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  1. In their last eight games, Everton has taken 4 points of 1st and 2nd in the league. in the other six games, they have taken 0 points off of 20, 19, 18, 16, 14, 7.
  2. I swear to god, Manchester city really should have to subsidize us at this point. We have had more to do with their league titles the last few years than they have. this sport is dumb.
  3. while standing around looking up at the 450 gigantic trees i have at my house after wrangling all the huge fallen stuff together in a pile, i gave a good 8 seconds of thought to taking my wife's hair dryer to one of the seriously sagging oaks.
  4. dude, they are trying to sell the club before they get relegated and lose broadcast money. they have no other revenue. they are going to lose so much fucking money that it's going to make it impossible. oh, and they're halfway through building a new stadium. things really looking great for the toffees.
  5. wow. holy shit. presumably it is 1/10th of whatever the two manchester clubs did.
  6. In the heart of Westlake, sounds like Fallujah outside. While clearing entire trees and piling shit up outside, I have watched six major veins or entire trees just give in entirely on my street in that half hour. Tree services in central texas about to get rich. temps need to get above freezing asap…I’m about to take a hairdryer outside.
  7. i would happily trade games against noobs vs. keeping virtually any existing team besides maybe kansas or iowa state. at houston for texas = requirement that someone post pic of 2002 temporary stands.
  8. actually, as i look at it, cincinnati is the team that benefits the most. they avoid the two purple teams in the conference final game last year, texas, and tech. edit: okie state plays all four noobs and dropped all four previous big 12 texas teams. what in the ever loving fuck? are they running conference admin or something?
  9. ou got some seriously favorable treatment. they get three of the noobs and drop kstate, baylor, and tech who all beat them last year.
  10. sidis

    Rodney Terry

    this place and its constituents will never not be amazing to me. we had a complete fucking disaster mid-ride on this season because of one person's utter emotional stupidity and immaturity and despite that, we have a top ten team that halfway through conference, is going to be sitting atop the conference alone after tonight in the hardest god damn basketball conference i can remember in a long time. doesn't mean they will hold that spot or anything but they are competing in a way we haven't in well over a decade. on top of that, the team is actually kind of fun to watch and very easy group of guys to like and root for. despite that, we have dipshits that are so committed to trying to appear more basketball savvy then the rest of the board, that they claim the season's results heretofore warrant ambivalence.
  11. When I was going through my first delusional I’m going to be a guitar god phase in my early teens in the early 90’s, I loved DS. I resolved that the first solo I was going to learn on my piece of shit squire strat was going to be the sultans solo. my dad said you may want to start with something a bit more appropriate for a beginner and I of course rejected that entire premise like a early teens boy and so my dad said FAFO. i made it about two hours. the brothers in arms album is one the cleanest record/mix/mastering jobs ever done imo.
  12. this is so utterly insane that i figured it was being somehow misrepresented or mischaracterized. i went to the source to try and understand what possible pretext the athletic's association panel could possibly have had in recommending this or what type of nuance was attached to possibly justify such an obviously outrageous privacy violation... couldn't find one. i cannot believe how committed the state of florida is to trying to make the state of texas not look like the biggest collection of dumbfucks possible.
  13. in case anyone isn't familiar with the music that transported you... phenomenal live concert version.
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