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  1. nivek3


    My dad was raised in Olney, Texas. I could probably write a book on Texas-isms. Quick story. Archer City is about 15 minutes from Olney and is where The Last Picture Show & Texasville were filmed. During the filming of Texasville, Jeff Bridges and Randy Quaid would eat down at the Dairy Queen and spend their spare time "Shooting the shit" with the locals. Cybill Shepherd mostly stayed in her trailer. Supposedly she had her food flown in from Dallas. Come hell or high water. (Speaking of Jeff Bridges) More than you can shake a stick at. He's not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Son were you raised in a barn? There's no slack in his rope. Well look what the cat drug in. Colder than a witch's tit. I feel ya but I just can't reach ya. Sick as a dog. Further than a country mile. We're burnin' daylight. She'll talk your ear off. I wouldn't trust him any further than I could chunk him. Well ain't he in tall cotton. She got on him like a chicken on a June bug. That sure is a big o' snake. I swear to god you could tear up a steel ball. Boy I'll knock you into next week. Worthless as tits on a bull. They don't put pockets in a casket. (You can't take it with, so enjoy life.)
  2. So, if the “Alliance” commits to scheduling each other to strengthen their OOC games, wouldn’t there be advantages for the SEC and the big12 to do the same? Say the SEC offers to schedule their OOC games with the big12 in exchange for a reduced/elimination exit fee for Texas & OU. The SEC goes to 9 conference games and would get Texas/OU next year. The OOC game strength would be improved over the joke OOC games SEC plays now. The big12 probably keeps their P5 status and maybe adds 2-4 teams like Houston, Cincinnati, Memphis, and UCF. Obviously the big12 will never see the money they did with Texas/OU. But I would think the affiliation with the SEC would improve value for their next media contract. Hell, maybe ESPN throws them a bone to lock up all SEC games.
  3. Looks like they're removing the temporary orange barriers and replacing them with new fencing.
  4. After reading that title I thought for sure I was going to see pancakes.
  5. nivek3

    Six Flags 1965

    When I was small I remember riding the giant slide at the base of the tower with the burlap sacks they gave you. If you ever came off that thing before you got to the bottom you would burn your skin off on the way down. And just as bad, if you ever touched any of the slide that was in the sun, same results. We would always buy a season pass and milk the summer away. When the day got too hot we'd go ride the Roto Disco a few times to cool off. I also remember riding in those canoes when I was really young. Can you imagine them having a ride like that today?
  6. Outstanding! That had a distinctive python feel to it.
  7. Me thinks the dude in the striped shirt may have broke an arm.
  8. Brad McCoy coached the Graham Steers about 10-15 years ago.
  9. Will be enjoying the summer heat with a few beverages and... Date Fri • Jul 26 • 6:00 PM Venue Austin360 AmphitheaterAustin, TX Lineup Beck Cage the Elephant Spoon Wild Belle
  10. https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/23/us/university-oklahoma-best-colleges-ranking/index.html The company that makes the annual Best Colleges rankings said that the University of Oklahoma gave "inflated" data on its alumni giving rates for two decades.
  11. https://247sports.com/Article/Tennessee-Basketball-Rick-Barnes-visits-restaurants-offering-free-food-131382924/ Vol fans seem to be really supportive of Rick right now.
  12. nivek3


    Well this sucks. All I have is a couple bottles of wine. Wish I lived in Colorado.
  13. https://www.theeagle.com/aggie_sports/former-a-m-wr-noil-arrested-in-college-station-on/article_887c3716-5ef5-11e9-98ac-6b18f2630897.html
  14. nivek3


    Well that was just fucking breathtaking. It's rare we as a race accomplish something that seems to supersede all the other BS. That was incredible.
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