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  1. I remember reading a couple of weeks back, Alonso said that having so many updates was great but the team should be focusing on next year's car development instead. Kinda made me wonder if something was up behind the scenes. Two drivers suddenly jumping from the 4th quickest car in just a few days can't be a good sign regarding the team environment, commitment to the future, etc.
  2. Dang. What did Danny do to you? But seriously, my guess is he's headed back to Viry.
  3. Yep, but that's not any better imho as it would result in one huge post I'd need to spoiler. Either way is not ideal for me I guess.
  4. So Alpine has officially lost Alonso and Piastri in just a few days. They had invested loads of cash into both of them and pissed them both away. Clown show.
  5. Yeah it's pretty fucking bizarre. "Ocon is our 2nd or 3rd best driver, so we better lock him up & then let the Piastri/Alonso chips fall where they may". Fucking idiots.
  6. Yeah in less than 2 full season over the last 3, we've now seen 2 significant driver contract issues under his watch.
  7. I disagree that taking it away would make the races less interesting. More passing doesn't automatically make for a better race. I'd rather see 1 great battle that ends with no passes than 10 easy DRS drivebys. And DRS also deprives us of many good battles that do end in passes.
  8. As do I. Kill DRS with fire.
  9. I read somewhere that AM were already talking to Alonso, and knew Vettel was waivering, so they asked him what he wanted to do, which led to his retirement announcement. AM also tried to pull Alonso first before they hired Vettel.
  10. @utee94 I see you qualified that, and I agree it was often just timing and the whole 'not having a crystal ball' thing. He could have gone to RBR right before their run started, but instead he chose Ferrari. Nobody at the time was telling him he should have gone to RBR. BTW, y'all ... sorry for 50 posts in a row. Been in Europe since 7/20 & just got back. Tryna catch up.
  11. I'm not sure how big of a salary Alonso wanted, but I'm sure he wanted to be paid more than the teammate he's consistently quicker than. And they could have had Alonso and Piastri had they not stupidly extended Ocon months ago. Now they have ... Ocon. And that's it.
  12. They are, atm, but imho the upside at AM is higher. Alpine are also a clown show on the business side. They painted themselves into a corner by extending Ocon too soon, which limited their options severely, then tried to keep Alonso on a 1 year deal and farm Piastri out. They could have had Alonso in one seat, with Piastri learnbing from him in the other. Instead, it appears they managed to lose them both. So Alpine were limited by the early extension of Ocon, and tried to offer Alonso a 1 year deal when they knew he wanted more. AM offered 3, and more money. So he took it. Re: the long string of 'bad' Fred choices, it's only with 20/20 hindsight that we can say they were bad choices. At the time, nobody was saying he shouldn't go to Renault, McLaren the first time, or Ferrari. Nobody saw RBR coming as a dominant team. His second stint at McLaren, he was rolling the dice on Honda, having seen more than enough of the Ferrari clown show to know that a championship wasn't happening there anytime soon. Honda shit the bed, so that didn't work out.
  13. IMHO the key hire for them was when they pulled Dan Fallows from RBR. He only started with AM in April, after the car was done.
  14. And Alpine. They seem to lock in on a plan early on and then refuse to adapt at all during the weekend and during the race.
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