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  1. Not really, he's just the guy who signed off on the warrant. The case comes later; will be different people.
  2. (Edited: "No one ever gives me any credit.")
  3. Don't you remember the video of the day of/day before inauguration where people were carrying out all manner of shit. Where's that stuff from the US embassy in Paris I wonder?
  4. Fuck dude, Trump’s lawyers prospects aren’t that bad.
  5. Half the Instagram posts I see now are videos that don't need to be videos. I saw an explanation but forgot what it was.
  6. I just paid something like $600 for 3 passports. Based on this thread, they should be free!
  7. Other than effectively abandoning his empire with the hopes of a warm welcome in Russia, nothing. I wonder how Vlad feels about people who have outlived their usefulness? Maybe Jedda is more to his liking?
  8. Nothing happened because trump was more powerful than his adversaries. Now he is less. He’s toast.
  9. I cheerfully disagree with you and think you're wrong. Later in this thread The Dog posted some good tweets about what Trump is up against. The US has their boot on his throat right now. It may not be the first conviction that comes down (Fani might get him first) but the there is just too much for him to stop, and his friends and family aren't taking a bullet for him.
  10. Pretty thin gruel. But hey, they have airtime to fill.
  11. There will be a blue wave. There will be majorities in House, Senate, and Biden in the White House. ACB, Kavanaugh, and Thomas will be removed OR Biden will expand to 13 judges. Every. Single. Traitor. will be punished. I'm a realist but I'm as optimistic now as I've been in a long time. The gigantic grinder that is the U.S. Government has turned its attention to Trump and the republicans. It's over, Johnny.
  12. It's going down! Follow meeee! https://www.huffpost.com/entry/capitol-fiery-car-crash-shooting-man-killed_n_62f8f867e4b0da517ef97448
  13. Did we give them robodogs? I'd be interested in knowing how those perform on the battlefield.
  14. He seems to be someone who believes in accountability.
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