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  1. Drive through, and it only took them about a lap to decide that. F1, are you paying attention? Well-deserved drive through, for sure.
  2. Jesus. That has to be a penalty on Engel. Dumbass. That was never gonna work, but everyone knew it was coming.
  3. 11 h 12 m elapsed. P1 & P2 less than a second apart. Nice.
  4. Oh, man. Thanks for the reminder! This is one of my favorite races of the year. Been so busy with the weather, broken oak trees, and some other shit that it slipped my mind.
  5. I dunno where it is, but a couple of months ago I saw a little hydrogen-powered Toyota ripping it up in a video. It looked and sounded great. ETA: Not the same video, and not as spirited driving, but here's a video of the Toyota GR Yaris H2 being driven by a WEC driver. This one is hydrogen injected into an ICE, but there are also multiple manufacturers working on H2 as an onboard charger for electric cars. For me, the way forward is with hybrid-powered cars and EVs with onboard charging like H2, gas turbines, etc. Plug in EVs just don't make nearly as much sense for a variety of reasons imho.
  6. I dunno about the engine IP, but Honda is still on the car. IIRC through 2025 (but not certain). Ford comes in in 2026.
  7. So if Ford is coming onboard, the next most obvious move would be to get GM onboard to duke it out with them & the rest. Dang, if there was just some experienced racing outfit that was willing to team up with them for an F1 entry ....
  8. I think I saw something yesterday about them changing it up for 2023 ...
  9. Yeah it could be worse for sure, like our neighbors across the street who just got a leak in their roof from a falling limb.
  10. Yep. We have several big branches down in our yard already, and it's supposed to rain more tonight. I'll sort it out tomorrow I guess. Took us 20 years to get shade over almost our whole yard. Now we're gonna have some big holes. Got dammit.
  11. Wait, wait ... so y'all are telling me that Daniel Figurelli and Daniel Joseph are the same person? The same Daniel Figurelli who was identified as a racist and lost his PWC internship and job? And that now Daniel Figurelli has changed his name to Daniel Joseph but he is still making racist comments all over social media? That Daniel Figurelli, aka Daniel Joseph…the racist? Am I understanding this correctly?
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