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  1. It’s a Disco party! This 11 is fucking [emoji91][emoji91][emoji91]
  2. Excellent method actor when he played a child adopted by a Detroit lion and Kurt Warner’s wife.
  3. Deb's in Austin did a HD pick last year that was really good. Had a Travelling Wilburys sticker.
  4. Spring 12u season is gearing up. Practices started last week. New kid on the team is fucking huge. Compared to my kid. (Catcher)
  5. My club has done a couple of single barrels of Heaven's Door and they were pretty damn tasty. Especially the one we did that was finished in a Vino De Naranja cask.
  6. It's a 10 yr, standard pricing seems about $10 for every year of age (Eagle Rare notwithstanding, but I bet the msrp on that goes up soon) . that's where we are these days unfortunately.
  7. Keaton not having an Oscar at this point is criminal.
  8. Nope. Paid secondary for it.
  9. Wish I was the goat on top of Hannah. Or behind her taking the picture.
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