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  1. The king's guard is shit because Aegon appointed a bunch of his nepo baby friends to it, only thing Cole has done is send one legit knight to his death to cover his own ass.
  2. elfenix


    Putt's favorite place
  3. grilled artichoke at hillstone made me wonder why i'd never had one before.
  4. "My father raped the shit out of me. Let's make out." Seemed kinda weird.
  5. Jasmine Crockett on the Texas Standard today https://www.texasstandard.org/stories/today-on-texas-standard-july-23-2024/
  6. This was on Texas standard last week. Seems like the facial recognition is just matching with what's on the DL. Wonder how good a fake DL has to be in order to get around that? https://www.texasstandard.org/stories/texas-ammunition-vending-machine-canyon-lake-lowes-market/
  7. Now that Nissan is killing the Altima, what will be the car of choice for the worst drivers on the road? Rogue has a leg up but Model Y seems like a dark horse.
  8. Right, but there was a shit ton of freaking out about EV sales plummeting. When it's actually full size trucks which have been plummeting (I think that may be due to golden handcuffs and how expensive the things have gotten). But there's been no panicked articles about that.
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