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  1. FYI, the brace rule was published in the Federal Register today. You have 120 days to take care of business barring any sort of legal challenges or anything that makes it go away.
  2. Ain't nothing sports utility about 6.8 inches of ground clearance.
  3. Those empty tubs are a pain? If you've got any decent farmer/rancher gene in you they are a blessing from above. They are useful for all sorts of things.
  4. A few weeks ago I was hiking up a "mountain" in central Mexico to get to a cave halfway up it. There was no trail, so we were blazing our own path through the scrub. I happened to look down at just the right spot and spotted a shard of obsidian. There is no local obsidian in that area, so somebody must have traded for jmit back in the day
  5. You can make a coffee substitute with the roots.
  6. From the r/guns thread: https://i.imgur.io/uPNxVps_d.webp?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=medium
  7. 1944 was almost 80 years ago. It's more like showing up to WWII with a Springfield Model 1861.
  8. They generally make an effort to remember to leave the safety on. Usually, a gun in the back of a vehicle (at least the types I generally prefer to shoot, which are old school and have exposed hammers) are safer with the muzzle pointed towards the front of the vehicle because there is no way for the hammer to catch on something when you pull it out of the back, but I guess that doesn't factor in the dog. Now that I'm older and have a family I'm a lot more careful about that stuff.
  9. I saw where the ATF said that if you file a Form 1 for a braced gun you have to wait until you get the stamp to put an actual stock on it. But the whole reason you need a stamp is because it was actually an SBR the whole time because the brace is really a stock...
  10. From last week. Also, according to this, we ppened the Abrams Tank Training Academy in Poznan, Poland back in August, so maybe that is their destination.
  11. Given that they said it will take half a year or more to get the Abrams, and we've already seen videos of train loads of them heading towards Poland, I wonder if they are going there to set up a training camp in Poland for easy access to Ukes and as a deterrent of sorts for Russia.
  12. Because they are more often being parked by women?
  13. I'd drive that as long as it had lines like an El Camino. Although I'd prefer all electric.
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