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  1. Touchdown is a touchdown is a touchdown is a touchdown.
  2. I feel like this will never be unsealed. trump will decline to unseal.
  3. I got weird. I didn’t take pics. Met a crypto bro who was roommates with George hotz a while back.
  4. Tuesdays. We used to hold it down especially a week before school. This was pathetic. Moved to lavaca street
  5. Alright fuck this I'm going to lavaca street bar for now.
  6. There are 0 females here. Bartender isn't even behind the bar he's sitting out at one of the tables playing online blackjack on his laptop. The other 3 dudes are the manager I presume and some distributors. There are also no barstools. Which is fucking weird. I used to sit at that bar all the time.
  7. Just leaving this here since there's a lot of traffic in this thread
  8. Password is muledick. Have childcare all night so shit may migrate and get weird.
  9. That's not what it's for, but we also don't give. A shit if the checks come to us vs them just writing them and doing their own shit. As long as it starts happening.
  10. This is what I meant. If you can't tell if the freshman are just as good or what then sit everyone and start the freshman.
  11. You think Bama, Georgia, Ohio State, Michigan or anyone else is having thing level of "we don't know who the best guy is yet"? Lol
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