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  1. "It's-a me.... Mario." I laughed at pretty much every sketch. Pascal was even better than i thought he'd be.
  2. I'm hearing it justified as "Schottenheimer isn't bad at play design, just sucks at calling plays/is very predictable". Fuck me. A Schottenheimer/McCarthy combo offense.
  3. I want this team to win it all. If they do, fuck it, hire him. I love the players and wanna see them win. And i know RT is doing everything he can to help and is showing us some great leadership. He's doing his job adequately. But i can guarantee you that no elite program would ever hire the guy to be their HC. So why should we. He's coaching a roster of really experienced players. It's a very unique circumstance. He is not the person that built this team.
  4. This hire seems Nolan-esque. We're fucked. It's OK, i still get to hang my "almost got to the NFC championship" banner.
  5. Awesome sequence there from Bishop, never gave up on it. That was Texas basketball.
  6. It would be nice to just have a game where the refs arent a factor.
  7. I know its just a home crowd but it really annoys me for them to be booing obviously correct calls that go against them. Makes them look really stupid.
  8. What's up with dudes that are tall as shit NOT dunking when they have a chance?
  9. How does that happen out of a timeout? "OK guys just make a few passes and hold on to the ball until the shot clock expires. Don't even attempt a shot".
  10. I guess K State just has our number in basketball now. Just when we'd figured them out in football.
  11. The only time he's been effective he needed Lebron holding his hand. And i'm thinking Lebron may be a little too old for that babysitting job at this point. But it's the only situation where i've seen him be what anyone could consider a net-plus.
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