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  1. It’s easy to lose interest in a guy getting offered more than double what you think he is worth. But sure, blending in well with the team matters as well.
  2. Regarding the Ghost Tour, my friend owns LeLaurie Mansion, which is the climax of the tour at the end. I’ve spent a long weekend there. It’s badass inside but we didn’t see any ghosts. I went last summer with high expectations. I’d never go again. I think I reviewed it here, but the pomposity of the chef, the poor execution of a few dishes, and the ridiculous pricing all made it not worth it. I’ve eaten at fine French dining from Paris to Vegas and would rate it as the second weakest of the badass places we’ve eaten. Nothing could possibly be worse than Restaurant David Toutain in Paris, but Compere Lapin sits in second to last easily.
  3. Trying to link those posts together? One thing we can say about you, BO&W, is that you never stop working at this stuff. You're not getting any better at it, but you do work hard as well. You're like the washing machine of Surly.
  4. No one should be getting or giving 10 year contracts. This is insane.
  5. I have that dude on ignore so I didn’t see anything until you’re quote, but yeah, I’m happy for Brandon Harris that some guy finds him impressive enough that it’s cool that he just gets to learn on the clock at a critical role at UT because he’s an excellent yes man for the staff. That sucks for all of us, but, hey, good for the poster and the employee who’s adding neutral to negative contribution value to the program right now. This idea that Sarkisian is above making bad hires is absurd. Every manager makes bad hires. We all fucking knew that Harris would be a really bad hire if elevated. It’s not new. Losing Zion Williams to LSU is a fucking joke, really. That’s the one that is going to irritate me if he signs there.
  6. Of all of the stuff that has been flying around lately, $3.5M/year is the one I find the least believable. Unless that is truly what it would take to get Schlossnagle, there's no reason to go anywhere close to that.
  7. It's extremely unlikely that Texas lands both Ffrench and Lockett. Ketchum is an idiot throwing shit at the wall, again. Courtney Morgan is the best player relations guy in college football, by some accounts. Meanwhile, we have someone very, very unimpressive matching up against him in Brandon Harris.
  8. The mom likes Bo Davis. We'll see if that is enough to overcome where the player wants to go as well as an NIL stack that LSU can't match. I have that goober on ignore, so thanks for quoting that, as it made me laugh.
  9. This has been floating for close to two weeks at this point. I remain deeply skeptical that Texas is going to reset the market for college baseball coaches, but it won't bother me if it is true. Why not? We don't owe either of those asshole schools and programs a fucking thing. Or maybe they're going to announce the hiring of Bakich in about 90 minutes or something.
  10. He’s a 5 star WR, so there is always the high probability that someone is going to do something absurd to get him. Tennessee could be that team this year. Missouri went there last year with Wingo and Texas couldn’t let go. Does any of that happen with Ffrench? It’s going to be interesting to watch the big time WR recruitments unfold this cycle versus watching DL. They’re unlikely to be handled the same.
  11. There are several guys with Murphy’s numbers in this cycle that Sarkisian isn’t very interested in letting Baker recruit. Starfuck for this staff or get fucked, apparently.
  12. Send Sarkisian your strongly worded letter, then. NIL follows his direction. DT has not been a priority. For anyone doubting what I just typed, please recognize that while we all may wish for something else, I’m not speculating on this one. The larger longhorn world than Surly.
  13. Faraimo has been a silent to ND for half a year. Good luck with it. Comparing the approach from this staff between WR and DT is like comparing night and day. Sarkisian takes a personal interest in WR recruiting. DT is hardly on his radar. The DT coach has to be able to be a fucking beast in recruiting on his own. Also, over the prior 3 cycles under Sarkisian, Texas has overspent on NIL at every position on the roster except TE and DT. Now would be a good time to change that.
  14. They didn't act like he was, however. They treated the recruitment, as they have with the other OOS guys, as though he was a priority and that they had a great shot at landing him. Both recruitments can be classified as tenuous at best. I'll be stunned if either guy comes to Texas. For all of the lauding of the hire of the amazing Kenny Baker, the early returns suck shit through a straw. Having a class of DJ Sanders and maybe Brown plus a couple of other reaches while key DT talents head to future opponents and other playoff contenders is indefensible. I hope this guy shows some amazing results on the field with his charges this fall because that's the only way out of this in the future if he's going to stick around. He needs to have guys from this roster drafted and to be able to point to results from the schedule. Or, fire the fucking guy and hire someone that can't be drug by rival recruiters.
  15. In a land full of idiots, the Spider fucktard staggers the most idiotic across all of the horizon. He's a room temperature IQ poster with the inability to filter any thoughts. When he shows up after being gone for a few weeks working his graveyard shift, he pulls the trigger on his gatlin gun of terrible, voluminous takes and doesn't walk away until he's unloaded his banality on every active thread.
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