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  1. The good thing about laundromats is that you can do all of your laundry at the same time. It’s much faster. The bad thing about laundromats is that you are at one.
  2. I don’t care if it was just a goddamn gender reveal ballon gone astray, if it came from China into our airspace it should be immediately removed. Someone is asleep at the wheel, clearly.
  3. Hate

    2023 Drunk Thread

    It wouldn't have been me. I always stock up before a natural disaster. We couldn't leave our house for 4 days during Harvey because of all the water, but I could have opened a neighborhood bar. You can never be too careful.
  4. Hate

    2023 Drunk Thread

    I feel for you Bongos. I've been there. We were without power for 15 days after Ike. We lost power for a day during the 2/21 winter storm and then had a pipe burst when the power did come back on. We were without water for 5 days because we couldn't get a plumber or find the necessary pipe fittings to fix it. My coon ass BIL brought some stuff from LA that fixed it, but that was a long week of boiling snow to have water to wash dishes and flush toilets. Hang in there and if you get drunk enough you will feel like you are camping.
  5. Hate

    2023 Drunk Thread

    Well, the beginning of the end is here. I have the next 9 days to do nothing but drink. I know there are some of you out there in the cold and dark with nothing else to do but drink as well. I hope y'all get power soon.
  6. Melinda had great tits. RIP the Christmas Story milf!
  7. Well it's official. I am unemployed...for a week. I have the next 9 days to blow it out because I am going to not only return to the office to work but also drive all the way downtown every day (Houston). So I plan on enjoying the next several days as much as I can. I will be golfing, drinking and listening to the Grateful Dead. I can't load any bowls though and have had to refrain. I was told by the HR lady that I wouldn't be drug tested but the offer letter stated that I will be, so I am not taking any chances. Anyway, the only drug I really need is the Grateful Dead!
  8. It's nice to see that someone has filled roflbox's void.
  9. Dig a little deeper on Hanoi Jane. Fuck her. I'll piss on her and Jerry's graves.
  10. I don't like celebrating when anyone dies, but I will celebrate when he and Jane Fonda die. Hopefully sooner rather than later.
  11. Because people will bitch and question his credibility no matter what.
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