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  1. oh no, an opposing player is chirping at you! better leave the court to go start a fistfight with him! 🙄 i still haven't seen where bamba threw any punches at all, much less the first punch, but if he did then good. i know that most of the people here have never been in a fight in their lives, but when someone brings a fistfight to your door you don't stand around waiting for him to throw the first punch. rivers is a pussy, it is known.
  2. rivers came off the court to confront a seated bamba who proceeded to throw zero punches. but other than that, dynamite post.
  3. when he does sit down interviews he actually sounds a lot like rick barnes. very similar tone and cadence. nothing wrong with his speech at all to me.
  4. rick barnes's biggest career issue: this: plus this looks like: "bona fide 1 or 2 seed". this: does not. this looks like a 5 seed. when barnes has real deal alpha players (2003, 2006, 2008, not to mention 2011 who got screwed) he goes to the second weekend, and sometimes beyond. when he doesn't, he doesn't. he's a master at overachieving in the regular season by making a team be greater than the sum of its parts, and then underachieving in the postseason with no alpha players to lean on, and a roster composition that's devoid of real shooters, favoring athletes and defenders. the tourney is a totally different beast from the regular season, and it's just not his forte. i guess i just wish more people could appreciate the job he's done overachieving during the 30 game regular seasons instead of solely focusing on how he (ostensibly/sometimes legitimately) fails in the postseason. he's a really, really good coach who's just not suited to win the sport's postseason tournament. marty schottenheiner.
  5. how do you imagining this "one year" situation working?
  6. you keep bitching about everyone else's ideas. do you have any ideas of your own? because he's a hostile, angry, inexplicably pro-Terry idiot.
  7. lebron continues to be terrible from the like in crunch time. i will never ever wrap my head around how anyone can say he's the GOAT, when he still can't shoot FTs, particularly clutch FTs. it's insane.
  8. ^^^ me, watching this pelicans comeback against the lakers. yeah, it's the lakers, but it's the way the pelicans are playing and how badass they look when they're scoring in high gear like this. it'd be really interesting to see how good they would be if they could ever get and stay healthy.
  9. it's amazing to me that he was primarily a football player who didn't take basketball seriously until his sophomore year. the words i most often use to describe him are savvy, languid, and smooth. he looks like he was born to hoop. he's as smooth a player as we've had since DJ Augustin, or maybe J'Covan at his best. guys that smooth and effortless are few and far between.
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