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  1. Drivers are finally lobbying for deletion of the quickest lap time for drivers who cause a red flag in qualifying. We were just talking about this on Autosport a couple weeks ago, wondering why nobody in F1 would push for it. It's worked so well for so long in practically every other racing series. https://www.autosport.com/f1/news/f1-drivers-urge-fia-to-delete-best-laps-of-monaco-red-flag-culprits/10614464/?_ga=2.174217186.137332967.1713221892-940737110.1610577366
  2. He's been being groomed for a couple of years imho to take over for Toto.
  3. This really seems like an attempt by FOM to just cut the FIA completely out of any decision making. Surely there are terms in the 99 year lease contract limiting and defining what the lessee can and cannot do while running the commercial side, which void the deal or at least put the contract at risk if they are broken. I wonder just how much crap like this FOM can pull before they end up in court with the FIA. I wonder how close they are to the edge right now.
  4. I mean ... This just in: Liberty Media's Greg Maffei is a walking, talking piece of shit. But we already knew that. https://t.co/QhCiTJpufd The 'competitive' standard they're applying is only there to exclude everyone, since it's extremely unlikely that anyone will be competitive right out of the box. At least half the grid is uncompetitive right now, FFS. And it's not up to FOM to decide whether or not an entrant is 'competitive'. That's the FIA's job, and they already approved Andretti. Meanwhile ... DOJ to announce antitrust lawsuit against Live Nation as soon as Thursday: The Ticketmaster parent company also owns concert venues and promotes shows. https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2024/05/22/live-nation-doj-antitrust/ Shit 'bout to get real for Liberty in the US. Fuck those asswipes.
  5. LOL, did it smell like they were burning oil, or maybe too much fuel? Chuck would probably be familiar with that smell.
  6. They sure are building their case. "OBTW, FOM, we just hired your own Chief Technical Officer. Does that make us a 'serious entry'?" Meanwhile, a bipartisan group of senators has bypassed Liberty entirely. They sent a letter to the DOJ's Antitrust Division and to the chair of the FTC. This is a significant escalation - US Senators urging that an official investigation be opened using very specific language. This could lead to a full scale Antitrust enforcement investigation. If the Justice Department and FTC take this seriously and pick it up, Liberty are going to have a lot of work on their hands defending themselves as it'll no longer be a "let's play the long game and hope the politicians get bored" situation. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/congress/senators-seek-doj-ftc-antitrust-probe-formula-1-andretti-global-rcna153201 IMHO, it is significant that Liberty chose not to respond to Jordan & the House judiciary committee. In anticipation of that this group of senators pressed forward to engage the FTC and DOJ. They would not have done that without knowing that either or both would open an investigation.
  7. Yeah that car just wouldn't turn in at all. So much understeer. It's hard to tell if they just improved less with their upgrades than others did, or if they actually got slower. They're still using Merc's windtunnel, until AM's new one opens in September iirc. I've read that Merc's been having correlation problems. Seems like that tunnel is also affecting AM's upgrades, going back to the same time last year..
  8. Fuck everyone in Colorado. Bunch o' cunts.
  9. Fuck yeah Duchene. Stank's wrap almost went in too.
  10. Yeah if they're such pussies that they won't change a call that clearly should be changed, then there's no point in having review.
  11. Sinjin sighting, at his kid's match. Been a while since I've seen that dude. This schedule seems like a mess. Not sure what they're trying to accomplish here. And no Hermosa? WTAF?
  12. Sinjin sighting, at his kid's match. Been a while since I;ve seen that dude.
  13. Say it ain't so, Jose! Nah, c'mon, man. The Astros invented every form of cheating in baseball. Didn't you hear?
  14. Ah, ok. I thought it was just Yamamoto.
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