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  1. It’s a good night tonight.
  2. I am picking up another one today as well.
  3. The Nobleman was the Total Wine pick. The Herald was just Saints Alley Armagnac finished bourbon.
  4. Liquor King in Lewisville has a great pick of the Huling that Subourbon Dad’s Club did. I liked it more than the GG pick. But that one was good too. That one was quite…polarizing
  5. I know you probably watch all of the bourbon podcasts on YouTube, Don’t take my word for it, but It’s Bourbon Night had the Nobleman in their top 10 of 2022. It may have even been top 5. It’s a Total Wine pick, I’d imagine you’re not gonna find it in a bar. It’s good.
  6. It’s good. You won’t be disappointed
  7. If your local Total Wine has this, absolutely get it. It’s phenomenal.
  8. I have sent thousands of dollars to internet strangers for bourbon. Has never been an issue.
  9. Steve’s a good guy even if he’s a tech fan
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