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  1. Joe Biden is on record saying he wouldn't have run either time if Trump wasn't running. That's not some insane fantasy, he knows he's the best shot to keep DJT out of office. Back to Jon Stewart, it's like some of you forgot what made him so great. He points out ALL of the absurdity and doesn't care what party it's from or what the "spin" is or how the votes will change because he reports it. He is there to shine a light on the absurdity of the truth of our situation. It's real journalism, unlike what you see from the major networks.
  2. It turns out unless you own the internet pipes streaming is a bad business to be in.
  3. Well yeah, everyone thought trump would just go away. Then…he didn’t.
  4. We don’t even have a TV in our bedroom. Me and my wife had this same conversation because we are buying a new mattress after 10+ years in the tempurpedic we have. We couldn’t even name a single situation in which we would use it.
  5. When this thread gets hot I always hope it’s because something bad happened or this orange sack of shit died. Nope, holidome talk.
  6. lmao idk how that even happened my brain just pooped out phonetic spelling of different word.
  7. It's not often that a new poster gets to reach such notoriety so quickly. You have really struck a chord with the populous here.
  8. Strong first post. I’ll let you post attachments sometime later when you prove that you are trustworthy. Feel free to post images attached or inline.
  9. I’m not trying to pile on but you need to jump for it to be a jump shot don’t you?
  10. Idk about going this far. Skill players sure. Big bodies are big bodies though.
  11. They don’t exist. This is why it’s an issue to discuss anything because the actual policy choices are fascism and cruelty for the sake of enrichment or normal inefficient boring policy that doesn’t have the promise of working but at least it’s trying.
  12. To add to this idk who fucking came up with this fully guaranteed nonsense. There is absolutely no indication this is fully guaranteed from a buyout perspective.
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