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  1. I remember it is AA because most of this community is drunk.
  2. Just got an email to buy my postseason tickets. I think everything's going to be okay.
  3. Still need a touchdown moron
  4. Point 1 does not apply to UT Austin, but absolutely apply early. Get your shit done and move on with your senior year. This fall had about 12,000 auto admits for a freshman class of about 8500. The 75 percent cap means only 6400 auto admits are allowed. That means UT has to push away 5600 students with a guaranteed spot. How do you do that? My son wanted BME. UT, "best I can do is African American studies or women's studies". That's how.
  5. Washington seems the most complete team, but playing in siberia at odd times isn't helping.
  6. DaysOff

    Texas RB Talk

    E'rbody click the link on the banner and throw JB a sawbuck.
  7. TCU had a horseshoe falling out their ass week after week. We've yet to play a complete game without such luck.
  8. Sometimes I hate sark. Should have been in the locker room 10 minutes ago
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