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  1. I know this is something that a lot of people don't count for much, but I believe it is a product of INTERNAL team leadership. None of the kids apparently (at least at this date) did some dumbass shit over spring break. New Coaches often have to be team "leaders" because quite frankly a lack of team leadership is often a key component of coaching failure. The coach's dream is when the team polices itself, and dumb decision making becomes a real point of shame throughout the squad. so a huge tip of the hat to all the players for... NOT fucking up last week!
  2. Yeah when you start a reply last night and don't post it... oops. But yes tonight.
  3. THAT is why I honestly thought that when they reemerged post Stevie with the addition a Doyle Bramhall Jr. and Charlie Sexton were added to the mix as The Arc Angels, I honestly believed I was watching the wellspring of a super group. I saw their first show at Continental for like $5, then it was like $10 the next week, and climbed from there. But two GREAT guitar players with Stevie's rhythm section had a band that was steeped in the blues, and deep in talent. You think that Charlie and Doyle have been hired guns for the likes of Clapton and Dylan over the course of multiple tours is a separate testament to their talents. Saw Stevie maybe 25+ times. A girl Holly turned me on to them I forget where, but Saw him most at Steamboat. It was fun to see him open up for George Thurgood and basically make Thurgood say when he took the stage, "We can't do that but we are gonna rock this place" at the Austin Opry House. Made me happy for the hometown hero. Saw him at Club Foot for sure and at a place across from the DPS office Third Coast. The thing that was great about Steamboat was the guys on the other side of my Parker lane duplex were two of the bartenders at Steamboat, so it was easy on the budget. I still remember praying "Let it be Robert Cray..." before his identity was announced. I would have liked to have seen him as he aged. There is a documentary Tomorrow at the Paramount Theater about the Brothers and Jimmie is answering some questions after the show. Think the wife and I are gonna pull the trigger. Good article on the movie in the Statesman, "Brother's in Blues." Bothers in Blues Statesman Article
  4. I meant to also mention the WWII museum. I think everyone should go there, and learn about history. Interesting one thing I did not really realize was the politics of the time pre-WWII. We were a very divided nation on intervention into "The war in Europe." Where Hitler has mostly taken over the continent and the only reason public sentiment didn't allow Hitler to take over Europe was the Japanese attack on Peal harbor. I grew up scouring two huge coffee table WWII boots divided into Europe and the Pacific, and I knew the politics in Europe and about Hitler's rise. But I was surprised that we politically were going to "sit this one out" and I didn't really know that before the visit. We went during covid, and I wish I had at least for myself gotten the cheaper second day return ticket. I did not sit and watch a lot of the small films as I would normally have. Plus second day I could skip past most of the crowd to the second half of the exhibit. One cool thing that Kids would like is you "follow" a person in the war with a playing card they give you. So you can hear details about your specific person you are following after the opening "train ride." So it's interactive to some degree which is interesting. I really good museum. Highly recommended. Cochon for Lunch is also a great suggestion, we enjoyed it. Even got to see them roll in a side of hog. With kids I also might recommend Dat Dog they have several locations but solid food., like a torchy's or hopdoddy of hot dogs. I also might make a special effort and get some to go from a place simply called Cajun Seafood. I am pretty sure they have multiple locations, in mostly lower rent areas. But damn, the po-boys we got were frigging huge and stuffed with shrimp.
  5. One place we went consistently when my Daughter and her husband lived there was Superior Seafood. Stop # 24 on the St Charles Line. But plenty of street parking around it. If your hotel is walking distance to the Trolly you could ride the trolly to sightsee for a while with the kids to get the old New Orleans vibe. Then end up at Superior Seafood for happy hour, $1 oysters (might be more now) and large frozen drinks for price of small. Frozen French 75 is pretty damn delicious, and you can keep the glasses for souvenirs/roadies. I would make a reservation for a party of 5, especially if it's during JazzFest.
  6. Well Brooklyn Vegan alone shows a bit of confusion. We saw White Denim, Haelos, and maybe Broken Social Scene perhaps one more at "Floodfest" at Cedar Street in 2019. I think that may bhave been the first RSVP shows that we attended. White Denim was more jam band than I expected, and we enjoyed the variation in the song genres. Sort of Psyche-rock-jam band. I have always thought that some smart promoter should get like 6 bands and do a tour of "Austin Invasion" tour. Where you tried to curate the flavors of Austin music, in all day festival feel events. It would be a logistical nightmare I am sure, but I also think it's a concept would sell. Especially in Europe. But you would want to test drive it in the States for sure. I don't know about much about booking events, but I could see the ability to put together an eclectic mix of music to give other folks a glimpse of what we are so lucky to have here. I guess the main thing would be that the bands in general didn't dislike each other, and deep enough pockets to cover the bumps in the road. A buddy of mine Mike(who has passed) took Rosie Flores around Europe, 20+ years ago. And I always think of how cool it would be to export the vibe of the mostly locals scene we enjoy as SXSW. Probably too tough logistically, but that "Austin Invasion" type thing has been floating in my head a while now. -------- Again I must say that for a Rock and Roll show you must go out of your way to see "Low Cut Connie." They actually lived up pretty well to Steve's introduction of "The world's greatest rock and roll band. Sort of a Springsteen, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bob Seeger working class good time rock and roll!
  7. Guys we need to help boost the morale of the Aggies. Them becoming depressed this early in the year might ruin one of the best times of year. Watching how al ltheir puffery, back slapping, and SEC capability transference normally builds from this point. Month by Month, the hype usually continues. The victories over little sisters of the poor, and close wins or moral victory close losses build to a crescendo where Aggie hope peaks. Then October arrives and Aggie predictably shits the bed and all the hopes and dreams are dashed! THIS my friends is one of my favorite times of year, when Reality rears its ugly head in Aggieland. If the dipshits can't get great delusions of grandeur going between now and the start of the season, the October reality let down will be... sort of disappointing. As the Ags facing reality this early in the process just isn't as fucking fun to laugh at!
  8. Our latest costco addiction is the ground Bison meat. you get(2) 1.25 pound packages for $20. Which is basically getting at least 1/2 pound "free" compared to the cheapest other options. But damn we have made some fantastic Bison, "buffalo" style burgers, but amazingly what is awesome are the bison meatballs! Basically your regular meatballs but with Bison and something about the lack of fat in the Bison allows for a looser more tasty meat ball. I wasn't sure if it was the bison so I did grass fed organic beef side by side and the Bison came out way, way ahead. Anyhow something different for us that I assume has been on the shelf for a while. It has a unique taste, but I order Bison at Hopdoddy about half the time anyhow, so it's a taste I like.
  9. yeah - I like to get out early if I can simply as especially early in the week you can see some of the later night (normal time) bands in earlier slots. Hell I just like the sense of community everyone has for the most part this time of year. Now granted I am hitting more daylight early evening sets, so that generally means a bit more mature crowd, but just the overall vibe of folks enjoying genres wildly different from what they normally would. Just the general appreciation of music by so many people I guess.
  10. Well goodbye south by... My "Spring Break for Old People" has passed once again. I love being able to hear so much fantastic music in for the most part smaller venues. Go out and keep supporting your local musicians and equally as important the venues that allow for their growth and survival. See ya next year!
  11. Yeah I had this fucking great piece of memorabilia, but unfortunately it was lost in a fire a few years back.
  12. Let's be honest here... if that were an option none of us would be typing...
  13. I'm just saying they say Disu is a cerebral kid, or nerd. I think you put another 20-25 on his frame, and you can stay healthy as a Longhorn one more year, he will eclipse his lifetime "Turkey Earnings" in about 5 minutes if he does come back. I just think he is a kid quite frankly still growing into his frame. He had a massive high school growth spurt and another year in the weight room, and playing with what I hope will be another solid Longhorn team will both put him into the NBA, and improve his overall career earnings on the court. And likely off the court as I think he is a "project" NBA player through the eyes of a lot of teams. I could be wrong. I do think at 6'9" and 245-250 with his touch he would be one bad mofo who would command a nice NBA check and not be a project. He's likely gonna cash whatever check he can. Conversely he hurt his knee before so he might jump for any certain paycheck. But I think he in particular because of his late growth spurt might reap some big rewards from another year. I guess I could also say... think of all the incoming Freshmen girls!. 😉
  14. There is some sort of Brunch? Which could be full band(s) but not like the last few days. You might be able to get the kids into C-boys outside if you go early enough to an angle where they can see. Inside is 21+, but outside is all ages. You can drive by and see the outdoor stage from Congress. Sir Woman may pack the place, but I was hoping to see them and West Texas Exiles, but working on trying to convince my sidekick to join me. I am tempted to go way south to the Far Out Lounge to see Iguana Death Cult and Die Spitz, but think that's gonna be a bridge too far too late for me after this party week.
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