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  1. Fucking RJ has a voice perfect for deaf audiences. How anyone puts up with listening to his screeching baffles me.
  2. https://247sports.com/player/bravion-rogers-46111814/ Where does Bravion Rogers end up? Sark says he likes 6'0"+ corners and Rogers is not. Soooo maybe Javien Toviano is ahead of him on the board?
  3. This pretty much confirms what Surly suspected. BV was looking for a reason to get rid of Cale Gundy and Gundy absentmindedly gave BV the grounds to can him.
  4. I'm really hoping that Cale Gundy ends up in Stillwater with his likely equally racist brother, Mike. This will make Bedlam even more enjoyable.
  5. @satyanash Is that your relative? No relative of mine works at a gas station in College Station. Other places, yes, but not College Station.
  6. Come on down Jaquaize Pettaway! https://247sports.com/player/jaquaize-pettaway-46097281/
  7. That would be hilariously funny if it were true. In reality, he got arrested for DWI.
  8. Did nobody else chuckle when they read "O-Ring"? I mean the jokes are writing themselves at this point.
  9. I believe this was that dumb fuck's last tweet. Guess he's too busy to tweet about bread.
  10. Who somehow made it to the NFL as a fullback. Of course Mack recruited him at LB.
  11. @TreatyOak You made a great graphic with the above photo. IIRC, "Which one of these is an idiot?" Please repost. I laughed for half a day the first time I saw it.
  12. The guy on guy sex thing in the corps is definitely true. I learned it from aggypedia.
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