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  1. Yep ... and the murdering, and the animal torture and killing, etc, etc ... If there was ever a program or even a whole athletic department that should have gotten the death penalty, it's Baylor's.
  2. We lookin' pretty balanced there. The others? Not so much.
  3. Really? Most Texas fans I know have hated Baylor long before it became known as Rapelor. Why hate 'em just for the rapin' & the coverup when there's so much more?
  4. If you mean a flexible rubber fuel bladder, yep. That's what's in there. Works pretty well, except in a case like this where the filler is torn away. I could also see a puncture being a possible concern, but I've never heard of it happening.
  5. I don't think so, but if they do, it seems like his didn't work. Oh, and take away the halo, and I don't wanna think about that scene. Nightmare fuel. Seems like maybe the foam horseshoe collar needs a look, too, considering it was keeping GRO from exiting the car.
  6. Wasn't the original rumor that he may have gotten info from the FIA secretary that left Merc for the FIA? That seems much more plausible if any such info was ever actually passed. I don't know how it all shifted over to Susie.
  7. Troof. I've paid far more attention to other schools' games this year in CFB than I have since 2009 and 2005 before that. And yeah nobody was giving a fuck about Rapelor or TCU getting screwed out of a playoff, and I certainly can't imagine many people pulling for fuck Rapelor over TCU.
  8. No worries. I can't keep all that shit straight either. I am consistently blown away by some people's amazing recall of past games and seasons in incredible detail here, or past races and whole seasons on racing boards. Simply stunning imho. Yep.
  9. Here's a very good series of scarbs tweets if you're interested in the Grosjean crash and/or monococque design. (I know, I know: which Grosjean crash?) Hopefully that's already been studied extensively to help improve the design and make it safer, especially the bulkhead around the fuel filler. Take away the rupture there and there's no fire, or a much smaller, slower fire. Take away the fire, and that's a very different accident scene given the fantastic work done by the halo.
  10. I can't remember where I heard or saw it, but iirc someone said he had changed cars between the two Austin houses. Perhaps he stole one, or maybe he just laid low for a while, figuring out his next move. Admittedly though, other than my faint memory of someone saying he changed vehicles, this is pure speculation.
  11. The way he ambushed the AISD cop, I still have a feeling he had something in mind for the school but got spooked and hauled ass.
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