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  1. Georgia and the first 4 of Bamas current run.
  2. Guys they are taking a small class this year cause of how big the last class was.
  3. Cause it is. Jerry got his hands on it and will make sure it never leaves.
  4. If Arkansas can get up by a score then it will be hard for a&m to stay in it with their offensive struggles and Arkansas ability to tee off on passing downs. If the total is close to 48 then that means Arkansas wins in a route imo
  5. The biggest loss here is OUs chase for being the first college team to beat an opponent 100 times. The next candidate would be Harvard beating Brown which currently sits at 88 wins. Alabama over Mississippi St is the leader in the FBS clubhouse at 84.
  6. Texas 38- Tech 20 WRs 195 Worthy finally has his day and gets 140 by himself
  7. Same. But Sark saying Murphy wasn't healthy then the "3 QBs" never being named specifically tells me Quinn was close enough last week to be throwing daily and could be ready by Tech.
  8. Was at the aggy game last night. Seems like we're following their game plan of being obnoxiously loud on PA and letting the crowd fill in to make it seem louder. This is how they get their reputation of being louder than any other school, all songs and announcers were deafening then the crowd responded in pivotal moments. Other than that they're just as loud as any other 100k stadium but get the credit because every other down moment is filled with the loudest speaker possible.
  9. Good enough for me. Mortgage on the money line/sarcasm
  10. We just beat a team by 21 that played Houston just as evenly as Houston did Tech. Take out the trick plays and we go up early and roll like NC state should have.
  11. The onside kick gave them 7 points they wouldn't have got with the extra possession and we missed out on a possession and 7 points (3 at worse) from a short field. Thus 24-10 at half instead of 17-17.
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