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  1. In Wilco you should be glad you didn’t get the death penalty.
  2. Sorry you had to drive on I45. You should avoid that interstate at all costs.
  3. As luck would have it, a friend is having his 40th in NO the 29-31. I won’t be there for the game, but I am looking forward to seeing a metric fuckton of burnt orange.
  4. Hate

    How dark are you?

    15% lighter than the average person.
  5. Damn…how do you only eat one carne guisada?
  6. I got pretty stiff when Kawhi blew out his ACL. Fuck you, Pop!!
  7. Damn, that’s some pretty stout political figures from my youth with Kissinger and O’Conner. May they RIP.
  8. Get out there and relieve Dyke and take that attack on in!!!
  9. lol….who is Pop going to preach to if he fires himself?
  10. For SE Texas today: Further south from the middle Texas Coast into Southeast Texas, the environment will become favorable for supercells by around midday. As surface dewpoints and low-level shear increase, Significant Tornado Parameter is forecast to peak in the 4 to 5 range by early to mid afternoon. RAP forecast soundings just west of Houston at 21Z have 0-3 km storm-relative helicity reaching about 325 m2/s2. This will likely support a tornado threat associated with supercells that form and move into the Houston area this afternoon. A small cluster of tornadoes is expected across southeast Texas. Although damaging wind gusts will also be possible, this threat will be associated with supercell downdrafts and should remain isolated. There could also be a localized large hail threat with supercells. The potential for severe storms could continue into the evening as a convective cluster moves from southeast Texas into southwest Louisiana.
  11. lol, that was me at parties. I didn’t meant to, but somehow I would end up with 4 or 5 lighters in my pockets.
  12. It’s genetic. It is due to a “super taster” gene that some have. I don’t have the “cilantro” version of it, but I do have the version that makes lots of vegetables taste like iron to me. It’s sort of that taste you get when you touch your tongue to both posts of a 9 volt battery.
  13. Things appear to be escalating.
  14. I assumed it would pick up a few MPG based on the hybrid motor and the 8 speed transmission. Doesn’t the hybrid kick on at highway speeds or am I misunderstanding how that works…which is entirely possible.
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