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  1. I have seen Spoon live exactly once. They opened for a local ska punk band. One of my favorite shows ever. Caught Khruangbin tonight. They were fine, but all the goofy-dancing millennials kinda ruined the vibe. It’s beer commercial music. Fucking relax and stop making an ass of yourself in public. And re the opening act, some self-indulgent speed jazz / yacht rock mashup band called Thundercat:
  2. You’re going to need to be more specific.
  3. Those guys need to launch Operation: Drop Weight.
  4. I wonder what the other two musketeers think about all that.
  5. Seems like a good reason to bomb the shit out of a country with millions of innocent people who had nothing to do with any of that shit.
  6. So we’ve moved past the “denying you are a lobo sock” phase of this whole charade?
  7. That wasn’t Barr. It was just John Goodman doing a Rick Moranis impression.
  8. I want some of those, but do they sell them in pairs? I only have two ears.
  9. Alex is so fucking dumb. And he’s a horrible human being, so I love watching him self-immolate on the witness stand. And it will be fun to see these poor victims of his lunacy toss him into the poorhouse.
  10. He does standup, um… comedy? If you like that bit, you’ll love his material on “whole insurance.” And you’re probably also a weird racist.
  11. So you cooked up a story and dropped 300,000 of us in a meat grinder.
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