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  1. UA 777 declared engine failure and diverted to Lincoln, NE
  2. It did not stop spinning. Its spin rate varies a bit relative to the mantle/surface and if it transitions from faster to slower or vice versa it would spin at 0 relative to the mantle/surface.
  3. 2000 km record reached! 1.4 seconds separates the top 3 after 12 hours
  4. Gonna try to dance with her later
  5. not bullets. maybe rockets without the warheads to punch a big hole but not damage the payload? https://www.military.com/daily-news/2023/02/03/when-weather-balloon-went-rogue-two-decades-ago-fighter-jets-fired-it-couldnt-bring-it-down.html
  6. none of whom actually know because the settlements are confidential.
  7. elfenix


    do you understand at all that any idiot can post something on the internet and google is going to index it?
  8. there was another KC-135 earlier, this one may have spelled it. wondering if the balloon is starting to lose altitude and they'll demolish it once it's over the sea. edi: i see this all been covered in the 15 minutes i've been making lunch
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