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  1. Finally watched the Woodstock '99 doc. If Michael Lang wasn't dead, he should have been sued into oblivion. He's on the Mount Rushmore of douche bags that enjoy sniffing their own farts.
  2. An option is to also order a custom size through Lowes. I’ve done that before and it wasn’t much more expensive than a standard size. It does take like 4 months to get it though.
  3. I know these people are idiots but who holds on to incriminating evidence?
  4. One time at Central Market, I put my bag down and scanned some prime ribeyes, it dinged, I put them in the bag and then noticed that the message had popped up if I had placed a bag down. Hit yes and kept going. Didn’t realize until I got home that I got the steaks for free.
  5. To be fair, that’s only a 2 hour bus ride and was most likely faster anyway. On the other hand, United will try to put people on 12 hour bus rides to avoid refunding money.
  6. IIRC, Utz bought the brand and holds the rights but discontinued them. Last time I saw some was about 5 years ago at the now closed Zip In convenience store on Shoal Creek Blvd.
  7. If one is in Scotland and one in Germany, you could just split time between the two and never go back to the US. You can get an expat medical insurance policy for pennies on the dollar of a US policy (because it doesn't cover use in the US) and just have doctors in one of those locations. Honestly, a flat in Edinburgh and one in Berlin would be a pretty stellar living arrangement. Throw in some nice weekends on the beach in Greece, and that's L-I-V-I-N'.
  8. Pretty sure being left with 2 inches is below average even for surly.
  9. That’s the other simulation where common sense applies.
  10. Yeah but they’re marrying you to go to America not to stay in Argentina.
  11. Second best Predator for me. Bear fight was great. Taabe’s attack on horseback was great. Simple straight forward Predator is best Predator.
  12. 50% of gut bacteria of those snapped could’ve just been left alive floating in the air.
  13. Literally everywhere. I’ve found decent tortillas in Europe. The only place where I couldn’t get anything decent was the USVI. Every store only carried Old El Paso tortillas which are terrible.
  14. CooterBrown

    Austin FC

    I knew we were fucked when we took out all three players that can actually score. I don’t think sitting on a lead has ever worked for us. We are not good enough on defense to go prevent. They didn’t even know what to do once SJ equalized.
  15. I used to think of how bad the teen years would be but it’s been pretty easy honestly. One thing I’ve noticed with the parents that struggle with teens is that many of them don’t grow along with their kids. They’re trying to keep their kids and themselves in a box that they’ve already defined. You have to shift a bit from just being the parent to also being a guide. You have to be okay with your kids growing into adults. You have to let them spread their wings slowly. You have to be able to have uncomfortable conversations (from your perspective) that are non judgmental and honest. You have to talk frankly about little decisions that lead to big consequences. You need to let them learn responsibilities and not rescue them when they can rescue themselves.
  16. You can just spray a dozen squirts from a spray bottle into the oven right when you put your bread in. You’re supposed to do that anyway for any bread you want to develop a crisp crust like a baguette. For soft breads, like hamburger buns, you don’t want that humidity in the oven.
  17. A quick Google shows a cheap satellite plan is under $100/month. Assuming there’s 5M cell phone accounts in Texas that’s enough money to pay for 600,000 satellite plans. There ain’t 100,000 living out of range of a cell tower. I’d bet it’s under 50,000 total.
  18. Hey now that’s bullshit. In the UK, it’s £9 a month.
  19. Haha. This never happening. What a pussy implementation schedule. The GQP will kill this in the name of capitalism on day one.
  20. He was shown with his parents and his dad is black, probably half. Just thought it was unexpected.
  21. Austin FC isn’t any different. It’s bare bones and everything is painted the same dullest gray imaginable. Also, I had no idea Smith Rowe was black. Sure he’s probably only 1/4 but still.
  22. Holy fuck. Can we get possession for 1 minute total this half?
  23. Hey now, I don't know if that's an argument for or against it.
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