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  1. Great link! My favorite quote from the article: Despite the horrible conditions, they were grateful that the family stayed together --- and that they weren’t sent to a concentration camp.
  2. Lol…put another way: ”I will always believe that we wouldn’t have beaten LSU easily”….
  3. Lol so the NFL appeals, the appeal is going to be heard by Goddel or someone he appoints, and Goddell publicly today says he believes that a 1 year suspension is appropriate. Wonder what’s gonna happen?
  4. Shortly before the 1958 season, Sanders died suddenly of a heart attack in a Los Angeles hotel room on August 14.[11][12][13] His companion was a convicted prostitute, Ernestine Drake, described as a "blonde woman."[14][15][16][17] The room was registered in the name of his friend, W.T. "Pop" Grimes, who had a record of arrests for pandering and had served prison time at San Quentin.[18] Sanders had complained of the heat, and asked Grimes to fetch some soft drinks. He then began gasping for breath and clutching his chest.[15] He died on the floor. His last words to Drake were, "Football is a great game. You should come out this fall and see a few games."
  5. Lol that team averaged over 50 fucking points a game; their offense was one of the all-time greats in the modern era. “Highly overrated” is comical….
  6. I think our opponent in week 2 feels the same way (and they’re right)….
  7. “Nobody catches the ball on my side of the field. Not no receiver, not me, not nobody” —-Rod Babers
  8. I went to high school with a chick who blew Gary Pihl, Sammy Hagar’s guitarist, after a show in Odessa….
  9. Tell me about it; I give an old fat guy a handy at least once a day, maybe 2-3 If it’s a slow day at work…
  10. Isn’t seeing a therapist what started this whole shitshow?
  11. I don’t want to know what it looks/smells/sounds like when someone vomits diarrhea WITH conviction….
  12. Are there any accusations that Kraft’s ‘therapists’ had a problem jerking him off? Isn’t the problem with what DeShaun did that the women weren’t OK with it?
  13. Hah, why not? Godell can decide the punishment himself if he wants….
  14. It’s almost like the guy has never had criminal charges or a civil judgement filed against him…
  15. Lol or maybe they’re on a different totem pole than you altogether…
  16. Yeah that game sucked shit. Ricky’s best performance was in Lincoln in 1998, followed very closely by his last game against Miss St where he put like 3 of their dudes out of the game and ran over another 7-8 who somehow got back up….
  17. To be fair, you don’t know what kind of job he has…
  18. Lol you’re just pissed cuz the guy behind you is gonna be in the shade while you’re sweating balls for 4 hours…
  19. Flame away, but my favorite pizza in NY after going there for work for 25 years and living there for 5 is Emmett’s in (barely) Soho. Their specialty is deep dish Chicago-style….
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