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  1. With population decline, isn’t the real issue a decrease in demand? Increasing productivity doesn’t matter if demand is also decreasing.
  2. How many do you sell per year?
  3. CooterBrown


    A buddy ordered a copy of the Rhino rerelease of Pantera’s Vulgar Display of Power. Instead of sending one record, they sent one case. Free Pantera for me.
  4. I do. We can only do 10% of our base salary. Ours is every 6 months and you get the lower price of first or last day of the period plus a 15% discount. It’s easy money. It’s crazy not to do it. Even if you just consider it a savings account and cashed it in the same day, after taxes you’re still clearing over 7% profit no matter the stock price. No savings account would return that rate. I’ve had returns of 80% some years. I think there’s only been 2 periods where it was just the 15% discount.
  5. It sounded like it’s a Teacher Retirement System rule for anyone receiving their pension and not an AISD rule. Regardless it is shortsighted and I fully expect the legislature to ban retired teachers from subbing at all just to fuck AISD.
  6. This was decent. It helped that this was a book and M. Knight didn’t deviate from the story at all. He did have to add some flashbacks to get the running time to 90 minutes but they’re brief and don’t detract from the story. Overall: B-
  7. My kid's elementary school teacher gave her notice and today is her last day. The principal just sent an email that they've had zero applicants and they've reached out to the 30+ substitutes on their list and no one has responded. A teacher who retired last year will sub this next week but retirees are banned from subbing more than a few days in a row. It's at the one of the top 3 elementary schools in the district and they still can't get anyone for the job. This is gonna be a shitshow.
  8. We started the account when she was 3 and invest monthly. This was the first withdrawal in 13 years. I don't remember the exact gains but it was probably $10,000 in long term gains. She's 16 so she's never filed a tax return. Sounds like a good time to start since she would owe zero taxes on the gains while I would owe the full amount if I claimed it. and since you asked for pics:
  9. It’s the first step to removing all gun control. The founders believed in zero restrictions so all gun laws are invalid.
  10. On both an Apple Watch and iPhone you can set one of your cards to be a "transit" card so that you don't even need to open Apple Pay for it to work.
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    I don’t get the negative reviews. You can skip easily since it shows up as another subscription on your account and you get an email about a week before shipping so you know what it’s going to be. You will occasionally pay more than the list price because of the flat fee but I’ve only had 2 of 7 that listed for less than the subscription.
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    Looks like it’s a 180g special edition from the oic in the email.
  13. I looked at Disneyland careers once and was shocked at the number of engineers they hired across many disciplines. It makes sense though. They’re a self contained city that balloons to 100K people daily. They need civil engineers, mechanical, wastewater, etc.
  14. CooterBrown


    Is anyone else doing Amazon’s Golden Era vinyl subscription? $27/month for a curated classic album from the 60s-70s. The selections have all been solid…London Calling, Dark Side of the Moon, etc. This month it’s Al Green’s Let’s Stay Together. I guess it’s a way to get rid of stock but all the records so far have been good selections and quality reissues. There’s even been some Music on Vinyl releases in there. It’s been a good way to build some stock of music I like but always neglect to buy when record shopping.
  15. UW gives very little merit aid so mark that off the list if that’s a major factor. They’re on my daughter’s list so I’ve already looked up the data. From the Common Data Set, in ‘21, 483 freshman got an average of $4,501 merit aid.
  16. Yep. It doesn’t help many that are not already in private school since those schools already operate near capacity. They’re also free to discriminate against any applicants as they see fit and still collect state money from those they do accept.
  17. The average American: It's so strict that if you have high blood pressure, a French bank won't lend you money.
  18. If you're referencing my post, I meant large project engineering to mean big shit like dams or construction that requires major earthworks. When I worked for an environmental engineering company, many of our consultants were PGs. I don't remember them doing anything I'd consider geology. They mostly worked on environmental remediation projects for all kinds of clients from the DOD to dry cleaners (every older dry cleaner facility is a borderline superfund site). They also did a lot of hydrology work for various water authorities.
  19. Outside of O&G, mining companies and large project engineering/construction companies hire geologists.
  20. You can also get shit for free by scanning stuff and bagging it before you answer the “did you place a bag in the bagging area?” question. Found that out on accident at Central Market when I put my bag down, scanned a pack of ribeyes, put them in the bag and then answered yes to the prompt. Scanned the rest , paid, and walked out. Got to my car before realizing I didn’t get charged for the steaks. Didn’t go back. No regrats.
  21. In France, you have to pass a medical exam to get a home mortgage. If that was required in the US, there would be no real estate market to speak of.
  22. We cashed in some stock from my daughter’s custodial account to buy her a car. Will those capital gains be applied to her or to me as the custodian? I’m hoping her since that would eliminate any taxes since she has no other income and the capital gains were under the $41K limit.
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