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  1. In a hurry to get to Cancun
  2. Screenshot? Do you clear cookies on every page?
  3. That was before it was Cougar high, BYU UCF and Cincinnati
  4. Winning out on this schedule doesn't even get a playoff berth.
  5. What? Yes. I was saying Texas should pay early penalty leave and play a better schedule than the trash ass big xii will give them. The big xii schedule is effectively a bunch of scrimmages.
  6. Texas should just leave and go independent this season. Scheduling random schools throughout the year would be better than whatever the Big XII is going to try to do.
  7. Was doing this for me but just unborked. They are trying to fix the ad thing so they may have accidentally done something.
  8. Yep you’ll be logged out but that’s it.
  9. I haven't had this issue be persistent if you clear all browsing data related to surly or if you clear all cookies and reload the page. I fixed it on my own but didn't document the data when it happened to me to get it to them to fix what is causing it on their side because I figured if it was happening this often it would have happened again. This is caused by a cookie mismatch on their cookies and their parser so it isn't the server cookie that needs clearing. It's actually your browser and surly related cookies that need clearing. I can post a guide on how to do that here with screenshots, but I don't want people to think it's all super advanced as a workaround, unfortunately browsers don't make cookie management super simple.
  10. Burnt Ends doesn't get you TreeFiddy benefits - you are only Burnt Ends, but you are also legacy member so you only see ads in CR.
  11. wait you are only seeing them in CR?
  12. I'm working with the ad people on this but it's been very frustrating since we cannot reproduce it. If you have ads on desktop can you screenshot or download all your cookies and send it to me in a DM so I can get it to them?
  13. Fence AITA - NAH, builder is just trying to do their job, you are just trying to not deal with bullshit and the owners of the new home probably have no fucking idea of what's going on. I will say that the reading comprehension on this board is suspect as the fence was not "free" or 'at the cost of the builder' it was phrased in a way that made me understand that it would be the raw cost with no markup for the fence being built. like he had to still buy the fence, but they would build it for free essentially. Groceries 17 in 10 or less line - YTA, go fuck yourself bitch. Home sale - NTA, your neighbor is a cunt and it's your property. How did you find out it was their best friend though?
  14. This is exactly what is happening. When growth slows in a down cycle and you are a behemoth making fuck loads of money you hire to keep anyone from ever competing or innovating again. What is happening here is a bunch of activist investors getting involved with companies that are public wanting them to hit some metrics they have defined even though they don't know shit about tech. Right now these companies aren't growing because they lack innovation and they are entirely stagnant with their product set and consumers are not looking to spend money for the sake of spending money anymore. Look at Apple and their move to their own silicon. Brilliant then they plateau hard because the big difference was actually moving to ARM and putting your own shit on the SOC not because Apple actually knows how to do silicon. Now the M2 is iterative at best and no one gives a shit about slightly better. They didn't fix any of the x86_64 compatibility outside of their hokey ass emulation and that would have been a huge win. Apple does a lot of things right but they really fucked this one up for the long term success. Betting that you are better at silicon than Intel is a big fucking bet. I see this as a terrific opportunity for people to start innovative companies and get acquired really quickly relative to normal time and/or for a challenger to really go after the giant even harder while their guard is down.
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