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  1. lol wait what? you don't need to watch every episode of MM or BB? MM is a soap opera and BB is formulaic? Don Draper's character wasn't developed? those have got to be the strangest takes i've ever read on this board. buzz- if you haven't seen Mad Men then you owe it to yourself to give it a shot. there's a reason that's it's considered one of the all time greats. also, fwiw, while Don Draper gets 95% of the hype (with the other 5% going to Ms.Hendricks's titties), Roger Sterling is my favorite character and it isn't close.
  2. have you seen Lonesome Dove?
  3. Peaky Blinders is more on the level of Sons of Anarchy or Animal Kingdom than it is Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Lost, etc.
  4. lol a third steal of the inning off Kenley.
  5. lol wow, three consecutive 2-out singles (and two steals on Kenley) and Jansen has blown the save vs LAD.
  6. here's what i've got off the top of my head: The Sandlot Bull Durham Dazed and Confused Wet Hot American Summer Lean On Me
  7. a different visual of our potential squad depth:
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