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  1. started the year at 16, already down to 34 with some worrying underlying metrics and it’s only early december. dish better make a helluva difference, or we’re looking at a bubble team.
  2. the context is that people keep repeating over and over that shaka is this particularly wonderful man, and he’s not. now, i put what i said in spoilers, and i bent over backwards to repeat that what i was saying was secondhand information from sources who i trust, and that it’s not necessarily a fact, but that this idea about him has legs for a reason. i, and many other people here with connections, have been sharing secondhand info like this for more than a decade around here, and it’s never been a problem before. suddenly when the post is a hot button topic like race everyone is scrambling to clutch their pearls and distance themselves from this info. it’s seriously not even remotely as big a deal as y’all are making it out to be. at this point it’s an internet rumor that’s buried deep within a texas basketball thread in a minuscule corner or the internet. everything is going to be ok. you all are overreacting to this.
  3. also, pancho- you were there when a bunch of your homeboys shoulder checked me and then surrounded me at disch falk field, trying to get me to hit one of them so that they could jump me. you were *right there*, and you didn’t seem to have any worries about those guys and their insanely unhealthy obsession with me. in fact someone near where you were standing (you?) was even taking photos. you were just going to watch me get jumped had i decided to make a move, all because of one line that i said to a guy on shaggy. you didn’t intervene then, and when i finally brought it up on the boards you didn’t admonish your friends for their psycho behavior. but now i pass along some info that shaka allegedly doesn’t really like white people and now you’re worried for my health? come on man, stop it. that shit is patronizing and unfounded. just ridiculous really.
  4. yeah, everything i’ve seen from her makes her seem like a pretty contemptible person. not surprising coming from that cesspool in waco.
  5. i’ve been wondering kolek might cause him to rethink his *alleged* feelings towards fairer skinned athletes, lol.
  6. i can promise you im fine. i don’t ever think about him unless there’s a tangible reason to, and i don’t think that anything that i’ve posted in this thread points towards an unhealthy obsession with a guy. again, i essentially never even think about the guy unless there’s a basketball related reason to. i only really hate one sports figure, and that’s jeff fisher, and even he takes up zero space in my head unless his name gets brought up. to recap: i want to see shaka smart fail as a HC. other than that, i don’t ever think about the guy, and i don’t hate him. i just don’t like the repeated insistence that he’s a “great guy”, when i know from talking to some of his former players that he’s just as crappy a guy as you’d expect any major d-1 basketball coach to be, specifically in terms of mistreating his players.
  7. did the clippers trade for rui hachimura?!?
  8. i’ve posted this here once before, and only once, and for good reason. but ima go ahead and post it one more time, because i straight up don’t like shaka and because i’ve seen enough evidence to at believe that this is at least plausible, if not probable:
  9. marquette is no.268 in the country in offensive rebound percentage because just like at texas shaka’s teams prioritize getting back on defense over crashing the offensive boards. in other words, they don’t try for offensive rebounds. they beat us in offensive rebounds. 🤦🏼‍♂️
  10. weaver, shedrick, brock, and dillon play hard af. we do not have an effort problem. our guys are giving it their all. they simply need more/better direction.
  11. where do i sign up? this dude is the man. great addition to the program.
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