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  1. CTC2

    The Supremes

    They are just putting their finger in the scale to help him delay.
  2. Dr gave me Wellbutrin for several months which totally killed my desire to dip. 30 year habit. I did ease it with nicotine gum. It got to where dips were so unsatisfying that it was easy to put down.
  3. I don’t really agree with all of that. I think a staff does have a responsibility and need, to be able to develop players. Now, if your position is that they are beyond anyone being able to coach them or scheme them to improve or be more effective, then why are they on the team? I’m also not sure I agree with Mitchell being a scrub although I do see how minds could differ on it. He does need some work on his offensive game and strength but his athleticism is off the charts and he generally plays better than average defense. I’m just not sure why he’s not a better shooter. I’m anxious to follow him after he leaves because I just really feel like someone should have been able to develop him more than he is currently showing.
  4. I’m not sure there is anyone on this board who actually thinks RT was going to be fired this year. I sure didn’t. The things you point out are facts that the pro RT crowd refuse to admit. I actually think we are stuck with him for three years. Either he earns an extension at that point or not. My opinion is that his roster management and coaching were average at best this year. I’m personally really invested in Texas basketball both emotionally and financially and do think we could have done better than a guy with RT’s historical level of performance. Next year will be critical to RT’s future. If he makes strides and sets himself up for serious success in year three things could get interesting. The thing is, I just don’t really see anything that leads me to believe he’s capable of doing that. If he does, I will be happy to admit I was wrong and give him all the credit he deserves.
  5. I admire your dedication to tilting at windmills. While not the most articulate of stances, I do commend your effort.
  6. At no point this year have I thought we were a final 4 team. But, my assertion has always been that we had better individual talent than was showing up in the collective results of the team. Hence why I don’t believe RT has done a good job coaching this team.
  7. Thanks for weighing in Ms. Haith. I never made either of those statements because I don’t think it’s that making is that big of an achievement but should be a minimum expectation. Good win and credit the coaches for not losing the team after last week. It was actually fun for a change. However, not being competitive in the Houston and Kansas games is probably a better barometer of future success than beating a diminished Tech team.
  8. He will win just enough to stick around but not enough to justify an extension. Death by 1000 cuts.
  9. I think he is compromised and his direct order is to kill Ukraine funding.
  10. Fucked his deceased twin brother’s widow You left out the freakiest part
  11. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/alabama-attorney-general-explosive-device_n_65dd2bf0e4b005b85831640d Pro Life crowd skipped the strongly worded letter stage and went right to bombs.
  12. Are you suggesting that there is something people don’t like about RT other than his head coaching abilities?
  13. If a pregnant woman get broadsided by a 18 wheeler and she loses her baby, the same fetus and embryo loving Red Hats are the first to say that it wasn’t a life in being so no recovery.
  14. While factually true, none of that has any bearing on the present situation. I guess it’s Beards fault that RT embarrassed himself by complaining like a bitch about the horns down?
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