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  1. This thread should put an end to the idea that there is any substance whatsoever to Anastasis’s bothsides nonsense. It’s nothing but empty rhetoric.
  2. You made an absurdly sweeping bothsideser claim. You can’t back it up. Which, of course, is completely unsurprising to any of us.
  3. What a bloviating way to admit you’re full of shit. Cite the examples, Annie.
  4. BrickHorn


    Thread title checks out.
  5. You’d contribute, too, if you were a true patriot fighting against the global cabal of liberal reptilian trans pedophile vampire elites who actually run the world.
  6. There’s a major push of alt right propaganda masquerading as feature films. I posted on another thread about Nefarious, which is just preachy rightwing nonsense marketed as a horror / thriller. It’s a garbage movie regardless. We stumbled onto it by accident, but it turns out my mom’s priest had recommended it as part of his homily. Which is fucking insane. If you want to dissolve your last remaining shred of faith in humanity, read the audience reviews. Many viewers felt this story of a demon-possessed death row convict convincing an atheist that abortion is bad was “the most realistic portrayal of evil.” Mass media propaganda isn’t really new. It was circulating in novel form going back to the Left Behind series and, before that, The Turner Diaries. The bottom line is that much of the rightwing beliefs are based on completely fabricated fiction. I would even argue that a defining characteristic of rightwing thought is the enthusiastic incorporation of fictional narratives into one’s internal model of reality. Alex Jones is an exemplar of this particular flavor of idiocy in action: the dude constantly cites to sci-fi movies as evidence of the truth behind whatever (exaggerated or fabricated) news story he’s talking about that day.
  7. Yesterday’s results were the best possible outcome. Bama’s win and FSU’s bumfight victory may have cleared both Georgia and Bama out of our path.
  8. I’m guessing that by that point, the tidal forces would have already fucked our shit up. Earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, and possibly loss or thinning of the atmosphere would make it difficult to enjoy one last drink or screw. But I’d still try.
  9. These movies look terrible and amateurish, and they are clearly written and performed by humorless hacks. But they’re part of a growing effort to provide a rightwing alternative to shared pop culture media. Other examples include the painfully unfunny Fox News show Gutfeld! and the sanctimonious-culture-wars-sermon-masquerading-as-thriller movie Nefarious. We stumbled onto the latter accidentally (pro tip: ignore Rotten Tomatoes audience scores) only to find out that my mom’s priest had recommended it from the pulpit at mass. Spoiler alert! It’s a terrible, boring movie that literally culminates in a Glenn Beck episode. This stuff is all unwatchable schlock. But rightwing ding-dongs are watching it and talking about it. And all it does is confirm their weird views and further isolate them from mainstream culture. It’s propaganda, and it will likely be effective at continuing to drive the right further over the cliff of fascist assholery.
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