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  1. From UT to UT, congratulations! Welcome to the winners club.
  2. Napoleon

    Euro 2024

    For many years I rooted against Italy. Basically from 1994 on => But I like Chiellini in the studio, they have missed the last two World Cups, they don’t dive as much as they used to, but more than anything else… Italy 🇮🇹 beating England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 in the final of Euro 2020 (held in 2021) has endeared those greasers to me. They have me the pleasure of watching England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 fail on the second biggest stage in the world, the Finals of the Euros. For that, I am throwing my support behind Italy.🇮🇹
  3. Napoleon

    Euro 2024

    Everyone knows that Türkiye is “a country that’s unwanted”. Why do you think that Turkey is still excluded from the EU? 😎
  4. That’s some biting commentary right there.
  5. LONG… Summary: I would consider Uruguay now, but would not live there if I were young. START: This kind of depends, but probably Uruguay if I could get a place close to the water north of Punta del Este, because (unfortunately) I am getting older. That said, if I could do over where to live from 2007 to 2014, there is no way that I would pick Uruguay. It is just too slow and boring. I never visited Montevideo for a night out other than one night in the middle of the winter in 2008 or 2009 when I was in a “visa run”. (Bouncing over to Uruguay so that when I returned to Argentina I got a tourist visa stamp for 90 more days.) That night I met some young people (college age) and went out to where the young people (16-22) bars are and I was way too old for that scene. Other than that, I don’t know. Montevideo does have a small “Beach front area” similar to Santa Monica down to Marina del Rey in LA with a bike path, volleyball nets, and new apartments/condos, so maybe you can find a nice life there, but even though I can’t afford it, I prefer the Punta del Este and north up to Jose Ignacio and beyond. The chaos of Buenos Aires can be fun/exhilarating, especially if you don’t have kids. If you don’t have to worry about how the next election is going to affect tour future and you can just focus on eating well, trying to hook up, doing whatever chemical stuff you like (coke, ecstasy, powdered Molly, acid, and/or weed were definitely at almost every party of expats that I went to from 2008-> but I didn’t realize if for a year or three because I never dabbled in most of those things before, so I didn’t realize it). coke was US$15/gram… which I believe is not very expensive. There are gated polo communities in Argentina and a ridiculously gated community “NorDelta” that offers boat slips at many houses in the greater Buenos Aires area. Argentina’s beach zone is south of BA about 3-5+ hours and is cold most of the year Córdoba is the 2nd biggest city and has nice commuter towns as well as a Lake District, which is cool. (Lots of pre & post WW2 German culture in that region.) Uruguay is developing vino tourism, their beach development is stretching all the way up to the Brazilian border, is has less crime and legal weed (not just decriminalized). Basically, give me a fun, smart, attractive woman who likes to fuck and try new foods and good weather and I could be happy wherever.
  6. Darwin Núñez is Uruguay’s answer to Ricardo Pepi. Just crushing his first touch right at the keeper.
  7. Uruguay player just intentionally crunched down on the Panamanian guy’s ankle and then stayed down to act like he was hurt so that he wouldn’t get a yellow card, but he absolutely should have received a yellow right there. 😁 CONMEBOL smart.
  8. 1) Uruguay is good. 2) Panama is going to finish this game with 10 men.
  9. Napoleon

    USMNT 2024

    This is the Pulisic we see against shirt Serie A teams. Against Top 3rd Serie A teams I believe that he usually disappeared.
  10. Going to “The hall of fame team of JP Dellacamera & Cobi Jones” and then not telling JP & Cobi that they were on air as they stood there awkwardly for about 5 to 7 seconds was just awesome. Especially because they never got word that they were on air. FOX just cut away to something else. First Class All The Way!!
  11. Napoleon

    USMNT 2024

    You just described most cops in Texas. And the area around Jerry World is like Addison on steroids.
  12. Napoleon

    USMNT 2024

    “Arlington isn’t FRISCO.” FIFY
  13. Napoleon

    USMNT 2024

    Weston McKennie is soccer’s answer to 2020s Ezekiel Elliott.
  14. Napoleon

    USMNT 2024

    That defender just fucked his keeper. If he blocks the far post by making himself a pillar and leaves the near post to his keeper, then it’s 1 - 0. Many top defenders make that mistake every week, but that was such a weak shot and the defender was an idiot. STU HOLDEN just explained what I always did on defense.
  15. Napoleon

    USMNT 2024

    1) That close stuff was created thanks to Tyler Adams having Gyasi Zardes’ touch. 2) Gio is milking this shit. (Which is want to do.) That was the softest scissor tackle I’ve seen this summer. (that was the first foul on Gio, not this second one) 3) Balogun isn’t that great.
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