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  1. This is such a fun view. 🤘
  2. You play until someone gets angry enough to flip over the board. Then you just finish the wine and argue about counter-historical war scenarios.
  3. This thread: That being said, I would have preferred the effects/music to be about 20% quieter. My 9 year old was covering her ears frequently. The drone show at half time was pretty rad! 🤘
  4. UT: 45 Baylor: 17 324 total yards for UT WR and TE
  5. Walk to a local bar that has the Longhorn Network and order an iced water.
  6. Love this, thanks for sharing! I wanted to watch but it wasn’t showing in Houston (as far as I know?)
  7. BTW, I'm fairly certain I attended the UH game at the Astrodome following the 1990 UT win. My dad is UH Alum so I grew up a cougar fan. They won 84-21 against Eastern Washington. (lol)
  8. 1. Vince Young for the NATTY. 2. 1996 Big 12 Championship game. Ricky Williams, Priest Holmes, James Brown, Roll Left. This was my first season as a Longhorn fan so this game will always be very special to me. 3. November 27, 1998. Unranked Texas upsets #6 A&M and Ricky Williams breaks Tony Dorsett's 22-year-old rushing record with a 60 yd. touchdown run. (I was there in the student section.) 4. 2005 Rose Bowl. Terrific last second win against Michigan to cap off a great season and foreshadow great things to come. 5. 2023 Alabama. Instant classic. Runner up: 1999 vs. #3 Nebraska - the first time we had faced them since the upset in '96. (I was there in the student section.)
  9. I think it's cool when you get to play a bunch of teams you have long histories against. The Big 12 was nice in that way because a lot of them were old members of the SWC. I never felt any real sense of loyalty to the Big 12. I rooted for Big 12 teams if it was in our interest. I don't really care about the SEC one way or another. I'll miss playing some of the old teams, but I'm glad we still have OU and will be playing A&M again. Other than that it's just a business decision. We'll be playing some good teams every year. Right now I'm just thinking about how nice it would for our first and last years in the Big 12 to be championships. 🤘
  10. Michael Jordon Anecdote As detailed in Joe Vardon's recent piece for The Athletic, Wilkins recalled that Jordan once had the audacity to enter his opponents' locker room and warn them that it would be "a long f------ night" before posting a standout performance early in his career. "I remember him walking into our locker room in Chicago, and he walked right by me," Wilkins told Vardon. "And I'm like, what the hell is he coming in our locker room for? And he walked by me, walked by Kevin [Willis], and he tapped Randy Wittman on the leg, and he said, 'Lace 'em up, it's gonna be a long f---ing night.' And he walked out."
  11. No matter what happens for the rest of the season or his career for the Longhorns, we'll always have that great win in our memories. Thanks for that Sark! 🤘
  12. What an amazing game, I'm still hoarse just from celebrating. Let's close out our time in the Big 12 with a bang! 🤘
  13. Wyoming: 20 Texas: 35 RB account for 216 total yards. Predicting a bit of a hangover game. I hope I'm wrong. 🤘
  14. It's actually 28-2 against former assistants. (Link) That is an impressive 93.3 % winning percentage. Saban's time winning percentage at Alabama : 87.5% That isn't a super significant difference. He beats everyone.
  15. Texas: 23 Alabama: 17 Alabama with 341 yards of total offense. Also calling Ewers throwing 2 TD and being picked once.
  16. There isn't much game week chatter. Feeling down, Longhorn Nation? I get that, but Ewers will bounce back this week and we'll paint Manhattan Orange!
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