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  1. DAMN. Is Bryant Westbrook still playing?
  2. Bullneck

    2023 Heisman

    Is there a better kicker than Bert this year? Is there a better D-Lineman than Sweat this year (other than Murphy, maybe)?
  3. All of that is true, but the ACC is a major conference and has won the national championship a couple of times in the last few years. Who knew Clemson was going to be bad this year? You play the teams in your conference and on your schedule.
  4. It's pretty amazing they didn't get in, being ACC champion and undefeated. I guess the SEC bias can overcome anything. If they play Georgia in their bowl they'll get blown out. If they don't they should make MNC rings.
  5. Well, now we know what happened to those Co-op statues. I guess ESPN cleaned house of their high cost legacy announcers so they could hire the cast of Beverly Hills 90210 to do CFP reports.
  6. Maybe a little insensitive, but funny: https://www.instagram.com/p/C0XP6gaMHDY/?hl=en
  7. Can you imagine someone spending the time to make that image (and paying for professional photos to do it)? Truly dumbass shit. Here's something that's old but I always found interesting:
  8. You know what I meant! 😁 - OU. Sark was the only real choice but these stellar announcers were even saying "no way Sark was getting it." You know, I could almost swear I read "Texas was on the road at the Big XII Championship Game" somewhere today. Icy whites, as they said.
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