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  1. Pleased to see Leon Bridges and Khruangbin on separate nights. I expect (hope) Khruangbin is Leon Bridges's band, but was worried they'd have limited time for their own music.
  2. But, you are probably much thinner than me....
  3. Short rib on polenta, with roasted potatoes and sautéed broccolini.
  4. Never heard of them, but Spotify confirms. Thanks! I love Surly!
  5. I'd take the offer and reload for next year. Most of HCAD's comps for sales since 1/1 were adjusted to be higher value on 1/1. And, the market is still in decline, with no interest rate relief in sight. I think next year may be the time to drive the value down.
  6. Warning: My protestingpropertytaxes.com contestation report was rejected by HCAD because 8 of the 10 sales comps they used to calculate my market value are out of my market area. And, the two that are in my market area were not particularly helpful.... This was a complete waste of $179. HCAD accepted my measure only appraisal, permanently reduced their record of the SF of my house and garage, and, after a bit of back and forth, we settled on a 7% reduction. The measure only appraisal was well worth its $200 price.
  7. Excited for Khruangbin, but fear they’ll be with/backup Leon Bridges and have limited time for their own music.
  8. I have an informal scheduled for Tuesday morning. We are fairly new construction. I successfully protested value during the build which straddled 1/1/22, but HCAD still has us at about 350SF larger than actual. I obtained a SF only appraisal that confirms our correct SF. The plan was pretty much to just argue for a prorata reduction in the improvements value based on the incorrect SF. But, within days of filing my protest, I got an offer for a 4% reduction on the incorrect SF appraisal. So, I got an "appraisal contestation report" from protestingpropertytaxes.com to have comparable sales data based on the correct SF. I am cautiously optimistic for a good result. One note about protestingpropertytaxes.com. They factor in only land and house SF. They do not include or factor in garage and/or porch SF, both of which HCAD includes as individual factors in valuation for the improvements. I assume that is standard - that other CADs do so too. I've now compiled those numbers from HCAD, and the protestingpropertytax.com comps have garages ranging from 432 to 805 SF, and porches ranging from 68 to 572 SF. I'll be pissed if HCAD points that out as reason my comps are not true comps, or that the adjusted value of my comps are not accurate and reliable....
  9. I predict at least 1 less than the aggy spring game. Whoop!
  10. Yes, we need Moore Owens!
  11. We questioned “does the carpet match the drapes?”
  12. The fled to the SEC to get away from Tech….
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