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  1. "Captain?!...of the Good Ship Lollypop maybe."
  2. cant believe that guy swung at the first pitch when 3 of the last 4 hitters have been hit or walked.
  3. How the fuck is Stuart still having difficulty locating?
  4. Like Larry Craig in the airport bathroom stall?
  5. Now that you mention it, I watched the first half of the Zapruder film last night and it was completely peaceful. People were smiling and waiving and appeared to be having a good time. I am really starting to doubt those people who keep pushing the narrative that Kennedy was assassinated. They only want you to see the negative and divide this country. What is their agenda? Who is paying them to lie?
  6. I am not shitting on Duplantier. I am saying that he is more effective in other situations. He has good off-speed shit and he needs to come in in situations where he has the freedom to allow a runner on base. Bringing a guy like him in the 9th and 11th respectively, when there are multiple runners on base is a disaster.
  7. Give Duplantier some middle relief in a meaningless Tuesday game. Stop bringing him in with dudes on base in the late innings.
  8. now I want some picanha and a hearts of palm salad.
  9. I am sure it has been asked but are the announcers for this game student interns?
  10. Here is the back side of the rosters they handed out at the LSU game. I don’t know if this is irony but it’s something.
  11. My take aways from LSU game. The good: LBJ looked really fucking good. I couldn't tell if it was a slider or split that he was throwing around 89mph but it moved like a mother fucker and LSU had no clue what to do with it. He located his fastball very well and ended up with a shit ton of Ks. Campbell is finally seeing the ball. He hit it hard just right at people. Burke is going to be a monster. Guillemette had some nice swings and is solid on defense. Although our offense didn't produce a run, they were were competitive against stellar pitching. The first lefty out of the pen for LSU, who looked like a fat member of an outlaw biker gang, was nasty as shit. Everything he threw moved. Kennedy is a great defensive player. The Bad: Daly continues to struggle at the plate and looks nothing like he did freshman year. O'Dowd looked utterly clueless up there. Even thought Kennedy doubled, it was a very weird swing he put on that ball. Thomas missed an easy pick. Pierce made some very odd decisions about who should be on the hill. This team has no power.
  12. Duplantier didn't look comfortable in his warm ups. You could see it on his face. He was either nervous as shit, in pain or knew he didn't have it. Burke should have been in the game in the 8th and 9th. He has the correct mentality. That dude is a closer.
  13. Digging Brown. Hey isn't a world beater but he does what a lot of hitters don't, he fucking punishes you when you make a mistake.
  14. Bringing entire family, so I can't finagle a trip to LF but curious if anyone else will be there.
  15. Everything he throws has movement when he keeps it low in the zone.
  16. Love his arm angle. Love his stuff. His control is concerning. 3 BB in 5 IP is going to get you beat by better teams.
  17. Kash was the guy who looked like he had never seen a curveball, right? Missing by a foot and swinging after the ball was in the mitt?
  18. Yeah, the way he just drifts to fly balls and ultimately doesn’t get there is frustrating.
  19. Pierce should punish this team. No stopping at Bucees on the way home. You'll get beaver nuggets when you pry them from his cold, dead hands.
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