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  1. Spain’s center backs really hurt them. I understand Rodri is a CDM playing out of position, but that’s no excuse for the all the turnovers he committed in the second half. If anything it makes his shitty passing even less excusable.
  2. I see that call every once in a while… at the U14 level. But that’s the first time I’ve ever seen a bad throw at the pro or international level.
  3. Aaaaaand… they waved it off. For reasons?
  4. Mack looks like he ignored Willie Wonka’s warning about his stick of gum.
  5. Good idea to play that final free kick short. Psyche! That was, in fact, very stupid and was not a good idea at all!
  6. Shaq Moore is playing like Shaq Less, imo.
  7. Fair enough. But the guy who replaced him sucks.
  8. Why sub out Dest? He’s been nails, cleaning up a lot of shit on the right side.
  9. Did this ref forget to pack his cards or something?
  10. That’s three should-be yellows this ref has let fly. Fuck this doucher.
  11. This ref refuses to call fouls or issue cards.
  12. That’s Brazil. A bunch of random talent kind of doing their own thing. Their tactics are laughable but they just have so much more individual skill at every position.
  13. Literally the only difference is that Texas has 13 more losses over the past three years.
  14. The South American teams have been boring to watch. But I’m partial to Spanish style total football.
  15. And Germany-Japan was a lot more than “decent.” That was a fun fucking game to watch.
  16. That was a dull match. I want to root for Uruguay, but they play some boring, static football.
  17. Good point. It’s possible that one day, the US will finally be able to compete with Mexico in women’s soccer.
  18. Those passing stats were fucking insane. Spain has 700+ more pass attempts but only 3 more missed passes.
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