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  1. https://www.ncaa.com/news/baseball/article/2023-05-27/2023-college-baseball-tournament-selection-show-time-how-watch-bracket-reveal 11 AM CENTRAL TEXAS TIME But they drag it out for 20 minutes... so..
  2. I want Stanford because it's easy for me to get to. Any regional with Washington would be my second choice.
  3. blue ball bellpark
  4. Get in the portal before all the other losers end their seasons.
  5. @Beau Vine So how long before Jason Kelly uses Washington as a stepping stone to another program? I dunno that UW will do what it needs to be successful at baseball. He's already WAR'd himself. Him and Stankowitz have given Esquer a run for the money on the Pac 12 coach of the year. Washington should host with Texas as the 1 seed non host.
  6. Kendall also creates tournament predictions for clickbait. They are not correct a lot of times. And are all over the place during the season.
  7. Since there is possibly not a game three, shouldn't we get Tanner Witt in for his work? We are reaching a point where he won't play a meaningful game in a regional right?
  8. D1baseball.com has Texas back in the top 25 and hosting....
  9. He only looked good because we were resting our hitters for our big conference tournament run...
  10. So, I've asked about this before. What transparency is there on donations? Is there a listing of who gets sent what? What percentage goes to overhead, etc?
  11. Washington is putting another beatdown on #24 Oregon in Eugene. 10-1 in the 4th. I think wherever they get sent should be afraid.
  12. Maybe we can get some SJSU pitchers from the portal.
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