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  1. not surprising. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/health/2024/06/24/texas-anti-abortion-heartbeat-law-infant-deaths-study/74168707007/
  2. she looks horrible right now. she looks so, so bad. i cringe every time she is on the screen.
  3. sidis

    Euro 2024

    that call was tough. i think the biggest problem was that he made no effort to even look like he was trying to get out of the play. he just stood there like a jabroni and was in the way which sucks because it was a beautiful strike that was not save-able. and i say that as the board's les bleus représentant officiel.
  4. prong horn was certainly a more interesting poster when he was primarily consumed with inquiries such as "how does the ass take the length" instead of just astroturfing zone-flooding bullshit.
  5. sidis

    Euro 2024

    france with the rare kit miss. those are awful. the homes aren't much better. they should honestly codify the 2014 world cup threads as their forever and ever kits. mbappe has lost his damned mind. that miss on the 1v1 with the goalie was not just uncharacteristic, it was awful.
  6. speaking of cognitive decline... response: here is a video of a professional politician actually doing that just a couple of months ago.
  7. sorry but trying to pivot to "that's not what i meant" is working no better for you than trying to pivot to the high road. you're just flailing now and have nothing to offer other than a juvenile lens through which to see the world. it also rings hollow when you question the mental acuity of biden due to age when his opponent is incapable of uttering a single coherent sentence about...anything.
  8. a word of advice, this "high road" gambit doesn't really work when you are so transparent with your really lacking efforts to pathetically troll. the better move is to just throw your grenade totally lacking in creativity and just disappear like you did when i responded to your authoritative declaration that NO PUBLIC FIGURE OR POLITICIAN EVER FREEZES (EVER!) with a direct contradiction by the senate minority leader from not long ag. simply ignore it and act like it never happened because you have no response or anything meaningful . everyone already knows you're a puerile and fatuous dipshit...you really don't need to gild the lily for us.
  9. i liked it better when the dude would at least post homemade porn with his wife.
  10. it's figuratively this bitch...over and over and over. field of dreams covered it a long time ago.
  11. agros suffered some bad luck in the supers on injuries. they have been fortunate to not a play a single team worth a shit yet in postseason and they of course draw the only non-1 seed in the cws first game. will be interesting to see what they do away from the home environment which clearly played a huge role in overwhelming mentally shit-ass teams that were already mediocre at best overall like texas and oregon. they feed off walks more than any team i have seen in a long time.
  12. alternative, keep $60 million of the $1 billion that abbott absconds with from austin isd an misappropriates for his border cosplay embarrassments.
  13. proving that senators were bought off? the fucking presiding trier literally accepted a $3M payoff immediately before the trial in one of the most naked acts of corruption ever seen.
  14. longcat warning. well, you see anastasis, i am a little irritated as this one actually matters. i am no longer subject to inconsequential changes due to the 10% cap because they've been screwing me so long. i am well past that now so each dollar matters. yesterday's hearing was the biggest joke i have ever experienced. i respectfully presented 20 straight minutes of compelling evidence (see below) as to why the CAD appraisal and presentation was insanely flawed and downright erroneous. one of the three panel members absolutely saw what i was saying and grilled the CAD rep who just repeated a line of "i would need to look into that" sheepishly without admitting their shit was busted. at the end, the one panel member said this is overwhelming evidence and we need to take this into account. at that point, the fucking lead ARB panel member who had said nothing for the whole 20 mins says "i move that we vote on the value at [number that was like a 0.5% drop] and the other guy (who also had not said a word) says "second." both immediately just said "aye" and the third guy who had actually paid attention was like "hold on guys, i don't think that is accurate" to which the main guy's response was "that is a nay, 2-1 pass, value set at [absurd number]." shocked, i just said "can you please explain what the predicate for that value is? how did you arrive at it?" response: "we considered all the evidence." question: "well you came up with a very specific number, can you please explain the calculation and how you got there to me because it appears you are simply ignoring my evidence and presentation." response: "no, we are considering all the evidence and consider this matter closed." me: "you fucking useless idiots, i will see you at arbitration." as soon as i get my letter, i will absolutely be filing with the special arbitration through the comptroller. i previously sued them in district court with success but was not able to recover attys fees. in the arbitration, i have to pay a $1,500 deposit to do it but if the arbitrator comes to a number that is closer to my value than their value, traviscad has to reimburse me the full amount for which i want to stand there and watch those fucking cocksuckers write the check. so here are just a few things i presented...a lot of the good stuff is hard to present here without doxxing myself but here are just a few items that don't. to start, on inequitable treatment, i live in west lake and while the houses aren't homogenous by any stretch, there is enough value consistency that i think this is pretty compelling. i took every single house within 500 feet of mine and put them in a spreadsheet measuring yoy change from 2023 to 2024 in total value and improvement value (because everyone's land stayed the same). here below is a comparison of the YOY change % with my property being the one in red. first one is mine. no changes to my house in any way last year. no renovations, etc... the second observation is a property in the middle of a tear down and rebuild. the third property undertook a major renovation that added over 1k sqft to their house. the rest? seems.....inequitable. next, i dug into their "comps grid" on both the sales side and the equity treatment side and discovered that the gross appraised values being used in the grids (particularly on the sale side) were grossly overstated relative to the CAD's OWN FUCKING APPRAISALS of those properties for 2024. here are just a handful of examples showing their gross grid value (before adjusting to my property) and their own fucking gross appraisal values. this is one of their comps with a gross appraised value of $2,257,500 - and here is that comp's actual fucking gross appraisal: It sure seems to me that $1,814,532 is not the fucking same as $2,257,500. and lest you think..."but sidis, surely that is because that owner went in and fought it and got it reduced in the interim," i know the owner of that house and they did no such thing...the problem is they are using a sales value from three transactions ago back when rates were such that money was free for mortgages. seems problematic. how about another one? another sales comp (on a lot that is 6.7 times as big as mine). they list the gross appraised value as $3.2 million, actual appraised is more than $250K less. oops!! another? oops. oops. oops. i tediously went through each of these and demonstrated that the impact to my house was an overstatement of $450k and that such an adjustment would result in my valuation being right in line with the rest of those 30 neighbors i provided the graph for above. response from TCAD rep: "i would have to look into that." response from TCAD ARB Kangaroo bullshit that steel shank apparently would like me to respect? "0.5% reduction." as i said, i look forward to the arbitration.
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