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  1. Still faster-developing than the one we ran against LSU on 3rd and 19…
  2. If you don’t have another kid to drop off I can hook you up…
  3. She’s a chick, that doesn’t count….
  4. Big Kahuna Burger is my go-to…
  5. Yeah they’re not perfect, but they play hard and seem cohesive, which is a credit to Woodward. I figured Garcia was flash in the pan who’d be back in the minors after the saw a little more of him, but he’s improving. He’s a force in RF, and he’s developing at the plate as well…
  6. Fucking hell of a roster improvement day for Horns/Rockets fans….
  7. Yeah his defensive versatility is what I really like. Chris Beard would kill for five dudes like this…
  8. The Amazing Tit Aces are one of my favorite bands ever….
  9. Is that Treaty Oak in the reflection?
  10. Ignatius

    The Wire

    I saw The Corner when it came out and haven’t seen it since, but wasn’t the crackhead who fell off the wagon and stole all the shit Lt Daniels?
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