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  1. Barely pulled it out Daily Quordle 310 quordle.com
  2. This is interesting. Bagwell acting as de facto GM?
  3. Say what you will but TH had his team ready to play in whatever bowl game. Let’s see what Sark can do.
  4. Killer B’s, Caminiti, Jose Lima, Mike Hampton, etc. I member.
  5. Why do you choose 1997 as the inflection point here? Serious question. Just because it was 25 years ago?
  6. Agree, hope the Astros never have to face him if he leaves. CFM and Cole are enough.
  7. Man, I need some baseball fix. Can’t just quit cold turkey like that after the WS.
  8. Daily Quordle 305 quordle.com Just under the wire.
  9. Took a while, but two days in a row: Wordle 524 2/6
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