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  1. Diaspora Dash appears to have enormous tits!
  2. I like that the spelling of “cupboard” gives you a window to its origins. I also like having a Ffrenchie on the roster. It give me a chance to use some of the vocabulary I picked up from multiple attempts at French 1 in high school and college. Fantastique! (Who would have guessed that Napoleon would be so bad at French?)
  3. “Perfectly!!” The descriptor calls for an adverb there, you illiterate Bama247 piece of fuck. Previous generations of Greenbergs would be ashamed of you, Brett.
  4. You 💯% should have mentioned this!
  5. Diego Maradona was a Gregg Berhalter level head coach and worse than Gregg as a roster manager. He was a Top 5 all-time player, with many in their late 50s to early 70s thinking that he was the best ever. In 2010, Argentina had one of the top scorers, if not the top scorer in the EPL, Serie A, and La Liga, they had the captain of the Champions League winning team (Inter Milan) along with its starts DM, and its leading scorer- who had both goals in the CL Final. 1) They barely qualified for the World Cup on a goal that would have been overturned by VAR. 2) They got knocked out 4-0 by Germany in the quarters. 3) The Inter captain along with its starting DM weren’t picked for the squad, Inter’s starting striker barely played, Carlos Tevez was allowed to play like a bitch and not pass to Messi due to jealousy… beyond frustrating. You slap 2020-2024 Scaloni, a player who made the 2006 WC squad, but I don’t think he played, as the manager and they likely win the World Cup. Good Managers are problem solvers and/or ego managers. Henry & Vieira have shown to suck at this, but get repeated opportunities due to their records as players. Gregg appears to understand that you should learn from people who have been successful, but he can’t understand how to apply the information he has access to. Zidane was a deep lying playmaker who read the game as a player and would adapt when needed. He was also a generational talent with size, a violent streak, and a chip on his shoulder. My guess is that he could manage the Real Madrid locker room egos because he was always good at reading the entire situation and that he could physically destroy anyone who challenged him. Ancelotti was a good player, I think (never have seen anything about his play), but has been excellent and mediocre as a manager. Great players rarely make great managers, but they are given many more opportunities than all other managers combined.
  6. They don’t need to make this hire this calendar year, but they will act like it is a pressing issue so that they can hire a shitty manager
  7. Except for the number of World Cup trophies.. 🏆🏆 🏆🏆🏆 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 And only a couple of the trophies are tainted. (Maybe 3 or 4.) 10 out of 22
  8. 1) I would prefer someone else. 2) We only need someone for a couple of years. 3) He has been to the top as a player, if not as a coach. 4) Perhaps not working with the players on a daily basis would be better than working with players on a daily basis. 🙏 5) He would be the first Senegalese manager to manage the USMNT. 6) Being born in Dakar, most Argentines will think that he has a cologne endorsement deal with… …but I seriously doubt that he would considering that that cologne’s heyday was “before his time”. 7) I have no idea what kind of style his teams play or whether he adapted to his personnel, but he can’t be worse than Gregg. So if he is the same level, but players need to bust their butt to impress the new manager, then that along is a plus. 8- Maybe Zizou could visit and be an honorary assistant coach on occasion to help his old buddy. 🙏 9) It will be interesting to see how many players get called into these fall camps AND which new & old/new faces get called in.
  9. Nein! You have Italians, Spanish, and even Scotch/Irish (Mac Allister), but they haven’t had a German starter since Gabriel Heinze finished his run in 2010 and even he looks like he probably has some Italian in him. Race & Soccer is a whole subject for another thread, but a European based sport that has spread around the world due in large part to British companies importing it to the countries where they were building a nation’s infrastructure starting the late 19th century combined with it being the least expensive sport to participate in that required some kind of “equipment” (a ball ⚽️) has helped it spread. But again, a topic for a thread of its own that may stretch into CR territory and I’m not going over to that cesspool.
  10. Here’s the crack journalist saying “Naaaa, naaaaa.” as he puts the microphone back in front of the guys singing to make sure that they get all of it. I have a feeling that they had heard the song in full before allowing these guys to sing it for the Argentine cameras back in 2022.
  11. I had forgotten this. Some Argentine soccer journalists were in Doja and were interviewing Argentine fans about their travel to see the World Cup, their expectations, yada-yada-yada. Then some fans come up and sing this song LIVE on the news. The reporters were laughing and saying “You can’t say that.” Then it was shown on the news some more in the next 12 to 48 hours along with a bit of a wink when they stifled their laughter as they said “Noooo, nooo, you can’t say that. Noooo.” (And then they would show it a couple of hours later.) The video also spread on Twitter and maybe IG, YT, & FB, usually with a “this is so wrong” along with a chuckle. It was passed along by people who would never sing that themselves, but with a bit of a chuckle over how gleefully carefree the racist comments flowed off the Argies’ tongues in what they felt was just having some good clean fun. I don’t think that they would be as hostile as the Spanish, Italian, & Eastern European fans, but I feel that there is a thread of racism involved in their rivalry with Brazil as well.
  12. I think that it is a holdover song composed by fans around the last World Cup. France knocked out Argentina in 2018 when a younger ARG winger cut in front of the ARG striker on the last cross of the game and knocked it out of bounds because he was to the outside of the near post. The striker wasn’t guaranteed to score, but if he had, the game would have gone to OT, but instead ended 4-3. (Argentina led early and was the only team to score 3 against France.) Then “all white” Argentina (I would like to see Otamendi’s 23 & Me) returned the favor in Qatar by beating France in the final. This song about France’s 1st & 2nd Gen Frenchies of African descent & “Muchachos” are recycled from 2022, because it was a successful Cup AND it was only 18 months from Cup to Copa. I think that the theme is that France built a team of athletically gifted recent African immigrants, because their own players are inferior and yet they still couldn’t beat Argentina. Not the “wokest” soccer song on the social medias. Also, the old world has not traditionally followed Birthright Citizenship. Just because you are born in that country doesn’t mean that you are a citizen. You are a citizen of the country/-ies of your parents, unless… …you are a really good athlete. “Listen, spread the word”: Lyrics of the controversial song These are the lyrics of the song sung by the Argentine players, the chorus that was heard at the Qatar 2022 World Cup, where Argentina and France, precisely, played the final: Listen, spread the word They play in France but they’re all from Angola How lovely, they will run They are trans lovers like that f*** Mbappe Your mom is Nigerian, your dad is Cameroonian But on your ID, it says French nationality **Lyrics in Spanish:** Escuchen, corran la bola juegan en Francia pero son todos de Angola Que lindo es, van a correr Son come travas como el p*** de Mbappe Tu vieja es nigeriana, tu viejo camerunés Pero en el documento, nacionalidad francés What is the origin of the song of the Argentina National Team against France? During the World Cup in Qatar, a group of Argentine fans gathered in Doha to welcome the national team, took advantage of a live mobile with a media outlet to present a new chant. Read all about it here: https://bolavip.com/en/amp/soccer/the-lyrics-of-the-controversial-song-argentina-players-sang-against-france-mbappe
  13. The USWNT of 1996 through 1999 would beat the shit out of our current team. Only Girma would have a shot at starting in that team. The women have gotten progressively worse while the rest of the world has gotten significantly better.
  14. Napoleon

    USMNT 2024

    Once and FUTURE USMNT stars? They are definitely producing!!
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