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  1. So just imagine what else she'd let you stick in it. I'll be in my bunk
  2. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT THIS! This motherfucker needs to die, but I'd rather see them tied down to a reclining bench with arms outstretched out in the Chihuahuan dessert. Head propped up so they get a view of their entire body, and a canopy so that the sun doesn't kill them too quickly. Strip them naked, except for a protective headgear to keep the animals from saving them the horror of watching and hearing their bodies rendered to pieces by dessert creatures. Start with applying something sweet to their fingers and toes so the rodents start there... After that he's a scavenger's buffet.
  3. I was listening to TCU get beat. Had to work today
  4. I TOLD you fuckers!.... Peachtree Rd and Military Pkwy in Mesquite
  5. The marked up finger nails thing sounds way to much like a Baker Mayfield bit....
  6. You should consider changing your handle to farting creamer
  7. The golfing creamsicle Ricky Fowler wears all Puma gear
  8. Weatherford and Kerrville. I've been to both in the last year. My dad bought me a . 22cal Benjamin air rifle for Christmas there when I was 13 to shoot rabbits in the brush behind our house. I still have that gun.
  9. https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cj4Mm59oxG2/?igshid=MTg0ZDhmNDA=
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