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  1. That should be pretty readily fixable so long as there's any sort of electric utility line nearby. Even the loneliest stretches of highway often have a power line alongside. Just a matter of hanging chargers off the poles. Get your kids into being electricians.
  2. don't sell yourself short, you're more than capable of slorching up non-political threads.
  3. in my defense, i won the tickets off of KLBJ and it was a stadium rock tour with the deftones, linkin park, limp bizkit (whose music also sucks but whose show kicked ass), and metallica.
  4. when was the last time you were in the philippines?
  5. nailed it on the first guess:
  6. linkin park was the worst show i've ever seen live. pretty sure their CD was playing on the engineer's stand and they just stood up on the stage and did fuck all.
  7. It's an understanding that India's primary foreign policy concern is keeping China somewhat in check and that doesn't happen if Dehli abandons Moscow entirely. India is abandoning Russian arms. https://www.reuters.com/world/india/india-pivots-away-russian-arms-will-retain-strong-ties-2024-01-28/ And keep in mind we also don't want Russia to become (even more of) a mining colony for China
  8. 7 hour layover is plenty of time to take the train into Amsterdam central, hit a cheese shop, get fries at manequin piss, and maybe even have some space cake. Alternatively you could make a quick run through van Gogh museum or rijksmuseum.
  9. i love when people who definitely don't read CR know exactly what goes on in there. and most on this board say it's gone to shit recently because it's no longer a conservative circle jerk like it was on shaggy.
  10. Ham, two kinds of salami, provolone, hoagie spread, banana peppers, on Po boy loaf from royal bakery in the crime-free montrose
  11. when the manlet walking into the restroom before you takes the last adult urinal, leaving you with the child height one
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