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  1. Something like 70% of the olive oil o. The market is fake.
  2. If Hamas has killed off all dissent doesn't that mean that there are just Hamas supporters left?
  3. Lol, right now I'm sewing up a cap out of wool broadcloth using proper nineteenth century materials to make something that might be reasonably historically accurate, but I'm kind of making up the pattern as I go and not following any known nineteenth century patterns. But it will keep my head warm while I'm hunting with my muzzleloaders like my ancestors did 200 years ago. So maybe I'll give you a run for your money.
  4. Based on the stamps it was made between 1965 and 1969, I think. Still has the factory edges on it.
  5. So my EDC knife needs sharpening pretty bad, but I was in a hurry last weekend when I was going hunting, so I just grabbed a knife that had a pretty good edge out of the box of knives I got from my grandfather when he passed away and slipped it in my pocket. Well, last night I was laying on the couch and it fell out of my pocket, so I looked it up. Apparently I've been just casually carrying around quite a collectible.
  6. Did they find any copies of The Sims?
  7. According to the data from 2007 published by the USDA, 45.9% of the beef supply came from operations with fewer than 100 cows. 5.3% of operations with 1 to 49 head and 24.1% of operations with 50-100 head were operated as a primary source of income. 71.9% of all operations were operated as supplemental income.
  8. A good sleeping pad with a high R value is probably more important than the bag in that situation.
  9. Yeah, no. Most cow calf operations are pretty small and don't contribute a significant amount of income to the owners. In 2017, 54% of farms with beef cows had fewer than 20 cows. Those folks are generally barely making a profit the few years they do pull a profit.
  10. Decided to see if my now seven year old daughter would like the first one today. She did, and I didn't make it ten minutes before things started getting dusty.
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