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  1. I still dont get the Littrell firing. What a fucking dumb move by UNT.
  2. This is correct answer. Def bite the bullet and do emory and south rim at same time. Itll be about 8 hrs so so but its easily the best hike in the state only guadalupe peak comes close
  3. We were up by 10. We choked on applesauce No way to sugarcoat it. Not finishing at the rim and not letting the refs finish in our ass were the difference in the game
  4. Espn had our chances of winning at 94.6% when we lined up for those last 2 FTs
  5. Absolute deflating loss. Maybe the most choked away loss in recent memory for mens bball
  6. 11-1 foul discrepancy in the last 13 min of game time right around the time we had a 10 pt leas
  7. Hit the two fts and we eatin dinner at halaal guys by now
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