on their shoulder.
  7. Eck. Alan Eck. Incompetent piece of shit Alan Eck.
  8. You need to stop weighing in on this thread if you don’t know who these people are because you’re wildly out of your element Donny. and you asked for an opponent that had zero penalties against us and I provided one and you never responded.
  9. Hey smax, go watch where the ref marks the ball on the Mitchell catch on that second down. He had the first down easy and the ref marked it a yard and a half behind where he was.
  10. Multiple last year. Oklahoma state had zero in our 2022 game in Stillwater.
  11. Iowa State averages 53 yards a game in penalties and they currently have 0 yards against us on one penalty that the booth had to call…just like every conference game we have played, our opponents pick the game against us to have near perfect discipline. If you ignore two extremely blatant late hits.
  12. nah, you would have big time if it was a football game because that fucking place is a shitshow afterwards because there is only one road with one lane to exit out on to MLK and dipshits want to try and turn left with no light. dumb to the power of infinity. but for a limited scale concert like tonight where they aren't even opening the upper decks, it won't be a big deal unless you are on the top floor and get there right when everyone else leaves. i really like like ten national songs a lot and there are tickets in pretty good spots for <$50 so thinking about grabbing a couple and going.
  13. they had a great run between the last two international breaks...but the schedule ratchets up a lot in the next leg. next 7 matches include united, chelsea, spurs, city, and newcastle. not going to be a lot of points there. gonna be stuck in relegation zone for a while. it was a near certainty. i'll say this, a ten point penalty for a technical, bullshit violation of just not making enough money for one random three year spell better mean an smu death penalty for chelsea and city.
  14. everton lost money over the last three years. no shit, they have sucked, they are building a new stadium, we had the pandemic, and we don't have a state sponsor or a russian oligarch thug to create fake entities to sponsor us. ten points is insane. they have condemned the club to relegation.
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