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  1. This thread/game is turning into the blast from the past I really didn't want.
  2. Gronk is such a maniac. Hard not to like that guy.
  3. I don't know which is worse: the play on the field or the bickering on this thread.
  4. Whenever the next Jocks v. Nerds type of movie is getting cast McElroy needs to give acting a try.
  5. I saw that guy last week and thought the same thing. Strong is coaching at Miami now.
  6. They say Mr. Canecutter is an experienced man. In many ways.
  7. That's not so bad. Could be worse:
  8. It's only the difference between knowns and known unknowns.
  9. What year is this? The guy is a fucking broken record. Honestly, the Ds should just stand back and stand by and let him run in 2024 and we'll witness the complete implosion of the Republican party.
  10. Put those migrants to work making tamales in the Cafe Car on the way up to being dropped off in New York City. It's a win-win!
  11. The best part? "No relation." Dude . . . Reggie Lewis was at the Super Bowl a few years ago and someone tried to give him the vaccine so Reggie stabbed him.
  12. My reading of the case dismissal informs me that 1) Hetu was hired (by someone) to take photos at Jones campaign event and 2) at least one photo where her child was visible was used in online commentary (blurring out children's faces like they do in Europe isn't a thing here). The fact that the suit was dismissed doesn't change this. Given the video I posted at #2852 I'd say she has some reason for concern. Jones became known when she refused to manipulate Covid data to suit Ron DeSantis. She took some of that data (hence the raid on her house). Being disobedient in a crisis takes courage. It would seem she has a better concept of protecting Floridians than others.
  13. Cooter, I wouldn't tempt fate. There's no low some people won't stoop to. It's probably cheaper for him to knock down these four trees and build the fence wherever he wants and give you $0. (Note: some municipalities have prohibitions against back-to-back fences. And they require the "smooth" side toward you and the "rough" side ^^^^ see above^^^ toward his lot. I had a dispute with a neighbor 15 years ago over him building a boat dock that partially blocked my view. It went to the BoCC and he won. Things always change and you can't fight City Hall.
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