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  1. Love seeing the Eagles eviscerated.
  2. Didnt know Deebo had the speed like that
  3. Wow. So the trash ass Philly coach gets in there and entices a dude into getting thrown out?
  4. FSU just going straight wildcat and sadly its very effective against this bull junk team.
  5. God this QB is trash. All you had to do was float that a little.
  6. Lmao Iowa runs a reverse sweep on 3rd and 12. This is supposedly a "good conference".
  7. The Bama win is proving so fucking massive. You literally just cannot ignore it. Can't.
  8. Consensus seems to be that FSU is gonna get boned no matter what. Wow.
  9. We should be in now. Our win in Bama is massive. You have to reward us playing them and winning instead of some cream puff.
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