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  1. I have a piece of paper on the wall that says I'm an engineer (from UT, with honors). Look at me now Ma.
  2. I don't appreciate my 8th grade yearbook pic as a meme.
  3. Church is stupid and fucking boring. At least this other shit is fun.
  4. Who the fuck are these people, other than Sack?
  5. Exactly. We know 4 gay men in NYC and LA that immediately got vaccinated. These are in their 50s and 60s and are very careful. These people lived through aids and played by the covid rules a lot better than some of the veiled homophobes on this thread. This virus will become endemic and it's something we'll all have to be careful of.
  6. This is a big laugh to confident straight crowed but don't be surprised when there's a campaign to get everyone vaccinated. Monkeypox detected in S.F. wastewater means this will become a zoonotic disease. Rats will have it, spread it everywhere and this becomes endemic. Smallpox is not zoonotic. This is.
  8. Our friend in Santa Fe was an extra during one of the courtroom scenes in this film. I never knew there was that much film production in the area. He gets lots of calls for extra work. He's too busy being retired. Csb Edit: He also said Robert Downey Jr was very folksy with everyone between takes.
  9. Stop fucking losing assholes.
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