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  1. Does anyone know when the last event is just prior to the NCG? May buy tickets to that and try to camp out inside until gameday.
  2. One sad byproduct of the e-ticket is that you don't have a cool ticket stub to commemorate the event like in the past. For the 2006 game, I have my ticket stub in a frame flanked by the front AAS front page on one side, and the AAS Sports page on the other side. My 2009 game ticket is still in the neck lanyard hanging sadly off one of my other frames. $2000 per ticket for a national championship game that we win will be a great memory and probably worth it. $2000 per ticket for a game that we lose is a gamble lost and ends up like my 2009 experience/memory. It's all gamble in the end.
  3. And the shame is the high percentage of people that go to these games that don't really care about the game itself. They go mainly so they can take and post their FB, Instagram, etc. pic to show all their "friends" what ballers they are. That wasn't a thing in 06 and not really in 09. That's a big reason why the prices have gone bonkers for these events.
  4. I think the buyer technically pays the fees on all these reseller website. But yeah, it ultimately affects the price you’re gonna get for your tickets.
  5. I love the convenience of being able to buy a tickets off the secondary market and immediately having it on your phone. But the fees that these secondary sellers add to the purchase are fucking ridiculous. If you buy now, and Bama and Washington are the two teams left, you are going to lose your ass because you’re not gonna recover the absurd fees you dropped in the initial purchase, and the prices for the actual tickets will be lower than they are now.
  6. I was there in 06 and 09. As much as I like college football and the Horns, I am not gonna pay $2k to watch a 3 hour college football game from the nosebleeds.
  7. At least FSU gets to match up with Georgia. Unlike Oregon who has Liberty. Lol. That is truly a no win situation for Oregon.
  8. If we’re gonna split hairs, and we’re gonna have to, Bama should be punished for playing Middle Tennessee and Chattanooga. That is shameful.
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