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  1. CTC2

    Rodney Terry

    Good thing you won’t have to worry about it.
  2. Fuck Baylor. For those of you who advocate opening the upper deck my daughter sent me this. 400 students waiting until they can get to the student section.
  3. He’s got some room to come down from what he paid. He’s done a little work but not much. It didn’t fly off the shelf before he bought it. It is a nice house though. I enjoy telling the prior owner that his old house was a crime scene.
  4. There is a huge amount of runway ahead. They could be anywhere from a 1 -5 seed depending on what happens. All I know is that to me the defense looks late and sloppy. I also don’t think that the team plays with as much discipline as they did with Beard. It’s unfortunate. We were really on to something before Beard got canned. That being said, I really like the players and I certainly think that it’s possible they could put it together at the right time. Bottom line is championship teams win big games on the road and so far that really hasn’t happened.
  5. Also missing out on all those fast break points that the defense provided. Hard to watch.
  6. Sounds like us leaving will be better for everyone. Grateful that everything seems to be working out for all involved.
  7. If you look at the video Sanders posted yesterday where he is asking all the players "why they were there" one of his transfers says "NIL so I can support my kid".
  8. Have you looked at his social media? He puts out a huge amount of content every day. Up until now, a lot of it just seemed like him grifting from local business for free meals, pedicures, real estate agents, and others just plain giving him stuff in return for putting them on his social media. I bet the dude hasn't paid for a meal since high school. Other times its just him and his homies cutting it up in his newly decorated office. My real point is that he does not give the impression of someone who likes to "work". Seems inspirational only and leaves everything else up to the assistant coaches. His staff is not that accomplished so I am curious how they will do.
  9. As soon as we got up these refs took over. After watching that doc about the NBA ref point shaving you can see how easily it can be done in basketball.
  10. Under that logic I would argue probabilities that he is due for a miss.
  11. I mean really? Where is the Justice Department on this?
  12. Didn’t some $9.95er say that he was taking the whole Beard thing the hardest?
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