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  1. If they’re going to be a big dog, they will bite you hard as a pup. Hudson Card couldn’t chew through Kibbles’N Bits last year. I can’t even fucking believe there is still dialogue around this. Some guys are on fire by the spotlight and some guys are blinded by it. That shit cannot be coached.
  2. So the one of the most worthless Pokémon in Pokémon Go can actually wind up being even more worthless than I originally thought? Terrible. Billingsley was viewed as a turd last year and then he got the dropsies on top of it. Saban made it a mission to ride his ass until he conformed or broke, which he does with guys every year. Didn’t work out.
  3. You poor thing, what were you doing in Atlanta? Haven’t been to the ATL in years. Used to go all of the time for business and it always just reminded me of Dallas with more hills and trees. I probably did 15 same day in and outs there (brutal) over a 2-3 year period in the 2000’s, plus a shit ton of longer stays. I could have been spotted in SFO yesterday, though. That is outstanding, sir.
  4. Well, I’m glad he’s gone, then, and I hope they don’t stop taking this approach in certain circumstances where the talent is simply too significant to not give it a roll of the dice.
  5. I don’t mind taking a chance on a talent like Hall and also cutting his ass if he just can’t be anything but an immature malcontent. Especially in this day and age when the numbers aren’t relevant. I actually hope they keep doing this because they’ll find some who just needed a scenery change and produce. Hell, there’s a shot that’s the story this cycle where they took both Billingsley and Hall and Billingsley seems to have new life while Hall shit the bed.
  6. Boy, I don’t know how it is possible, but I think we’ve sunk to a new low. Engineering professor stories, it turns out, are more boring than engineering itself. I don’t even know what kind of banal shit I could compare these last few pages to in any other vein. Reading Ian Boyd perhaps? Fuck.
  7. It’s truly pathetic for me, but I still fucking laugh when I read all of these. We’ve been working on some new material. It’s hard to stay at it when we’re sucking, so hopefully we win a lot this season, dammit.
  8. Uhhh, I am fairly certain it wasn’t Gerry. Everywhere and nowhere at once, sir.
  9. Hahahaha. Ketchum threatened him with his lawyers and @blacklab just laughed. I would be open to a $9.95er history thread. Hell, some of that shit will die with some of us and already has with a few, but there are some really comical and otherwise interesting tails. Regarding Ketchum and Shaggy, a mysterious handle appeared on a thread on BarkingCarnival, Pandora’s Box, and posted on the thread where Ketchum had shown up and was arguing with people. Ol’PB posted the story of Ketchum hosting the Swing 44 golf tournament for Cole Pittman’s family after his death. He had a young gf/wife and kid left behind, if I remember correctly. Anyway, story goes, Ketchum took the proceeds from the charitable cause and paid off back taxes to the IRS and never held another tourney. Ketchum came unhinged and then accused PB of being me, which was always curious to me, because how would I know? Unless, of course, I was friends with someone who watched him do it and brag about it, which would have had to have ended up with that person quitting their job for Ketchum in protest. But no, fuck that. That’s too crazy. Anyway, crossover posting from someone like @Red Five/Nordberg, or one of the other regulars on both BC and Shaggy, happened. Next thing you know, the Shaggy thread is fucking bonkers and then that’s when Fat Chet showed up and attempted to throw his weight around. Instead, he had the cyber shit kicked out of him and he ran back to his safe haven to fire shots behind circled wagons. If memory serves, that was Pandora’s Box’s first and last post on any of the boards. Weird.
  10. That dude actually has his shit together for an obvious red ass.
  11. Yeah, and then Mack Brown benched him for the RRS because “you can’t play freshmen in that game! they’re puking in the tunnel!!” only to start him for every game he was healthy for the rest of his career after that. Yeah, this is our concern, dude.
  12. Sounds like a mental health thing, honestly. He hasn’t been dressing out per the team notes.
  13. Well, you’re all over the map and you’re voluminous, sooooo … probably.
  14. Appreciate the thoughts, guys, but you’re simply living in fucking fantasyland. Banks is a starter, right now. They moved Jones for a reason. Karic didn’t win the LT spot. He’s kept it warm. No one gives a fuck about the possible downside, Banks is here to start, and start early. That was the deal from the jump. It’s kind of stunning to see guys post about the situation otherwise. Pontificate further all you like, doesn’t change what’s inevitable.
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