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  1. Not sure why Ron or his advisors think this “Florida” the US strategy will work beyond the primaries. And I think the dysfunctional nature of the GOP will have some red state governors sniping at Ron at all times during the campaign about this.
  2. I think the non Disney version is public domain now. So hooray let Pooh bear and friends teach kids how to survive.
  3. Found this video really interesting explaining what the writer’s are fighting for: https://youtu.be/tWiM2J8MHnI
  4. Unless I want to relocate back to the Bay Area, work is keeping me here in Austin and starting grad school in the fall. I still believe strongly that I should stay here and fight and help out. But it’s tempting to entertain thoughts of moving somewhere else. Also realistically, I would need the economy to improve a bit before I can explore moving again.
  5. Come on Peña get them home
  6. Nothing particularly special... was hoping there would be you know all this megabloom of wildflowers I've read about. But I guess that's only in Southern California? Nothing but the usual flora in Big Sur.
  7. If this is what having Jesus in someone’s life is like, then no thanks.
  8. Ooomph, dude’s throwing bp up there
  9. Man… is there any way Dominion could sue hotwheels as well?
  10. Not the type of the representation I'm looking for and so much for the model minority!
  11. Interesting opinion piece of a journalist's interaction from a recent gun convention in Virginia. I like guns... I like shooting them at ranges or friend's with property in the country. But the amount of fear or belief that I have to reliant on myself only for protection just doesn't enter into the equation for me. https://wapo.st/3O7p7kh
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