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  1. Listening the FBI Director hearing is maddening and is why people hate politicians. Can these fucktards put politics aside for just a little while and try to get something productive done like trying to learn how a 20 year old loser who lived at home with his parents got a shot off at an ex president from 130 yards? Instead, we have reps talking about Jan 6, gun control, Biden's cognitive decline, the weaponization of the justice department and on and on.
  2. So, we know she has no communication with the FBI. What an embarrassment.
  3. As long as Chas is gone after the deadline, I’ll be happy.
  4. Or if you are too old and senile to be prosecuted.
  5. Despite our differences, we can all agree that Lee Greenwood is an American legend.
  6. Because he had several 5' 3" female agents shielding him from an incoming bullets.
  7. Lulz. Dude thinks his Secret Service Director is a man. He's got to figure that out first.
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