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  1. Texas: 38 🤘 KSU: 17 KSU 5 punts for 213 yards.
  2. God forbid anyone post anything in this thread that isn't sandy-vagina, black-pill, whining. Have a Lexapro (or two) and enjoy the brisk weather today.
  3. You might want to edit that, champ.
  4. If they manage to get that 8th win, does the thread get renamed?
  5. No, he took "Marry", Putin took "Fuck", and Ukraine took "Kill"
  6. What is that blue thing? Looks like a giant Jello mold with something mysterious embedded inside. 🕵️‍♂️
  7. I had some of the ‘19 last year and did not die. (It was good!)
  8. Yeah, great food, cold beer. And a W. Love it. 🤘
  9. I have been considering joining Burnt Ends. Could I bring a friend along to the tailgate? 🤘
  10. Who the fuck is Jackson Hinkle and why couldn't he borrow a pair of women's camo boots for the picture? (those are some small-ass feet)
  11. This is such a fun view. 🤘
  12. You play until someone gets angry enough to flip over the board. Then you just finish the wine and argue about counter-historical war scenarios.
  13. This thread: That being said, I would have preferred the effects/music to be about 20% quieter. My 9 year old was covering her ears frequently. The drone show at half time was pretty rad! 🤘
  14. UT: 45 Baylor: 17 324 total yards for UT WR and TE
  15. Walk to a local bar that has the Longhorn Network and order an iced water.
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