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  1. I mentioned it a few pages ago, but Brian Daboll would not be bad. He’s fat tho so idk if he can recruit.
  2. Looking outside the box at pro hires, there are some interesting names here. Some actual professionalism from the HC would be good for the program. Daboll was a Bama OC a few years ago and has done wonders with the Bills. I’d be a fan of that.
  3. So nobody that’s played this century in the top 10? Ok boomer. The best players of all time all played this century.
  4. Good result for rest of the playoffs. Nobody wants to see Yelich-less Brewers get swept by the Dodgers.
  5. If Lester was still in charge, my concern level would be much higher.
  6. The Mets just went 100% full fucking Mets
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