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    USMNT 2023

    Exactly! There should at least be tiny stars in the blue part of that collar. I mean that is fucking obvious!
  2. Good to see Coach Bo getting in shape. Let’s leave the congestive heart disease to College Station and set an example of life choices on and off the field. 👏👏🤘
  3. This doesn’t state who he made this vow too. My guess is that he made this vow to his best friend… …who he spent long hours in a secret fort or in a treehouse with. I’m thinking that there is more to this vow than has been mentioned. NTTIAWWT
  4. While we’re on the subject of Morning Pick-Me-Ups… Don’t forget to follow (observe) a morning stretch routine.
  5. It is short for- “How are you doing yourself?” …so try not to punch a baby unless you’re sure you can get away with it. 🤜👶🏻
  6. To get more than one team in the 12 team playoff, the SEC should have required to play 9 conference games. Also, there needs to be something preventing 3 Abilene Christian University-level opponents if you want to be eligible for the 12 team playoffs.
  7. …allow me to quote myself… UNLESS… ”I will allow myself to quote myself.” Mick Jagger doesn’t sing “Please allow me to introduce myself.” for nothing. 🤘 ___-self pronouns are reflexive. The subject has to mirror the object. I… myself. You… yourself. He/She/It… himself/herself/itself. We… ourselves. You… yourselves. They… themselves. ————————- The Longhorn podcasts use “myself” as a subjective pronoun all the time… but then again, almost none of those guys know what the hell a past participle is or when to use it. Despite what aggies think, we are NOT “the Stanford/Cal of the east”.
  8. Can he coach safeties? Because I know a school that could use a little help. 🤘
  9. 1) It’s a lot. 2) If he could run a 4.45 40, he’d be a 1st round pick. Rumor has it that he can’t. Mitchell will be a very comfortable man by the end of April, but his best chance to be a wealthy man will come with a second NFL contract.
  10. Losing backups is especially painful, when playing games at the end of the season. I am still blown away that Liberty gets a NYD 6 bowl game and yet they didn’t play a single team inside the Top 60.
  11. This is straight up an explanation of a shift in their strategy for PAY FOR PLAY (NIL), which is the only thing that is specifically against the rules.
  12. Scruggs apparently was not a math major. (…doesn’t even exhibit the calendar awareness of an event planner.) Nice list, but a note to everyone else: Being in college in 2022 and 2023 while redshirting one of those years does NOT mean that that kid has 4 years of eligibility remaining. COVID year was 2020… ONLY.
  13. Whenever I see posts like this… I think this… But a little of me channels a bit of Yiddish + German Bier Hall burlesque and these scenes pop into my head as well… They’re always Coming and going And going and coming And always too soon.
  14. Watching the Michigan vs tOSU game, I was shocked by how much this guy sucked. His penchant for bouncing throws towards his intended receiver reminded me of a high school option QB, not a highly touted high 4 star to 5 star QB who beat out others of his ilk to be the next great tOSU QB. I don’t even know if Elko would take him. If he had just been competent, tODU would have won that game and been the #1 seed in the college football playoffs.
  15. Are these things ever overturned? At the game it looked like it was Unnecessary Roughness, but NOT Targeting, unless you wanted to find a play to toss a player
  16. I have an idea of how we can get Collins to make that leap.
  17. For a 6th year senior, that Plummer made poor decision after poor decision. Intentional grounding from the pocket when there was no one within 5 yards of him and he had to take two to three steps to his left to dump the ball. That’s 8 yards right there for being a fucking idiot. He played like someone who was used to playing under a slightly different set of rules and against different types of defenses. Like maybe he had only played Flag Football in the past, but never Tackle (American) Football. He was just pure trash. But not quite Iowa’s level of pure trash offense… but they were very close.
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