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  1. Did the show ever address the Minnie Matron murder? Paulie's mom never even mentioned it.
  2. I know plenty of chicks that cream over powerful dudes with one eye and a permanent case of Bell's palsy.
  3. AMC is easily 25 minutes of ads, including the ad for AMC. Last movie I didn't even leave the house until the stated time. This^^^ The last 3 movies I have seen were at AMC or Regal theaters. The new Mission Impossible, Indiana Jones and Spiderverse all started 25 minutes after the listed start time. I dont know why this is a big deal.
  4. I think this movie is for low IQ imbeciles but this is entirely correct. If the movie time listed is 3:30, you have 25 minutes of previews and a reminder for the low IQ imbeciles that they shouldn't use their phone or talk during the movie. Movie doesn't start until 3:55 or 4pm
  5. Can any of y'all confirm whether Morehouse went to Dawson HS in Dawson, TX or Dawson HS in Pearland, TX? I always thought he went to Dawson in Pearland. However, if he went to Dawson HS in Dawson, TX, I completely understand why his dad is such a buffoon. I used to duck hunt near there and it was like deliverance. Just gassing up the boat you would run into people who the Supreme Court says cant be executed for capital crimes.
  6. Probably pouring drinks over kids head if they complain when Zane blows a save.
  7. Zane's dad seems like a real peach. Completely living through his son. Nothing going for him at all.
  8. "Paulie wants it known its totally on him, he takes full responsibility but he didnt do nuthin."
  9. Wow, thanks for confirming you're poor and uneducated.
  10. You don't need a weather man to know which way the fist goes -Bob Dylan
  11. It's close to Nassour's house.
  12. The sniff really makes the scene.
  13. "I took it off Rocco DiMeo, cocksucker had the toughest reputation in Essex? County!"
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