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  1. I don’t know how you can look that poor with that much talent on the field.
  2. BYD plans to open a Mexican factory but “has no plans to enter US market.” Riiiigggghhht… A Mexico built BYD avoids the tariffs on Chinese EVs. Tesla is turbo fucked and I’m here for it. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/chinese-evs-are-driving-into-mexico--and-its-starting-to-worry-the-us-210133299.html
  3. My office has 180 cubes for 550 employees. Depending on your role, you go in 0-2 days per week. There are like 20 people that go in 5 days a week by choice. As a consulting firm, I think our bean counters like the extra profit margin less office space creates.
  4. Yep. When I was a teen, I counted down the days of no more church. I remember specifically telling my mom I only had two more weeks to go and then never again. With the exception of weddings and funerals, I haven't set foot in a church since the summer of '90.
  5. I'm good friends with one of the original pancake guys. He also used to work at Alamo corporate and was one of the event planners. There was an entire team tasked with coming up with event ideas and implementing them. They were all laid off during COVID and none were hired back after the new CEO took over during COVID. That was when things really changed. There wasn't anyone left at the company to make Alamo the Alamo.
  6. The twins' acting ability made you long for the thespian gifts of Jake Lloyd.
  7. I've been to that theater and it is great. I was in Fort Collins last week and saw Furiosa, for a second time, at The Lyric. Now that is cool venue. It's like Meow Wolf, Alamo, Mohawk, a food truck, and a dive bar had an orgy baby. It was probably the worst and one of the best theaters I've ever seen a movie in. On the floor were old couches and coffee tables and above were traditional seats. Grabbed a nice IPA before the show. When we got out of the movie, they were hosting Bike Prom which appeared to be an excuse to ride your bike there, smoke as much weed in public as you can and get drunk AF. It was quite a fun scene. They also had an outdoor screen and showed The Big Lebowski a few days later. All three movie screens had stages in front of them since they're a live music venue also.
  8. I read that it's trending for car/home insurance to go up the same amount next year. I'd find the article but I almost stroked out reading it. For my auto policy, I added a teen driver and a 3rd car at the end of '22 and it went from $2,400/year to $4,200. When my annual renewal came up in March, it went up to $6,600. No claims and that was the best the broker could find.
  9. We've already decided to buy everything new when we move to CO when our youngest graduates. The only thing I'll take with me is my record collection. Unless public schools are completely destroyed/banned this next session, we've got 7 years to go.
  10. NSFW Life Trigger warning. Guy stabs cop, guy takes a dozen rounds. It's oddly not graphic.
  11. I following some of the Instagram accounts for McCallum HS (my kid's school). One account posts all the kids attending college and their intended major. Easily 50% of the girls posted are headed out of state. Holy shit, if that's the general trend statewide. Good luck with those demographics, you future Texan incels.
  12. Karen's Kountry Kitchen was a real restaurant in Kyle. It was always amusing to see the name on the I-35 blue restaurant sign when driving past that shithole.
  13. Well, E3 doesn’t improve things. The direction is so horrible for the scene when Mother #1 uses the force against the two other ladies was so badly acted, I thought they filmed a dress rehearsal and accidentally put it in the final cut. Instead of FX pushes them back, they like stumble back like it’s a practice run. The wookie costume looks like it was bought at the Spirit of Halloween store. I kinda like the idea that different groups learned and mythologized The Force in different ways. That could be interesting. Maybe the Jedi were such fanatics they had to stamp out any users they found to be impure. But, the writers don’t know how to develop an interesting story around that idea.
  14. Someone gave me a bag of taco flavored Quest protein chips. Gotta say, they tasted a lot like the old Doritos taco chips. Not half bad.
  15. Who’s the moron that booked The Misfits at the Moody Center with $200 ticket prices? From the seat map it looks like they’ve sold 500 tickets so far. They should be at Mohawk or maybe Stubbs for $25.
  16. Since corporate didn’t work with them at all, it makes me wonder if they’ll reopen 1-2 of them. It’s cheaper to get a turnkey theater that way than actually buying out your franchisee.
  17. It was a mistake to make the Jedi stoic monks. They’re boring AF. Luke had personality. Obi Wan had personality. Every Jedi since then has been milquetoast.
  18. E2. You know what Star Wars was missing? An obese Jedi. I do kinda want to see him fight. Hopefully he sticks around. This show has no budget and it shows. The sets are terrible. I don’t know what I think yet. It didn’t get any worse than E1 but it didn’t get any better. I guess if I don’t forget about in a week, I’ll watch the next episode. I fear this show will feed all the incel reviewers. It looks like when the first white male shows up he’ll be the big bad.
  19. Just finished E1. It’s average at best. The acting is terrible even for Star Wars. It feels like it was written by a high schooler. People loved Trinity so here’s Trinity in a Jedi robe and the fight scene is choreographed from a cut scene from The Matrix. Ugh. Let’s also give away the twist in the first 30 minutes because it sucks. Now to E2. I really hope it gets better otherwise I won’t make it to E3.
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