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  1. Based on memory of the girlfriend I was with - a week in Akumal - I was there about 25 years ago.
  2. I've read the thread - twice, and your comments have been very helpful. Hook 'Em.
  3. So, about 5 years before my dad died, he proclaimed to my mom "I'm not going on another GD vacation until we go to Spain." Well, his ashes eventually made it to Sevilla.... I have not quite thrown down that gauntlet, and it isn't clear yet that the calendar will line up for next summer, but I've gotten the OK on Spain as our next big trip and am ready to start studying/planning. Mom died in 2020, and It's time to get the parental band back together.... If we can only do two weeks, I think we will limit things to Andalusia - Granada, Malaga, Ronda, Jerez/Cadiz, Sevilla, and Cordoba. I could be convinced that Gibraltar must be included, but, for now, its exclusion is intentional. If we can find more time, I'd love to start in Barcelona and stop in Valencia on the way to Granada. We like art, old shit, hiking/scenery, wandering villages/towns, and food and wine. That said, Grimas's accurate comment above that a church is a church is a mosque is a church, also applies to Roman ruins and paintings of Jesus. We are unlikely to spend time on the beach. And, we are too fucking old for real nightlife. The main reason for trying to squeeze in Barcelona would be to hit the Picasso and Miro museums. And, I'm intrigued by a video I found about a paella excursion from Valencia that sounded akin to a bayou trip and crawfish boil in the Delta. Other than maybe taking trains between Barcelona/Valencia/Grenada, we would have a car. if we skip the train and rent the car in Barcelona, we would want to make pit stops along the way, such as Peniscola and Alicante or Murcia. No real questions at this point, but feel free to point out - with Surly flair - anything glaringly stupid or missing. And, its never too early to collect reports that "the best fucking meal I ever had was at x."
  4. Sorry to know they no longer allow climbing the pyramid steps. I remember pretty much trotting down, blowing by most everyone else who were sliding on their asses or semi-rappelling while holding onto the safety ropes/chains.
  5. No one ever beats Ohio State in the Shoe at night…
  6. Just renewed promotional rate on two radios - $5.99 plus taxes and fees, for total of $7.75 per radio. This is exactly what I have been paying for the past year. Before getting that rate, she tried hard to move me to a non-promotional rate of $6.99 plus taxes and fees, for a total of $9.05 per radio. The pitch was that this is not a promotional rate, and that I would not need to call and play the game in a year to prevent the rate from floating up to then current retail rate. But, there was also no assurance regarding stability of the rate she wanted to sell me.
  7. Strong Modena recommendation for morning tour at Acetaia di Giorgio, followed by lunch at Trattoria Ermes. Reservation recommended for Acetaia di Giorgio. Ermes is lunch only and takes no reservations. Arrive early.
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