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  1. And make sure you shower with adults only from now on. I keed I keed!
  2. Seriously, I never see anyone there. There are at least 3 within a couple miles of my house. It's seems the specialization they market could be had at any Academy or Dicks Sporting goods. Is it quality vs quantity? Big discounts for teams and leagues? Someone educate me on this please.
  3. Sounds like a Quinlan, Tx success story....
  4. You must have missed the black racist in the cowboy hat jumping around in the crowd too
  5. Tinfoil is more scarce than was toilet paper in 2020....
  6. Strange fetish....are you going to wait til the body is cold?
  7. Had a bad episode health-wise last Thursday that kept me in the hospital over the weekend. No more drunk thread for me. Jumped straight over onto the wagon. Adios my drinking friends. May your health remain well and enjoy them for me.
  8. Maybe he just saved the world from a.serial killer
  9. You will be there someday....if you make it that long
  10. Moron..I didn't even notice I was quoting your post. You're so insignificant I dont even realize it's you. So why you don't you just shut the fuck up
  11. Hannah is fucking perfect. Even my wife likes looking at her
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