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  1. ERhine

    Getting old sucks

    Need to go to one where they play music while the MRI occurs. Makes it a lot better.
  2. Solid frozen drinks as well. I’m partial to the crispy pig ears as an appetizer.
  3. He makes the state better by helping down ballot candidates get additional votes which can make the difference between winning and losing. We will see what he does in the future. I don’t give a fuck about his resume. If he wants to go work in DC tomorrow, Biden will appoint him to something.
  4. Who would have outperformed him? I’m glad he ran so at least it was someone running for governor who had appeal and could hopefully give some benefit to down ballot candidates in certain areas.
  5. Had a few pours from this and killed it off waiting out traffic at my office after the Astros win.
  6. You literally posted the exact same tweet…all of seven posts ago.
  7. Only been to two: Limantour (multiple times) and Himkok. Both were great.
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