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  1. Would there be a bigger FU to Corby than that happening? So yes, I hope it happens.
  2. If Corby loses, he will get out of it somehow. This is at least the 2nd time he hasn't turned in his picks and it's disingenuous to the process they use to not do it. It would be shitty to do but Dan should mirror most of Corby's picks so he has less of a chance to lose.
  3. I just don't see DJ as top 3 in the portal. He might not be the 3rd best QB in the portal when it's all said and done.
  4. They're fine at QB if Johnson stays. They're the same at RB if Achane stays. Offensively, not much falloff but that OL was not very good. On defense, yikes. Even if they pull Hill back in, their depth at LB is bad. It's still a head scratcher why you'd take 8 DL but I guess it worked out for them since half are leaving.
  5. He’s a Cali kid. If he can go there and make money, be closer to home and in that offense it’s almost more of a shock to stay at Texas. Worked for us with Ewers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. My /s KSt just running at will. This looks very familiar. Also, Richardson was big for them last week. Not having him is hurting them.
  7. KSt better put more points on the board. OkSt gave up 31 to Texas in the first half.
  8. My issue with this game is staying with Ewers. It was probably hard to pull him with a lead, they led most of the game. By the time they didn’t have the lead it was too late. Texas passed for 319 and rushed for 209. That’s enough to win a game under most circumstances. This team has warts. Their defense, their kicker (JFC), and their head coach making changes that work.
  9. I listen to the Downbeat via podcast so I can pick and choose. It’s a rough listen for most of that show. 75% of that show every day is how great is that they’re working together and ticket references. I’m worn out on that.
  10. If I was a Mavs fan I’d probably like the show. I think they need to split up for them to be successful. Really enjoyed Ben on the Downbeat last week.
  11. that was fucking hilarious. I rewound and listened to that part again.
  12. fwiw the mix you’re looking for of UT sports and high school is on The Horn 104.9. I listen to Craig Way from 10-12 to skip Norm and D. They even podcast the show in two one hour blocks so that helps when I want to skip through central Texas hs football. You’re welcome.
  13. This has to be a record for least amount of times Boomer Sooner was played.
  14. Looks like a few starters are staying in. SHUT THEM OUT
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