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  1. Mexican Americans fucked Texas. If they can get the back blue it's super over for republicans
  2. No I fucked up and the main database server filled up and crashed. I have a service that manages log rotation and the server that manages it had a setting that I forgot to change which caused a crash for the monitoring and alerting. Basically I fucked this up by forgetting to turn swap back on for a server that serves as the centralized monitoring and logging server. This caused services that keep things clean to back up and that back up over 2 days turned into full disks, and full disks turned into database crashing.
  3. I was asleep something stupid happened related to me restarting services - sorry about that.
  4. Kind of misleading as there are legal abortions in Mexico. Still not good.
  5. Yeah EXIF is stripped. You are treefiddy aren't you? Treefiddy have unlimited file storage. You can upload as an attachment or in your own album in the gallery tab/section
  6. still? I just did a database failover so there was a hiccup for about 15 seconds I'm updating all the servers since I've been putting it off for months.
  7. Basically we have a few political shitheads in a radicalized party that need to be voted out of office and the problems will solve themselves. There is a metric fuckton of legislation that is passed by the house that just needs voted on in the senate that will fix a lot of issues we are seeing, the problem is they aren't voting. The reason they aren't voting is because of a radicalized party who has people on record trying to subvert the way the government should work, including Bill Barr who is very on-record stating his belief in Unitary Executive Theory. The problem is we are stuck in a time before the internet and before the population explosion happened in centralized (read: Urban and suburban areas). We are no longer even relatively an agrarian society and the majority of representation should reflect the industries that we are in (entertainment, technology, industry, etc) - it's also not hard to fucking help "farmers and ranchers" when the rest of the stuff works right. People care about food supply quite a bit and destructive legislation like the ethanol corn subsidy are more to blame than rational policy. I can see myself running for office sometime in the near future, but the platform I will have is that it will all be driven through robo-vote. If the majority of the constituency doesn't vote then the vote is abstained on any legislation. If the constituency votes for something then the office votes for it etc. Representative democracy at a large scale wouldn't necessarily work, but until we get elected officials who actually represent their constituencies best interest instead of their donors or personal interest we will continue down the path of radicalization. The solution to this problem is to get the people who don't care about anything to fucking vote.
  8. The disgusting piece of trash is you, and the person who wrote that article. Your brain is so poisoned that you think posting propoganda links from the gateway pundit is going to prove any kind of point. Look at the articles ole Cristina has written, all inflammatory nonsense that all have one thing in common. Less than 500 words and filled with that or disgust for those who don't share the same opinion. She wasn't saying she wishes they were aborted, she's saying that women that know they can't deal with the burden of a mentally retarded child with downs should have the choice to not to and it's a deeply personal choice. She's not saying all downs people should be aborted.
  9. Even BLM stuff was a joke compared to what we need to do to get real change. I was against doing anything to the judicial branch, but now I think it's time to show how much of a farce it really is. Expand it to 40. Confirm them all then pass a law saying you don't replace anyone until at least 33 of them die or resign.
  10. I asked this question to some folks that I know and trust that lived in DC for the majority of their adult lives. Not politicians, but people obviously close to what's happening at the heart of our government. They said this is nowhere even close to where we were in the 60s. All that tells me is we need to ramp it the fuck up. What happened in the 60s caused change. We are just bitching in the street and whining on Twitter and the internet.
  11. I completely agree with you, which is why I'm so pissed off. How the fuck was it this guy or someone pushing an authoritarian agenda for his own personal gain so hard that the country gets sold out for it? Shit is broken and it starts with the people we are electing in a completely broken system that is controlled by "corporations as people".
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