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  1. You guys should be in. Congrats and go win it all. Alabama should be left out IMO. 13-0 and beating them on the road by double digits should trump what they have done. My thought is that y'all get the 3 seed and draw Washington. ETA: The 13-0 was obviously that Florida State should also be in at the 4 seed.
  2. Amarone can be excellent and the process to make it is interesting.
  3. quote: The report also explains why these discussions have been suddenly sparked: At the last meeting Toto Wolff had advanced information about a topic that came up which surprised a number of team principals. According to a person in the meeting, Toto Wolff immediately realised that he 'overspoke' and his 'uncomfortable' body language immediately aroused suspicion. Things might get interesting in the off-season.
  4. Well that’s just stupid. Ohio State isn’t dropping behind teams that just lost their second games (ands Alabama should have two losses already). At worst Ohio State holds at six but probably ends up at five if FSU loses and the other teams above hold serve.
  5. Russell gave LeClerc credit in his post race interview for playing it fairly and not backing him up once Perez passed LeClerc.
  6. That’s not true at all. Ewers left because Stroud was clearly the guy the next year.
  7. All I know is that spin pass has become decidedly average (at best).
  8. Fun race. I feel LeClerc probably wins if not for that second safety car. He drove the hell out of those older tires. US races Fuck Vegas Marry COTA Kill Miami Let Vegas stay and kill that abortion in Miami.
  10. You're forgetting FSU in that scenario. They're your problem.
  11. This feeling I have. It must be like the first time a junkie injects heroin.
  12. This is the best soap opera since "As the World Turns'.
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