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  1. Didn’t think about that. Probably rules out home games too.
  2. So with this trigger law only 30 days out, does this mean it’s safe to go to Dallas this October?
  3. Originally on Comedy Central, then ABC took it to late night. Cancelled in 2002 like you said.
  4. Orlando should get the fuck off the field. Wish we scored the second earlier, but glad it happened at all.
  5. Fuuuuuuuuuck yeah bitches
  6. So if Adrian hears 7 mins, there will be 2. n/m. Come on guys.
  7. Dammit That was a good save
  8. Shit He was on too wasn’t he. Fuck
  9. I thought the first be was just defender making himself big twice in a row. Call it sympathy from a old shitty defender. The second one just seemed like “fuck it, I’m tired.” Well, let’s see how we break down a parked bus.
  10. Oh snap. I feel like the first card was harsh, but the second was fucking dumb.
  11. Channel your inner Wynalda Silverdome vs Switzerland.
  12. Healy has money on a third Orlando goal - doesn’t he.
  13. They can be annoying enough to get through the thickest of skulls, but they will be in bed to early to help tonight.
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