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  1. Forget it, I'll let someone else do it.
  2. You were using Amazon to watch your league pass games? I still use my VPN to watch League pass but I go through nba.com Yes, I've been getting league pass and extra innings both though Prime pretty much solely because I could use the vpn and watch whatever I wanted. I use YTTV and they have severed ties with a lot of the regionals. Tonight I received a message when I tried to launch any game on League Pass that they detected I was using a vpn, please disable and try again. I have an IPTV sub but it kind of sucks.
  3. I think Amazon closed their VPN loophole on League Pass. Yes I watch the pistons sometimes on a side TV. For gambling. How are you all buying league pass these days?
  4. Texted it to my 14 year old human garbage disposal and asked if he would try it. "ooohh idk it looks gross but maybe"
  5. Unless they become uninterested or injured, I don't think anyone is beating the nuggets. They are so complimentary to each other and connected. They put on a clinic tonight against the Kings.
  6. Who is brave enough to try this abomination and report back? For reference. I just started seeing the commercials today. https://global.kfc.com/press-releases/its-not-pizza-its-chizza-kfc-brings-the-global-bestseller-to-us-menus-for-the-first-time-february-26/
  7. Baboontyme

    Gym Pet Peeves

    My gym has a 20 yard turf track with 4 lanes. The inside lane is against the wall. The outside lane usually has a sled in it. Once a week I push the sled. Once a week I do deep split squat lunges the length of the track and back. I'm old. I need the wall for emotional and sometimes physical support. It amazes me the number of inconsiderate and oblivious idiots who will decide to grab a couple of dumbbells or a yoga mat and set up in the lane you're using to do something that just requires a tiny area and could be done anywhere else.
  8. I started to hate my overhead 4k projector. I did not want to sacrifice my 100" screen and I wasn't ready to drop 10k on a 100" tv (this was a couple of years ago, or a year ago, can't remember). I bought a Hisense short throw laser that came with the screen and I love it. I'm sure it's not as great of a picture as a 100" O/Q but to my eyes it's great, and about 5x better than my old overhead. They do make cabinets/tables with "skylights" but last I looked they were 3-4k.
  9. They made fun of that in one of the first couple of episodes. I didn't get it until I googled. I would not say that he's "good", he's mostly expressionless. But it's funny, the stuff going on around him, the scenarios are all pretty absurd and good for some laughs. Uncle "JJ" in episode 4 at the family reunion got me.
  10. I think this is pretty funny. It's kind of like a black version of Curb as far as I can tell. I had to Google Vince Staples after watching the first episode so that's where I'm coming from and I've gotten some laughs out of it. Anyone else?
  11. Near as I can tell it's about Chicago, fish and a bunch of bros e-flirting with Nicole.
  12. If a stranger bums a cigarette and your last pull of whiskey off of you and gives you some advice, listen to that man. Also, whatever you do, do not let him fall asleep.
  13. What is the current verdict on buying early bird check-in vs upgraded boarding day of? Sending wife and kids to see my in-laws on Sunday on SWA connecting through MDW. All I really care about is them getting 3 together on both legs (same for way back). They are old, 14, and 11.
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