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  1. At least if this was my wife’s SUV, you don’t understand how key fobs work at all. You can still lock the car by pushing the door handle even if the key is in her purse on the other side of the vehicle. The fob doesn’t have to be beside the door handle you use to lock the vehicle.
  2. Someone should go through his twitter and figure out his actual record in games he attended in person.
  3. Picked this up as my summer watch (don’t think I’ve posted it before) and put a Barton Band on it:
  4. Somebody posted this a few months ago, but I can’t remember who to give credit to. Really flavorful dish. Pepperoncini chicken:
  5. Not really. You may get lucky but they turn people down a dozen times each time I’m there. Go for lunch. It’s a limited menu but you can get a reservation a couple days out usually.
  6. Why do you keep watching? Why do you keep posting about it? If you don’t like it just stop.
  7. I usually use snapper, but the freezer where we were staying was stocked with tuna they had recently caught, so I went that route. No shrimp due to food allergies.
  8. We were planning on making BBQ shrimp but then checked the crab traps where we’re staying and threw some crab in: Tuna ceviche:
  9. I attended an event at Navy Blue a few weeks back. Probably tried most of the menu as it was served family style. The food was great. No clue on the cost value analysis because I never saw a menu and didn’t pay for dinner.
  10. There’s a lot to unwrap here. I think my biggest issue is with Union Kitchen? Really? You’re actually recommending Union Kitchen?
  11. This was our experience. It wasn’t bad but don’t think I’ve even thought of it for a meal since then. Was just kind of meh.
  12. Probably my favorite restaurant in town over the past six months or so. The dessert literally brought my wife to tears it reminded her so much of a dish her mother made.
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