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  1. Yeah can you not just actually live translate this with OCR? This tech has existed for nearly a decade.
  2. They won't, this isn't how silicon ramp works these days. Volume won't be until late this year at the earliest most likely early next year. Meteor lake shipped in September, didn't get to volume till February and that was aggressive. It also got a substantial BIOS update in early January that made it actually usable. Similar to how the 890M benchmarks are hit or miss because optimization isn't there. They are trying to beat lunar lake to market to say they did. Waiting till 2025 is the right move because everything will be awesome then. This year is the year of ramp and kink fixing. Regardless it's pretty exciting, and minisforum/ASRock/Asus etc are pretty large scale oems at this point. Dell/HPE/Lenovo are still the kings, but it's not like they have the demand or are hogging all the wafer capacity
  3. I was thinking a thujone boner meter, their favorite food, their girlfriend's onlyfans etc.
  4. so we can have a surly troll version of this same database with whatever hilarious fields we want. I am prioritizing the OTF one since you know that's an actual subscription business. LOL
  5. According to who? See this is why rankings are stupid. The aggregate national rating is just going to be the On3 number and the OTF one is Site Rating. Simple. Then you get the state rank, I can change that to national, but I don't want to have 50 rankings on this thing, they are nearly meaningless datapoints since the rating is a rating that is comparable through years not just this class.
  6. I've never once seen anyone talk about or analyze the rankings as much as they care about the ratings (4/5 star etc) If you care about stack ranking that's a new one for me, outside of just glancing at it and knowing "lower number better haha"
  7. It has a state, composite and OTF rating. I don't wanna do all the rankings and everything in the widget that is ridiculous IMO
  8. I think it's better than the on3 ones. similar to the 24/7 ones, but I think ours is cleaner. This is soft launched right now and I'm doing some production scale testing (why I'm cross embedding here)
  9. What do you guys think of these embeddable things from OTF?
  10. Uh can you please point to the posts here, which is obviously not Twitter, where people said any of that? Also this isn't the wnba drama thread, there is a dead thread for that because no one gives a shit.
  11. The comments were so golden. The fact that Jack black is so deeply engrained in the pre-rot brain that they snap out of it and say hey you realize this is funny right? Is so fucking funny.
  12. Also don't send me any fucking DMs I have nothing to say to you in private, I don't moderate that way with back room deals and side conversations. Either get your shit together or take your brain rot to another community. Those are your options, Biden being old isn't off limits. Biden doing shit you don't like isn't off limits. Biden not being the person you vote for isn't off limits. Being a trump supporter isn't off limits. Pushing a clearly false and debunked narrative with videos and complete horseshit commentary that you are clearly getting from obviously fucked sources who are purposefully pumping out disinformation at a factory level is off limits. I've warned you several times and told you to get off Twitter for your own sake, but if you want to continue down the brain rot path that's up to you and it won't be here. I have a history of extremely consistently hard moderation against disinformation like this. Not the "disinformation" some posters who are liberal with the word try to say. Biden is a mush brained old man. I've said it a bunch of times before myself. That's not what the issue is here and if you can't understand the difference that's why you can't be a part of this community anymore.
  13. You are seriously doing this? Stop. Final warning.
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