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  1. I’m sure he’ll comment after his shift at Jiffy Lube is over.
  2. I love seeing out 6th string RB rip 8-10 yard runs in garbage time. Just so fucking deep.
  3. A couple of aggy at my kid’s last soccer game this morning…it was quite amazing… “Texas is gonna find out what a meat grinder the SEC is.” “Nothing prepares you for the week in week out physicality of it.” “Maybe we should go back to the Big 12.” “Maybe both of us should.” “We should’ve never left.” “And should’ve never left the SWC.” “We’d rule the Big 12.”
  4. That blonde cowboys fan needs to address her stache. Jeez.
  5. That title reveal at the end is something with the score kicking in. I've watched that trailer a dozen times and it gets me every time. George Miller paints a masterpiece canvas with his framing, color palette, and cinematography. The level of effort put in each shot is mind bottling.
  6. It could be 50% as good as Fury Road and still be a top 10 action film of all time. I can't wait for the next trailer. There's gonna be some shit in it for sure.
  7. 11YO Lil’ Brown told us she was writing a love triangle story for class. It was about a boy in love with a girl and a boy. Me: “Uh oh, if you’re gonna be woke, the governor is gonna come after you!” Lil’ Brown: “If Hot Wheels comes my way, I know how to use a tree as a weapon!”
  8. There should be tax disadvantages to having contractors vs FTEs with benefits. Maybe something like if more than X% of your workforce is contractors, you can't write off those costs as business expenses.
  9. Any man can do it. It's literally just adhesive holding it up. Just take a knife and run it between the countertop and sink. If you're lucky, the original installer put clips on it. I'd recommend some supports that screw into the side of the cabinet walls. To install, you just put adhesive on the new sink and pull it tight with clamps like this:
  10. If I’d chosen to go to a different hospital with a different contract with UnitedHealthcare, I could’ve been on the hook for a portion or all of that $210K. It came down to luck I went to the right hospital. Healthcare costs shouldn’t come down to luck.
  11. Until the first challenge that runs through the courts.
  12. It's totally a let them eat cake attitude. You're applying a single example to the masses. For example, I have the top PPO plan my Fortune 500 company offers and my ER bill a few months ago was $1,700 out of pocket for being there 3 hours. It's literally the best insurance I can get. Due to a heart condition, I am uninsurable outside of a work group plan or Obamacare. That same plan refused to pay my $210,000 bill for stents 7 years ago because I should not have been admitted to the hospital for undetermined chest pains, the blockage should have never been discovered. That's literally what the denial letter stated. Luckily, their contract with Seton said the hospital had to eat any costs beyond my copay limits. The entire system is broken.
  13. The issue is people have to choose if medical care is worth the cost. The average American can't afford shit. Going to ER, knowing you will get a bill pushing $2,000 even with insurance, causes many people to put it off. This potentially makes it worse. When you've got 50 bucks to your name, that choice becomes more difficult. It's easy to say "take my money" when you have money because you know can make more money. For the working poor that mentality and ability doesn't exist. Medical debt is something they can rarely, if ever, get out of.
  14. A cop pulled over a car with two catholic priests inside. The cop tells the driver “I’m looking for two pedophiles.” The driver turns to the other priest and they whisper back and forth. He turns back to the cop and says “Ok. We’ll do it.”
  15. Have you heard of the BerenSTAIN Bears!?!?!?
  16. Fuck them schools. They don't need nothing but the Bible to learns from anyways.
  17. The next Texas GQP platform: The obvious answer to assure minimized wait times is to have separate hospitals for citizens (white) and for potential non-citizens (non-white).
  18. Bridge's living room looks like it smells like skunk weed and stale beer. My spiritual home.
  19. Stoops out interviewed Elko. It's that simple. Stoops was the pick. The interview panel obviously agreed because a decision was relatively quick. If it was a toss up, there would've been additional interviews and vetting. There wasn't. So, even in aggy eyes, Elko is a distant runner up.
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