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  1. I'm using if for invisibility as I am using it for my surf rigs. Over time I definitely get more bites on the fluro rigs, than the exact same rigs with Mono. I am assuming the bite difference is the "invisibility" of the flurocarbon. I also use it on my bobber stopper float rigs we use at the jetty and sometimes in the surf (when it's calmer). It also is a little more durable than mono on the rocks at the jetty, where you are for sure gonna get some abrasion. After reading what I wrote I thought.. why not just look it up- Here was the google experimental AI overview - At the coast I like using #17 or #20 Fluro tied to smaller/lighter braid or mono as leader onto my lures. On the bigger surf double drop rigs I will use 30#. But again you sacrifice more bites the heavier (larger diameter) you go, IMHO.
  2. If you guys have not seen Low Cut Connie, they are playing Tuesday and Wednesday at Antone's. Really fun rock n roll band, if you are bored.
  3. Just bring about 400 pounds of chorizo and make friends by handing out literally a "shit ton" of Chorizo egg and cheese breakfast tacos, to Michigan fans. Always give Michigan fants two! No matter the outcome of the game, they will remember halftime when Texas came to town in '24
  4. I was going to put up a similar post with Aggie players names. But "elephant walks" doesn't have the same ring to it as "fucks."
  5. oops... meant Owens... not Moore... but ... yeah
  6. I love the Moore is leaving speculation... The one thing I think may be underestimated is that the offensive QB culture Sark is building is what championships are built upon. To succeed at the highest championship level you need TWO QB's that are all out ballers. Simply as inevitably the starter gets banged up, and the playing time comes for next up. I also think that when you have a kid like Arch willing to sit for two years, to wait for his turn says a LOT about our program now. IMHO it's way, way too early to speculate on Moore transferring for playing time. Same thing folks thought about Arch, when he was coming in behind Ewers. It is my opinion that you can only truly become an elite team by being able to create a good enough opportunity to make it worth it to stay and wait. I think we are getting very, very close to this point. It could be that Arch Manning is indeed an aberration. But I think that Sark is the kind of offensive mind and coach that QB's are going to be willing to wait for. If we can keep this ball rolling, it will simply always be "worth the wait" to be the starting QB at Texas. We seem to be building something very special in the QB room.
  7. If you haven't watched the series Rogue Heroes, it's worth a look. It was on Epix witch now is MGM+. Not at all sure about the historical accuracy, as it's not a documentary, but it's engaging.
  8. when I was a young buck working selling shoes at Morgan Hayes in the Galleria my senior Summer the commute was not endless, but I did get bored as an 18 year old. And the one thing about Houston traffic is you better be on your toes as 75 mph would become 14 mph about 8 times over 5 miles on my drive back out I-10. So one thing I realized, is that like me, when I hit my brakes from 75 to 14, the first thing I did was look in my rear mirror. So for fun I would turn my head to the right or left as the driver I was descending upon, had thier eyes get larger and larger in the rear view mirror. Then I would brake and throw my hand up over my face... to see if they "jumped" in panic. Stopped doing that after I pissed off some off duty cop. I will say that Summer working in the Galleria truly helped me hone my craft. From a poontang and mistake perspective. The best and hardest lesson was learning "don;t say a fucking thing once the deal is closed." As i had a "rock star sale" of like $1500 in shoes. At 8% in '79 extra commission that was gonna be a good time. Then I asked "what band are you int..." Cool curly headed blonde dude walked out and I lost the sale at the fucking register. It was Dusty Beard, the only fucking ZZ Top member without a beard. The commute is a bitch then and now... but now you can pick your fucking music! So there's that!
  9. I am going to assume that the self immolation guy cut form the same mold that held up my line at costco buying 4 gold bars cash. $13K, he wanted to buy 5 more bars, because money isn't gonna be worth anything because of this administration. So what is the smart thing to do? Take a quick 7% haircut on gold bars.
  10. I don't like the H logo, Just too busy in IMHO. Reminds me of some USFL logo, from a bygone era. I they want to put a little more Houston onto the Uniform, my suggestion would be simply to put "H-TOWN" as either a horizontal back of the helmet tag, or as a vertical "stripe" om the back of the helmet. But that H... is well... I think they were going for more of an old school surfer look font, but they got the wedding planner calligraphy lady's take instead.
  11. Wilcrest or Kirkwood was my exit growing up in Houston. I can only imagine what the commute is daily now. Moved to Austin in '79 and that was that.
  12. What's pathetic to me. And what shows what crazy fucking loon bags the GOP is filled with, is that there now is an easily identifiable "Russian Comrade" wing of the Republican Party in the House of Representatives. They repeat nearly verbatim Russian propaganda, while at the same time pretending to wrap themselves in the flag on social media. The only certainly in my mind regarding the house of Representatives elected by Republicans the past 10 years is this. There has been a consistent and prolonged elevation of stupidity from top to bottom of the GOP in each election. Now the Dems have their dimmer bulbs to be certain. But the difference is the dim bulbs on the Dem side do not control and prevent any and all bi-partisan legislation. We no hwave a house controlled by the dumb, and led the cowardly. What Johnson should do for the sake of the country is simply reach across the aisle and make a deal to support his speakership by bringing Senate legislation to the floor of the House. I know my Republican friend will yelp that... "Well the house passed a lot of bills the Senate should vote on!" Which of course is a red herring. Because there are completely different types of bills being blocked in each house. In the Senate bills are blocked because they cannot garner the 60 votes (that's 60% for the math challenged) necessary to receive a vote. The bills are simply propaganda tools coming from the house, with no chance at all of ultimate passage. In contrast the bills being blocked in the House from a vote are... hold your breath here... Because they WILL PASS! But don't let factual information get in your way. Fox news spent a whole sunday railing against Senate votes against seemingly decent amendments to the bill that kept the government going after months of the House being unable to do their job. Not once during the Fox News coverage was it ever mentioned that to vote affirmatively on ANY of the last second GOP amendments, would have caused the government to shut down for at least a week! Because the lazy ass House had already gone home. But when you elevate stupidity, you can get the stupid to listen to the stupid and believe almost anything. And that is why the GOP has become so very, very dangerous to American Democracy. Because they don't believe in allowing votes on bills that can pass in the House, and only pass bills in the house that cannot pass in the Senate.
  13. You know you live in Houston when the car on the top ramp is at the highest point for 25 miles! Hell, maybe 50 miles? Might even the 100 mile mountain peak?
  14. Well damned if that is one I haven't heard. Made me laugh... as my deceased father in law would sometimes curse... Balls!
  15. It's all a designed Catch 22 (read up younguns). You elect a speaker so far right he is absolutely unwilling to pass any legislation with the help of the minority. (The Hastert Rule). Speaker insists the President needs to negotiate with the House. President negotiates with the speaker, who is unwilling to put any legislation forward that cannot pass with only Republican votes. Since there is no margin to pass anything other than the original legislation without compromise! And this circle repeats itself like an endless loop The speaker should simply turn and negotiate with the Dems and actually get some shit done and roll the morons like MTG, but NOooo..... we have to instead go kiss the Dear Leader's ring, and bow to MTG and the Golden God. The GOP is the single best asset Putin has ever had... And that is amazing considering at one time the GOP was the party of Ronald Reagan.
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