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  1. “The things he had me do for him were so out of the ordinary for a sports reporter. It was gross, he had me writing stories about the program and players….he even had me…and I can’t believe I did this…I reported game times and encouraged people to come to the ballpark early.”
  2. He sucks. On twitter they identified the Juneteenth Shooter and there were a couple photos of the shooter holding a Micro Draco and Cargill's response was "we have them in my store" like the shooting was good press.
  3. one of the better memories of my childhood was watching that game live with my dad and then every couple years rewatching on a shitty VHS.
  4. That kid is has definitely watched a lot of Madonna videos. He loves the Vogue album.
  5. we bunt like Stevie Wonder directs traffic
  6. Is this Aggie pitcher Steve Carlton incarnate?
  7. hes juiced. Getting the slider over for strikes is nice.
  8. Does "DP" mean the same thing on Only Fans? Im confused.
  9. The event about to start “music” for ESPN+ must have been composed with input from Mengele and The School of The Americas.
  10. I was wary at first but he is going to be a legend.
  11. O'Dowd looks like he definitely made weaker kids touch white dog shit when he was younger.
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