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  1. Why would any of us give a fuck about what someone did years ago elsewhere when those some coaches have Texas in the college football playoff, right now? Texas is 5-7, 8-5, and now 12-1 with this staff. There is nothing you dated morons are going to be able to tell us here that compels anyone here towards entertaining your concern trolling. I know Washington is a perpetual college football bridesmaid so you guys live bitter due to all of the coaches that have left you for better offers, but that’s not our cross to bear.
  2. Hahahaha. Where the fuck did this come from? Whoever wrote that couldn’t be more full of shit. The 4 candidates include: a dude that Sarkisian fired, a mormon lifer that may have never left Utah were it not for games being played in other states, and 2 playcalling DCs. Right.
  3. I’m fairly certain that was @BurntOrange&White .
  4. I am no fan of Elko or Chuckles either, but what two consenting adults choose to do behind closed doors is their business and has no place in this thread’s discussion, sir.
  5. Imagine being a fan of a school that makes an offer to Colin Klein and gets rejected.
  6. Well, South Carolina fans seem to be taking this well.
  7. That guy is such a buffoon. Yes, “formidable “.
  8. Ha. What a giant pussy that program is. Boo hoo. Big bad Texas is getting a Texan back, must be tampering, goshdammit! Get a fucking grip and find other programs to fuck with going forward.
  9. No thanks. That's a dodged bullet, right there. Good luck getting paid this time, dipshit.
  10. 1) Talking shit about intellect and academics on the board of a university that outranks your own by virtually every metric is weak shit. 2) No one gives a fuck about whether or not someone else thinks we're "classy". We've been villainized across the college football landscape for years, whether we're winning or losing, for a bunch of ridiculous shit beyond our control because of the size of our brand and the program's long history. 3) We all think UW is a nice school and the brand and history are quaint. It would be fun to have a home and home series with UW. We respect the team and what they've done this year. That considered, you're coming across as a pathetic ambassador for UW. Don't tell us you're not trolling when it's obvious that you're trolling. If you want to discuss football, get on with it. If you keep up the other shit, at least ask your home board for some help on the humor side because of your attempts so far are hot garbage. Jesus.
  11. Riley for sure. Grubb/Deboer, whoever the fuck is calling plays for UW, would also give him a run for his money. Kiffin. GJ Kinne. Chadwell. I'd have to think about it, but Sarkisian is safely top 10. When you start getting into top 5, I struggle with the guy's bouts of "playcaller's block" that he admits he succumbs to during key periods in some games. I'd probably pick him over all but 2 or 3 guys though, sure.
  12. I've never heard his speed questioned. Someone else can speak up if they're a film geek. I think speed at S has been the biggest issue for our secondary. Williams is going to continue to develop into a cure for a lot of our ills, but they need more. Thompson and Taffe are slow. Catalon was slow. Crawford doesn't know what in the fuck he is doing. We need speed and some instincts back there and that hopefully unlocks more courage in terms letting the CBs walk up.
  13. I don't think anyone who has been near the program or any of us watching from afar should be worried about the program's direction. Mostly, there is concern regarding NIL. The inflation of it, the sustainability, etc. That's both an issue for Texas and CFB itself. At some point, if every single transfer or retention discussion starts and ends with a number, capitulation will occur and bluffs will get called, even for future 1st round picks.
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