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  1. Yeah, great food, cold beer. And a W. Love it. 🤘
  2. One in the hand is worth two in the bush.
  3. I have been considering joining Burnt Ends. Could I bring a friend along to the tailgate? 🤘
  4. Who the fuck is Jackson Hinkle and why couldn't he borrow a pair of women's camo boots for the picture? (those are some small-ass feet)
  5. This is such a fun view. 🤘
  6. You play until someone gets angry enough to flip over the board. Then you just finish the wine and argue about counter-historical war scenarios.
  7. This thread: That being said, I would have preferred the effects/music to be about 20% quieter. My 9 year old was covering her ears frequently. The drone show at half time was pretty rad! 🤘
  8. UT: 45 Baylor: 17 324 total yards for UT WR and TE
  9. Walk to a local bar that has the Longhorn Network and order an iced water.
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