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  1. geico run there (still can't believe they haven't sold that)
  2. place has been downhill since they got rid of the chicken flameante
  3. nice big splotches of rain in a big swath of texas from teh coast to a couple hundred miles inland
  4. i actually prefer the lightly salted version of things nowadays. and some of the parbaked then fried kettle chips are better than the fully fried versions (more potato flavor, imo). for some reason there's not a lightly salted, parbaked then fried version.
  5. kinda interested in the linear hushpuppy but not enough to go to oklahoma
  6. "all the cops had to do was ask and i would have given them the money i stole from the bank. also, what about johnny getting money out of the atm with his card?"
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