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  1. My legislation would require a non-compete to include a severance package that covers the time until it expires since the employer is blocking your right to work. Either let me work elsewhere or pay me not to work. Your choice.
  2. Trent Reznor has only once before added vocals to one of his movie soundtracks but this one is a bit of a retro 90s EBM disco banger...
  3. We ended up getting a tutor. That's the best $50 a week I've ever spent. It's been so successful, we're just going to keep the tutor for AP Calculus next year regardless if she needs it. A side benefit is that the tutor has taught her really good study skills.
  4. It had a ton to say about war photographers. I think most viewers may not realize it’s a movie about that and not war.
  5. Going back to the sister’s name…I was talking to a friend about the show and how his sister’s name was Arabic and spelled Djen not Jenn. He said “Djen” is genie in Arabic. That has to be an intentional clue about something.
  6. Picked up DJ Shadow @ Mohawk tickets today. Presale code is "Take2" if you're interested.
  7. If you haven’t seen the director’s cut, find it. It’s a completely different movie but somehow even more bad ass.
  8. A tapered rolling pin helps with rolling them out in a circle when you have no skillset (i don't).
  9. Well, I just started this series for the first time. One episode down. Man, that pilot episode looks like it was filmed in a handheld VHS camcorder. The budget had to be $500.
  10. My wife thought it was meh. A lot of her older stuff was slowed down or dropped a key so she could sing it. She said Madonna looked like a toddler struggling to walk in mom’s high heels. Just own it. You’re almost 70. Put on those Sketchers. My wife left at 1:10 but didn’t know if there was an encore after that.
  11. My wife texted and said she came on at 10:20 and it was hot AF.
  12. My wife is at the Madonna concert. Apparently, Madonna doesn't allow venues to use air conditioning and she hasn't been hitting the stage until 10:30-11 every night. Her shows have been regularly ending between 12:30-1:00AM. It's like she doesn't know her fanbase goes to bed at 9PM.
  13. CooterBrown


    Waterloo Records had 20% off of all records this weekend. I filled some gaps in my Smashing Pumpkins and Pearl Jam discographies, found a copy of the DJ Kicks: Kruder & Dorfmeister album, and picked up the new Kim Gordon and Hermanos Gutierrez albums.
  14. CooterBrown

    Austin FC

    I guess we decided to abandon the attacking profile that won the last two games and just play Wolffball passing in our half until we give the ball away at midfield.
  15. Raya’s terrible save rate bites us in the ass.
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