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  1. Were the strippers & women in general as incredibly hot as they are in Montreal? Montreal, giggity.
  2. Probably not, but they also didn't have much of a case for overturning imho, iirc. Weren't they actually working on the wing or something before the time was up? Sorry if misremembering. Slept since then.
  3. Hackers are the scariest MFers on earth imho.
  4. FIA launches tender for F1 tyre supplier from 2025 https://www.motorsportweek.com/2023/03/20/fia-launches-tender-for-f1-tyres-from-2025/ Please, please, PLEASE let it be Michelin... Reality check: It won't be Michelin, because they won't be interested in building a tire to F1's shitty specs. The only way they'd enter under those specs is if they were going to be competing with another tire manufacturer so they could publicly whoop that ass.
  5. Wow. All the wailing from Lewis, George, and the The Torger about RBR dominance is pretty hilarious.
  6. So, COTA tweeted this after the race. Clowns.
  7. Seems like it. They changed the standings back.
  8. I also don't understand why the second penalty is 2x the first one. IMHO if the first one is served incorrectly, it should just be considered 'not served', and they should have to serve the same 5s penalty. But oh well ... Mike Krack ... ... said on German Sky that given how the car and the jack are shaped it's impossible to say from the camera angle if it touched it, he doesn't know either and that they have to analyze. He also said that the jack touching the car wouldn't be the forbidden working on the car as he understands it. Nice to see Russell in the presser saying that 5 secs for the box issue is already too hard because there was no advantage and he himself can't even really see the yellow perpendicular line either and the white ones not at all, and that the additional 10 for the "touching" is lacking common sense. Obviously, it's not clear to the teams, as two different teams have done the same thing in the first two races of 2023.
  9. No, the issue was having the jack where it was before the 5 seconds were up. You can serve the penalty at any time, and iirc it has to be at your first stop after receiving it.
  10. Yeah I'm not sure how the rule reads, but just having the jack "in position and ready" (as Martin put it) shouldn't be considered 'touching or working on the car' imho. Oh well. Still a great drive, the car is fast AF, and Alonso got to celebrate on the podium, so it's all good.
  11. He was already on the dirty side. I can't see any advantage to be had by moving further from the racing line. Alonso said it was just a mistake by him. Probably distracted or something when rolling up to the box.
  12. Yeah they've really gotten strict about that. People used to line up all kinds of crazy ways and were fine as long as they didn't go too far forward. The second penalty is kinda BS though because they waited 2/3 of the race and finally told him with about 2 laps left. Had they told him sooner, he could have pushed for a 10s gap and probably could have done it.
  13. Fernando on the front row in a legitimately quick car ... life is good. Yep, and their quickness in 2 very different types of tracks bodes very well for the season. This car has a great base to work with.
  14. Yep. Bad breaks so far in Q for Logan, but the kid is legit quick af. A freind who's worked with him told me a few months ago that people would be surprised how quick he is, and it's turned out to be 100% true. This guy's been right on every single thing he's told me, over 10+ years. He told me today that he's already on pace with Albon's, who is highly regarded.
  15. Yep. Meanwhile, Damon is completely lost and clueless AF. Dude brings nothing to the show. They'd be better off with Johnny, and that's saying something. There are loads of F1 fans out there who could add far more to the show than Damon does.
  16. Curious how badly Seguin's leg was cut. Apparently he was stitched up and on crutches after the game. Anyone heard anything else?
  17. Jesus, you're such a fucking idiot. That one sentence doesn't equate to being "pretty internet-vocally opposed to it". Others have been far more vocal about it. 'T-shirt Yankees Fan in South Texas' loves to tell anyone who disagrees with him that they clearly haven't watched baseball for long. I started playing baseball in 1974 and started going to college & MLB games in 1977. I've probably been coaching for longer than you've been watching.
  18. Yep. 2 F1 Champs in a NASCAR race. I wonder if that's ever happened before this. I asked on Autosport and nobody had an answer, which tells me that it probably hasn't happened.
  19. Been attempted. Impossible task.
  20. As usual, go fuck yourself, dipshit. Yep, lol. It's not like we're the only ones, and ... I think I've posted one short sentence ever about the pitch clock. Maybe 2. But whatever, Dumbass Helobious gonna Dumbass Helobious. Pretty sure there's no greater combination of stupidity + arrogance on the internet, and that's really saying something. Now you can go back to jerking it to Judge videos.
  21. BTW, if any of y'all are going out to NASCAR at COTA, Danny & Carmen's Parking on Elroy Road (across from the fire station) is offering parking for $11/day. Easy in and out, and itabout 50 yards from COTA's Lot T. You can also reserve a spot by paying them on paypal. Good folks. https://www.facebook.com/Dandcparking/
  22. I don't think he's been the same since the injury. Hopefully he gets through that soon.
  23. 2 F1 WDCs will race at COTA this year. Former F1 champion Button to enter three NASCAR races https://www.reuters.com/lifestyle/sports/former-f1-champion-button-enter-three-nascar-races-2023-03-10/
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